This You Must watch!

Seriously, this guy is Brilliant!

A former preacher.

Even if you think you can’t handle the entire video, if you can get to around the 20 minute mark you will be hosing yourself laughing, and I guarantee you will want to watch it all.!


39 thoughts on “This You Must watch!

    1. It’s a bit too ”Hallelujah!!!” for my liking, and I know I could not watch him for too long at a stretch but the points he raises are right on the money. He gets my vote.


  1. He has a big and growing church in Charleston, SC! From his “Cultural Center”…

    Maat-Hotep (Truth & Peace)! Greetings in the name of the One, True and Living God, Who is the Creator and Sustainer of all life.

    One of the greatest joys that a teacher/spiritual leader can have is a congregation who is excited, motivated, and inspired as a result of learning and growing in the Truth. The members of The Afrikan Village & Cultural Center have manifested great zeal for the things of God and the spirit of our Ancestors. Every week we have been blessed by the testimonies of others from all over the world about how the Spirit of God has “reached out” to them via the various auxiliaries in our organization.

    Is it safe to say that the market of pastoring, missions, Messiahs, Christs, etc, et al, is umm….

    a terribly, an obese SATURATED MARKET!!!!???? 🤔🤣

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  2. I remember having this exact argument back in the day with a born-again friend, that he was now following Paul and not Jesus and that he was learning shit at his new megachurch. It didn’t further my cause when I began humming Paradise By The Dashboard Light when he exchanged vows with his born-again wife that he would love, honor, and cherish her until death… or the second coming of Christ… where we presumably leave all our clothes and pets and marriage vows behind. Maybe having me as part of his religious wedding party wasn’t the brightest idea.

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    1. That you reference CARM, a Christian organisation that believes in the inerrancy of the bible tells everyone reading along that you personify exactly what this bloke was saying.
      You really really need to broaden your reading horizons


      1. You really need to read Matt Slick’s article. Why did you put such an ignorant video up in the first place? I think it was simply to provoke CS and me and relieve your boredom. Where is Ray Hagins now, is he still preaching this stuff? Even his first Bible passage was taken out of context. See Sam Harris on his take on Freewill and compare that with Ray Hagins. Hagins just ain’t brilliant at all, bro!


        1. I have no idea who he is or where he is. The video was underneath a Carrier video I was watching so for the hell of it I clicked.

          Matt Slick? Why do you continue to recommend Creationist Nobs to an atheist?

          Do you not have any clue what’s out there in the real world?

          I put up videos such as this for a laugh, but also because of the truth they convey.

          You hate the message because you are indoctrinated to hate it.
          And for the record. I am not your ”bro”.

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  3. Guaranteed to watch it all? Uh hello?

    Only a fool would punish himself for that amount of time listening to a lying fraud.

    The guy is absolutely clueless and it only took ten minutes to decide his utter BS.

    Former preacher? Yeah, and Tiger Woods is a midget horse jockey.

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      1. @doug/

        Out of respect for looking at something u really enjoyed- I did skip around to see what the fuss was, and His take on Paul/justification/faith/atonement, etc, was just unbearable.

        My ears were ringing because of his carnival circus barking/

        Volume is hardly synonymous with lucidity of thought- sorry, but he truly is lost as fog as to understanding scripture.


        1. I agree the ”Hallelujah!” approach can be a bit much after a while but other than this he was spot on. His arguments made perfect sense, and all he did was use the words in the bible.

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          1. That is correct, he did use WORDS from scripture. Can I remind you of another sinister character who asked: ‘hath God said?’ questioning the very reliability of the Creator’ own tongue.

            I spit out more guys like him before lunch and without breaking a sweat. As a matter of fact, I can smell them miles away.

            You like him not because he tells the truth, but because you agree with him thereby establishing an unholy confederacy.


          2. No, I like him because of the very straightforward manner in which he explains the revolting nature of the text, and how people are indoctrinated into believing it.
            Again his over the top style can get a bit heavy after a while but that doesn’t detract from what he was saying.
            I reckon you don’t enjoy having your favorite text shown up for what it is.

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          3. MY favorite text? Hmm, that would be difficult to choose.

            As to the ‘preachers’ aptitude for uncovering the layers of scripture?

            If it were a boxing match, he would be knocked out ere he enter the ring.

            His deceitfulness and intentional misrepresentations would embarrass the very worst of thieves.

            Tell him to visit my blog- I will also expose his corruptive ways.


          4. Ah, and now you go on your usual dribbly tirade.
            Well at least you managed a couple of reasonably sane comments.
            YOU tell him to visit your blog.I’m not your fucking errand boy.


