11 thoughts on “Benji in a Blanket.

          1. Usually Maine Coon and Siberian Forest cats are, by their very nature, gentle, careful cats. It’s like they know how big they are. I have a partial Forest cat here, and he can be downright timid in strange situations. Benji might also be the product of a street fighter type cat. I had a street cat here, he was probably my favorite overall, but we had to build screen doors for two inside doors, to keep him apart from the others. He was intelligent, loving, and a ‘guy cat’; but he would have killed another cat without blinking, I’m sure.

            It will be fun to see what Benji grows into. A short haired cat with a long-haired tail. Intriguing.

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  1. Hello Ark. I love these type of pictures. They are adorable and don’t jar my nerves like some other species you photograph do. Have you ever found where Bert went? Hugs

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