On the Road …


I go through phases of listening to this type of music, and this album is rather special, not least as I can never listen to it without it reminding me of my late brother, Kevin.

The summer of ’78 he was on the cusp of joining the army and he and I were going on a road trip that would include August bank holiday weekend at the Reading Rock Festival.

He’s just got his first car and he needed some driving music. He didn’t have any cassettes with him and wasn’t having any of my ”Bloody Jimi Hendrix.”

On the way through town we parked the car by a local record store and he popped inside, emerging a few minutes later with this album on cassette.

He showed me as he climbed back in the car. I was vaguely aware of Tom Robinson but that was as far as it went.

”I wanted Elvis Costello, but they were out.”

So Tom Robinson it was.


And the rest of this brilliant album.



13 thoughts on “On the Road …

  1. Thanks for the ear worm. . (that song keeps playing in my head; never heard it before) Good one, though! 🙂


    1. I am listening to Joe Satriani as I type and the very first Dire Straits album before that. What a record and a half. that was! Don’t think Dire Straits ever matched their eponymous album.
      ”Down to the waterline ….”
      There you go – have a different ear worm!


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