          5. Well at least u found my invite a tad amusing-but surely you know by now that it is with great ease that I present scripture as the smooth pebble which fells every lying Goliath of any stripe.

            The bigger the mouth- the smaller the brain power.


          6. Btw ark-

            I should at least mention that Ray (within the first 15 seconds) laid out his cards by proving he has no worthy education past the 4th grade.

            His language, delivery, intellect is laid bare and I am proven correct the longer one honestly pays attention.

            He is truly punishing to the ears, (some guy named Paul……. Really?)

            Surely u could produce something more worthy of time. He is almost as bad as Degrass.


  4. Bugger … I thought from your post that he … then from the comments that he …

    Never mind. I’ll go there anyway, I need a giggle right now.
    In God’s good time …


  5. I’m listening to this in snippets (listening in stretches makes me go all wakka wakka), and right now Im not hearing him, I’m hearing Steve Harvey. Lol. The rhythms, the cadences, the accent.

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    1. It has a Gospel type Praise da Lawd ring to it. And he said as much.
      Gotta know your audience I guess?
      I doubt Richard Carrier or Dawkins would get the message across!


      1. Both Richard Dawkins and Richard Carrier know better than Hagins. I’ve got to 50mins and have given up.


        1. I was referring to their style of delivery, which is why I said you have to know your audience..
          But you don’t believe the evidence presented by Carrier or Dawkins either, and yet you recommend people like Lee Strobel and Matt Slick!
          Jesus H! You truly are blind,.


          1. If you say so, you’re entitled to your opinions, but despite your claims of ‘no evidence’ for this or that biblical account you haven’t shared with me anything to replace the biblical, triune God. As I’ve suggested before, read Timothy Keller’s thoughts about atheism as explained in ‘Making Sense of God’. If you refuse to do yourself that favour I’m the one who will be entitled to call you blind.


          2. Oh the gods! Now Keller, again?
            I have listened to him on a number of occasions. Please stop with your moronic christian recommendations.
            I am an atheist and an anti-theist.
            These people espouse nothing but supernatural garbage and cannot substantiate a single claim.
            Replace your Triune God? That is a church construct.
            Just dump it and embrace reality. It truly is so much more healthy and will do you a power of good.


          3. You may have listened to him, but have you heard his full assessment of atheism and anti-theism? He’s got you off to a tee, and far more solidly than you have me. You can listen to his book on Audible. That’s what I did. Go and do it now, Ark.


          4. Yes, I am aware of his arguments.
            And I am perfectly happy with my non beliefs.

            Are you suggesting his audio book is different to his lecture on the same topic
            Good heavens – you mean he was telling lies on the video?
            For shame! I would never have believed Christians tell lies?


          5. Do you really think your suggestions to read articles/books by Christians is going to change the mind of an atheist? Especially people who have thoroughly researched the Christian religion and all its fables? Who, in fact, have probably read more books by Christians than you have?

            Suggest you try a different approach if you’re truly interested in defending your faith.

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  6. And as I harped so many times before, for faith to work it had to be a complete whitewash. Less evidence the better to manipulate the foibles of human psychology through belief.


    1. we’ve read the books, we’ve walked the walk, and didn’t much like it. I think I can safely say that most anyone in here has few if any regrets with the way the rest of their iife has played out.

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        1. you know, after maybe 30 years of walking this path, I have never doubted a moment of it. I surely don’t CARE what someone else believes, as long as they don’t try to engulf me in it with fear tactics, and fright masks, and threats of eternal hellfire. Them guys really don’t get it, do they.
          You have to believe in hellfire to be afraid of it, you have to believe in the wrath of a kindly loving god (bit of schizophrenia there, but…) to need to placate him and give your minister all your money.

          No. Just no. And I do so hate having to get up on Sunday mornings unless I want to.

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          1. I’ve only been out of it 5 years. Funny thing, not only did the fear of god leave me but also a lot of others. I’m not afraid to die. I’m not afraid of LGTB or any other categories or groups officially recognized by our “western values”. . I have one fear—that one of these fuckers will poison the minds of my kids with religion. Not only are we free, we are free from—all of their mind games that stem from “belief”. They resent us because we don’t have to follow their paultry fake, manufactured and self deprecating humility and self abasement.

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  7. @ Jim:

    I think if you follow your own path, your kids probably will too. But they also will have the option to follow their path, which may not match what you hope for them.

    I was never afraid of being dead, although dying can be problemmatic: but I miss the idea of heaven, strange as that sounds. I seriously don’t want to go anywhere, so I have it down in my death “rules’ to be scattered here, where we live. Maybe grow a tree or a peony bush. I probably won’t know or care by then, anyway.

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