Burn baby, Burn!

It’s interesting to read the continuing back and forth among certain Christians regarding the death and subsequent media debacle over the life and death of Rachel Held Evans.

Amen, Wally! There can be a great deal of controversy and debate….and people still love one another. I take note of the fact that Pastor Wilson, who disagreed vehemently with RHE, still did not exploit her death or act like a lunkhead when he wrote his article about her passing. That was cool.

This is a somewhat typical response.

What this person – and millions like her – fail to recognise or simply refuse to acknowledge – is the belief that someone like Evans will be spending eternity burning in Hell is expounded day in and day out by millions of Christians.

The problem isn’t that such revolting comments were Tweeted after her death,  but the fact that such revolting beliefs are indoctrinated and inculcated in the first  instance, from Pulpit to Pew, parent to child.

This above example of internet lovey-dovey on blogs and similar is a sham and smacks of the height of deceit and hypocrisy.

”We can all get on just fine, we all love and worship Jesus – even though you are going to burn in Hell for ever because your Christianity is  wrong, you heretic!”



55 thoughts on “Burn baby, Burn!

      1. The cognitive denial, based upon an emotional feeling (intuition, God) via the Placebo-effect and theatrical peer-pressure of a congregation, is behavior that is actually listed/diagnosable Ark in the psychiatric DSM-5. The reason this doesn’t cause any widespread alarm in cultures/societies is the general public’s ignorance and naivety about mental health and illness.

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        1. In fact, the exact symptoms for a mental illness diagnosis receive a ‘special’ exemption if they are in context of a religious belief… IN THE FUCKING DSM V!!!! In other words, it’s a batshit crazy diagnosis… unless it’s religious and then – suddenly – it’s not batshit crazy at all. Speaking medically, of course…

          I mean, come on.

          Nope… no incompatibility between science and religion to be seen here, folks. Now be good little troglodytes with no higher brain function and move along. Science and religion are compatible, donchaknow. Don’t take my faithiest word for it; the doctors tell me so. POOF!

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          1. Tildeb, you bring up just how insanely influential socioeconomic powers of the time can really be when science — that is neurology, neurocognition, endocrinology, psychiatric/psychological, etc. — threatens specific ancient, established ideas/myths, norms and pocket-books (research funding/support OR severing it and defamation of one’s credentials?) where the founders of psychology/psychiatry like Weber, Wundt, Fechner, to Maslow, Fromm, Rogers, and of course Adler, Freud, and Jung must cautiously consider those powers that be… along with institutions (insurance companies) that would PAY for such research, treatments, clinics… or not. I’m quite sure that the murky, controversial, and anti-religious(?) definitions or Satanic definitions/sources(?) made even the most iconic doctors of mental-health/illness think twice and “dilute” certain dynamics so not to decapitate Psych progress.

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          2. So Prof you are saying that all these experts in neuroscience and all things of scientific stuff are pandering to the religious in some way by not shouting out that these religious idiots are all screwed up in their heads? Well I agree anyway😊

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          3. To a degree, yes. But I think many people in positions to seriously change things, change life for the better, for the most, hesitate, carefully consider what battles might be won without yet “winning the war.” History has amply shown that many things all thru life and ESPECIALLY with human behavior, how very VERY slowly (and utterly afraid) humans can be toward change, radical change, cooperating and collaborating for progress when they are so stubbornly rooted in routine, rigid order, and monistic thinking. Safe status quo seems to be the stagnate result of sheer fear and terror for many humans. And yet, NOTHING in this Universe or on this planet stays the same or even resembles Monism or absolutism/Fundamentalism.

            So yes, even our great scientists can bend to that power and fear of rocking the boat/norm. 😉

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      2. Hope is more important than truth. They know. What they don’t know is how to trust their own judgements. They put their own story in the carbonite and now are actors in someone else’s role play

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  1. In a church, there is a hierarchy, and whether you call him pastor or brother or father, he is the head of a church, sometimes of an entire religion. He often has (I’m saying he because it’s easier. Insert the gender of your choice) acolytes, assistants, whatever, on an ever diminishing level of importance, right down to the flower lady and the cleaning crew.

