9 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. That’s quicksilver, lyrical guitar playing, of a very high order. Haven’t heard that track since I was a kid, but immediately remembered the melody.

    Takes some chops to play at those tempi, but still keep it sounding light and relaxed.

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      1. No, the French played with 11 the entire game.

        If I’m honest, the Yanks didn’t truly earn the upset. The French goalkeeper made a horrible mistake inside his 6 — bobbled an EASY save — and our boy said “Merci!…” and tapped it in. THAT was the difference in goals avoiding ET or PK’s to advance. Over all, the French dominated possession. We Yanks had our flashes of glory, but France was the better team.


          1. Ark, have you possibly been keeping up on European player awards, Golden Glove in particular?

            From what I’ve been able to track, I cannot find any goalkeeper in UEFA that tops Slovenian Jan Oblak of Atlético Madrid. I am in great admiration of his positioning instincts. Thoughts, should you be interested?

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          2. Ah, footied-out. I can imagine. Your Reds put you thru the ringers and back this season, didn’t they? Well, then I’ll ask again in about a month in the thick of summer transfers. You’ll be recovered by then if not sooner. 😉

            Thanks for indulging me this season Sir!

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