It Fluttered By

Female Diadem

Male Diadem


Photographed this afternoon


Common Diadem
Alternate common name: Diadem
Afrikaans common names: Blouglans (male), Na-aper (female)
Wingspan: ♂ 60–65 mm ♀ 70–80 mm
Notes: Male is a strong fl ier and is territorial on hilltops and in forest
clearings. Sexes dimorphic, distinctive. Polymorphic females are mimics of
all forms of the unpalatable African Monarch. Prefers wooded country and
often visits gardens and fl owers.
Flight period: Year-round, peak late summer.

9 thoughts on “It Fluttered By

  1. Mom and I just love Butterflies Mr. Arkenaten, or may I call you Ark? Mom says because I am still a teenager I must have respect for my elderly, but you don’t look elderly at all.

    I just love the pics you took of the butterflies. They are so, so beautiful and as mom would say : “Stunning shots!”. Thank you for showing it to us. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah, mom said you would say that and I am the other half around here because I am still small. But we are all well and all of you?


        1. RAMBO:

          All of him got on a talking weight-machine at the fair once … the machine said “Come on, you guys—a jokes a joke but this is going too far!”

          Boom boom!


  2. Ark … you don’t seem quite so active lately, not since that copper stole your thieves?

    (Oops … dum dyslexic dog … not since the thieves stole your copper?)


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