    At the very bottom of all of this are the ‘faithful’ who attend the services, sing the songs, admire the flowers and the newly painted choir loft, and tithe and tithe and tithe; they are not expected to do much more, in most churches, except obey the rules/laws/commands, and listen to sermons. and Tithe.

    If they have questions, or difficulties, they are told to pray to Jesus. In the Catholic
    Church they are told to pray to the suitable saint, the one who sees to lost things, or dogs, or cranky children. No one ever ever says, what do YOU think about all of this, eh? They are always told what to do, what to say, what to believe.

    Not unlike ten year olds.

    The faithful feel they are at the top of the heap, but in reality they are at the bloody bottom. They are never allowed to grow, to expand, to experiment, to learn anything outside of what they’ve been taught.

    Not unlike ten year olds in a homeschooled family.

    And as non believers, I think we terrify them, because no one tells us what to believe, or read, or wear. We make up our own damn minds and that’s scary to someone who has always been told what to do. And just like outraged kids watching someone else swing on the swings they are banned from using, they strike out. Who can blame them.

    And they ultimately fasten on condemning someone to burn in hell. Oh, that’s mature.

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    1. JUDY—

      “Get ’em young enough and they’re yours for life”

      … to quote a certain Christian school (Jesuits~!) justifiably famed for its scholarship, education, learning (and ability—brrrr).

      It’s true, too.

      They do, too …

      Which is why all the mental masturbation in the world that is our discussing and dissing ‘religion(s)’ just ain’t gonna cut it.

      If you wanna cut it, then cut to the chase … teach the young how to think. How to think, rationally, for themselves—which paradoxically could mean teach them religion.

      But not just one religion (whichever ‘one-true-religion’ that one is) … give them an unbiassed smattering of them all.

      Okay, one lifetime wouldn’t be long enough so just give them an academic appreciation of the contradictions in the many conflicting claims. (‘Uniqueness’ would be the ideal staring point.)

      Otherwise, let’s just keep on giving ourselves and each other the warm fuzzies by rehashing the same-old same-old. And getting nowhere …


      1. If the same message of condemnation came from believers in another religion, the faithful would have little problem calling them crazed extremists incorrectly portraying Christianity with ‘stuff no one actually believes’. Yet here we are with nods and shrugs from within the faith, and we call this body the ‘moderates’. I see the two categories as synonyms, or at least a distinction without a difference.

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  2. These people are as disgusting as they are pathetic. Holding such beliefs shows that they are seriously sick, mentally. A few minutes of logical thought should convince them how utterly ridiculous and repugnant the concepts are.

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    1. A few minutes of logical thought

      It took a long time for them to become so indoctrinated and if you read the testimonies from deconverts – Ben, Jim etc – you will see that such a transition never usually happens overnight.

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  3. And you don’t come to that kind of anger and hatred quickly. It gets taught to you, week by week, day by day that we are the special ones, and by implication that means no one else is. “will they die and go to hell, mommy?” “oh yes, most likely”.

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    1. Exactly!
      Although raised in a marginal christian home I was never subject to this level of hate. However, we were made aware that Catholics were ”different”.
      Religion makes people behave like idiots.

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      1. As Catholics we too were told that Protestants were okay, but no one you should date or marry. I wasn’t that particular, and since my mother had married a (gasp) Episcopalian, things were a bit freer for me. And I married a man who had no religion, which took the icing off that cake. But we had friends of our own faith because those were the kids we went to church with, the ones we went to Catechism class with. The Protestants had Demolay and Rainbow Girls. We had Sodality. lol. it evened out.

        But in the long run, I think we knew it really didn’t matter at all. Funny, now it’s terribly important and getting more so, I have no idea why.


