10 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy

    1. Thank you, Brian.
      It’s just a little disconcerting they are so ”thin on the ground” this year.
      Perhaps I am just not as vigilant as previous years?


  1. I guess, like most birds, they have their own schedules. That is a great shot, btw. And you may be looking north when something flutters by on the south. it has been known to happen.

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  2. We’ve been almost a ‘bird-free zone’ all summer (oodles of blasted gulls though) and so far this winter I haven’t seen a White-eye; not a one!

    Still have some sparrows though … thrushes t00 are fewer.


      1. I was replying to Philip, who loathes me with a passion:

        The Levite argument (first proposed by Freedman)?

        It’s not entirely implausible, but if you argue that then you of course have to put a giant red cross through the entire origin tale (including Conquest), conceding the bible is a lie… Meaning no revelation, which is awkward for a “revealed” religion.

        I think the fact that no Jewish rabbi, or Israeli archaeologist takes the position seriously is telling. It’s just complicating a story that really isn’t complicated. The Philistines landed (1150 BCE), took the coastal states, and small bands of Canaanites took to the hills over a number of decades where the kingdoms of Judah and Israel were founded… Founded, minus any Egyptian cultural/technological/architectural/artistic/linguistic influence.

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        1. I was replying to Philip, who loathes me with a passion:
          Well, to be fair, you are Australian.

          I’ve listened to Friedman and like every other alternate ”Exodus” once you fiddle with the story nothing makes sense.

          Based on what evidence has been uncovered, Finkelstein’s internal settlement proposal is simply common sense.

          Unless Hoffmeier or someone like him uncovers the brooms those damn Israelites used to sweep away all the tracks, of course.

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          1. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde:

            “There’s only one thing worse than being Australian, and that’s even more Australians.”

            It’s amusing that — in order to maintain the Israelite invasion myth — evangelicals have to then rationalize genocide (many of them don’t have a problem with that, since they write off the Amalekites, Moabites et. al as sinners deserving of their fate).

            But the idea that there was no conquest is even funnier if the putative “Israelites” were already Canaanites, anyway, just rubbing along together as small bands or tribes of pastoralists, or farmers, or whatever. It’s probably only modern Israelis who have become a genuinely militarized people. Their ancestors never were.

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