The Benji Cake

A once-off (non-edible) addition to Emily’s Cakes baking portfolio.

The Benji Cake


To extract cake from mixing bowl  you will need:

1. A brief tickle behind the ears. If Benji cake is reluctant to budge …..

2. Use a fork and tap briskly against side of tin of cat food.

Once extracted from bowl, for best results, place on warm lap and stroke until cat’s internal motor is engaged.

From the Ark manual of Recipes That Really Work. 


16 thoughts on “The Benji Cake

  1. oh yeah. “my new bed. MY NEW BED”

    Suggestion to the cook: cover everything tightly that could be taken for catbeds. Has he figured out door latches and doorknobs yet?

    I love that face.

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    1. Has he figured out door latches and doorknobs yet?

      Not that we are aware of. However, the wife did notice him on the table yesterday tapping the transparent plastic cover of a cake box in an effort to get to the cake underneath.

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    1. Hah! I may be a dog but I speak cat fluently. Those wide eyes mean either:

      (a) it was dark and you’ve given me sudden enlightenment, or

      (b) I’m taking the range, acquiring the target and unsheathing the claws—make no uninvited moves; or

      (c) what’s for dinner?

      My knowledge of cat suggests that it’s all three … so approach with caution from behind an extended offering of kitty-snax. (And count your fingers afterwards …)

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    1. There is a certain defiance in that look, beyond ‘oops you caught me” that borders on ‘YEAH? So What?”

      Argus, I’m voting for “b” under your listing of choices…

      Had a cat here who, if you didn’t feed him when HE was ready, would yank the 20 lb bag of food over on it’s side and climb in. It was like listening to a wild animal inside a carcass, munching away.


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