  4. Hello Ark. Lets think about this god they worship. As Argus reminds us this god knew everything before he made anything. He knew who would repent, who wouldn’t, who would go to heaven or be sent to hell before he made a single person. We are also told this punishment of tormenting hell is forever, all time, never ending. So god knows you will not be saved, creates you , lets you live for a short period of time a normal human life lasts, and then sends you to everlasting horrible painful punishment that never ends for billions on billions of endless years! Just for not kissing his ass and worshiping him correctly enough? That is a loving god? That is a being worth worshiping or caring about? What a prick! Hugs

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    1. As we know, their argument is that, WE were the ones who somehow ”cheated” on God, and are thus deserving of punishment.
      And even though God knew how rotten we were going to be Christians tend to forget this.
      It is just surprising that God doesn’t extend a finger and flick some of these Fundies on the ear and yell … ”Oi!… For the love of Me, bloody-well behave yourselves!”

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  5. Let us all just pray to the big yellow banana in the sky that these radical and loving Christians do not get a sign from their jealous, genocidal and vengeful mentally manifested God to take up arms and kill all the infidels, heretics, heathens, pagans, disbelievers and atheists etc. Maybe this is why they fight so desperately to keep their evil weapons of death.

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  6. I saw that Inanity did a post on you re this subject. Unfortunately, it was so long-winded and twisted through disparate thought streams that I couldn’t quite work out if she was agreeing with you, or bashing you.

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    1. She is agreeing … BUT…. with enough caveats to ensure her religious credibility with the likes of Wally for example remain intact.
      And she is holding several perfectly civil, but rather pertinent comments in moderation. As you would expect, thus giving the impression I have been roundly scolded for being a naughty atheist.

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      1. My wife’s little student that was covered in the blood of Jesus said this the other day. Black people are evil. She ran her finger down my grandsons arm and was telling the other kids that the darker you are the more bad you are. Out of the mouths of babes we hear the values of the parents. It’s good to have one Christian around with no restraint. That one way to know what their thinking.


          1. Yep. My wife has no bones about dealing with it post haste. I’d love to have a mic recording what is said at their house. The kid is eight

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          2. Interestingly there was another teacher there trying to excuse the kid as just playground talk. The missus had a little chat with her and the superintendent. My LatinaGem is feared throughout the land. This place was the Arian nation HQ years back. I think they’ve just learned to live under the radar.

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        1. “little student that was covered in the blood of jesus” is both disgusting and perceptive! Bravo! It is amazing how the young parrot wickedness before they even really understand it…if they ever do.

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          1. Great minds think alike, boom boom!

            (And that’s just too good not to use … watch this space)


  7. I am just sick and tired of these religious people. They have a form of mental illness, only it’s untreatable. They just absolutely disgust me..

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  8. Somewhat cynical attitudes, you guys, and hardly in keeping with Christian principles.

    You should be wishing folks to roast alive, for all eternity, with no chance of time off for good behaviour. Did I mention ‘for ever’? As in for a very long time, and with no hope of alleviation even for a moment? In ALL eternity (which will be quite a long time, I’m told)?

    Don’t you just admire, love, respect and adore people who can even conceive of such scenarios? And yet—

    —and yet, still they are legal.

    The mind boggles …

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    1. I have posted (elsewhere) about this before, but I have…questionable…taste in music. The scariest Scandinavian black metal band I listen to, a project named FUNERAL MIST, has one song in which to the background a typical harsh metal music he simply plays the deranged, gleeful ravings of a preacher describing eagerly how we will all be PUNISHED. FOREVER. He emphasizes the forever quite gleefully.


    1. And long to infect the impressionable with that fear. Even the insane get lonely, and must find some way to offload the madness (ah, to hell with being PC on the topic of madness — right now, I can’t find a comparison to evangelism that’s as fitting).

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    2. Those who believe in hell live in fear 24/7.

      Which is the entire purpose. Those who live in fear of Hell will be as obedient as slaves to the people who claim they can tell them how to avoid it. Very convenient if you’re one of the latter. It’s all about power.

      Thus anyone who might take away the fear is a threat to that power and must be mercilessly denounced.

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      1. Wealth and power. Nothing else matters, and ‘God’ is just a means to the end. (All puns intentional.)


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