Have a laugh. Hitting the Wall.

Some of you may be familiar with Jasper Carrott. I know Brian will be!

He is an English comedian from Birmingham, who’s been around since Grandad fell off the bus.. This sketch is about running his first marathon, which I can totally relate to.

Hope it makes you smile.



12 thoughts on “Have a laugh. Hitting the Wall.

  1. Gosh, I haven’t seen him for years, but he was one of my favourite comedians as a child. He’s 74 now! Fun to watch him again, thanks Ark, and I get the marathon part too .

    – Esme running real slow upon the Cloud

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    1. My first ”race” was a 5km fun run. I was passed in the home straight by a little kid with no shoes and a granny!
      My reaction was exactly the same as Carrott’s! I was fuming

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      1. Hahahahahahahaha.

        I once ran a school marathon which was split into the upper school for the older kids and the lower school for the younger (of which I was one). Us, the younger lot, went first and then later the older crew followed a while afterwards. I was so slow that I was awarded one of the first medals for the older lot! This was primarily because I was so tall for my age. I said nothing, just waved, grabbed the gong and fled. Still have it.

        – Esme Cloud falling about at this


        1. The first marathon over 42 km I ran was called the Sasol 56. Regarded as an ultra and
          a regular for those wanting to qualify for Comrades Marathon (90 km)
          I had an hour to go and was passed by a 68 year old lady running for cancer sufferers.
          I was running with a yong friend and as she passed she smiled and asked.
          ”Are you boys okay?”
          I came this close I tell you …. this close, and if I wasn’t already dead on my feet I would have taken a swing.


  2. Jasper’s a gem, that Brummie accent and his facial expressions brilliant.
    Two favourites, the mole sketch (which I can relate to) and the moped song!


  3. Ark, I used to watch Jasper every week when he was on TV. This sketch made me laugh!
    and considering the content was written so long ago it’s politically correct (I think).

    Thanks for reminding me of a great comedian.

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