Ah … God(sic) bless Christians, and God(sic) bless the internet.

Until this morning the name Rachel Evans meant absolutely nothing to me and in the grand scheme of things she is simply another person who died in somewhat tragic circumstances.

That she was a Christian is neither here nor there to me.

What has brought her to the attention of a large slice of the internet is the fact that she was considered a heretic by a rather vocal part of Evangelical Christianity who have been expressing their views on her behaviour.

A former conservative evangelical herself she softened her views and became much more gentle and ”liberal”.

She was also a writer and member on some sort of advisory board for former President Obama.

Admitted to hospital because of flu and a UTI she developed problems and doctors had to put her into an induced coma, from which she never awoke.

Upon hearing of her death the vocal evangelical crowd went after her, announcing to the world that she is now burning in Hell – and deservedly so, apparently!

Gotta love them Christians, right?

Bruce Gerenscer has all the details over on his blog.


55 thoughts on “Ah … God(sic) bless Christians, and God(sic) bless the internet.

    1. Yeah, but she had become more LIBERAL toward her Christianity AND, she worked for…OMG!!!!! OBAMA!!! Clearly, and I mean CLEARLY, she’s burning in Hell! I mean COME ON!!!! If this woman wasn’t a Satan spawn, who is? (Ah, the love emanating from Evangelical Christians fills one with bliss, doesn’t it.)

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  1. I am shocked and saddened by her sudden death. Her voice was one of the brighter spots in online Christianity and I was always quite interested – and, let’s face it, pleased – in how her ‘journey’ through faith evolved over time away from the idiocy of fundamentalism towards humanism yet always trying to bring the gap between her indoctrinated upbringing with that most difficult anchor point called ‘reason’. Although she blogged far less than she used to after her book was published (imagine trying to live a year following all the dictates found in the bible) I will miss her presence.

    It is of equal importance to see just how disgusting and revolting such fundamentalism is in practice by some of those who claim their god is synonymous with love… while joyfully condemning such a soul as hers to an eternity of damnation and suffering… yet oblivious to the deep harm such beliefs inflict on Rachel’s own family in this time of sudden and inexplicable death. I think it takes an abdication from any shared humanity – as well as a significant flaw in character – for such staunch believers to spew such vile and disgusting condemnations at someone trying to find her way between these incompatible worlds of incoherent faith and reason. To imagine such ethically debauched believers gaining a place in heaven for their brutality excused because it is pious’ while an honest and earnest person like Rachel undergoes unending torment for questioning such moral bankruptcy demonstrates better than any words I could summon just how anti-human, hateful, and immoral – not to mention unkind and unloving – is the ‘morality’ deduced from irrational faith-based beliefs like Christianity.

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    1. It’s all baffling to me, but Bruce mentioned that such sentiments would be held by millions of staunch evangelicals in the US , and he included his former self in this number.

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  2. Christians judging others, including their own? Condemning people to Hell themselves instead of letting “God sort ’em out”? I feel like I’ve heard this story before. I think I’m seeing a pattern here amongst the faithful.

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  3. I had a lot of respect for Rachel Held Evans.

    I did try following her blog. But it was mostly too religious for my interests, so I quickly stopped following. I did continue to respect her as one of the few sensible voices coming from evangelical Christianity.

    The reaction of fundamentalists demonstrates that hypocrisy is their most fundamental theological principle.

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  4. That makes me very sad – on two counts. One that a life has been lost in such a way and second that some ‘Christians’ can be so vile and unforgiving. Where are the respect, the love, the compassion?

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  5. So much for Christianity being a relationship rather than a religion. So much for works not buying one’s way into the supposed heaven. I’m so saddened to learn of her passing. The world is a darker place without her. I am so glad, if there is a heaven or a hell – and I personally do not believe there is – that these folks aren’t the judge of who will or won’t be there.

    As for the cannibals all I can say is they need to read their own book:

    “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”24 – Matthew 7:22-24

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  6. such freaking hypcrites. Love thy neighbor (but only if they worship the way WE do)…

    and now and then I get the sense that sometime soon admitting to any kind of religion or lack can condemn you to death, at some point, with gleeful ‘holy rollers’ pulling the triggers.

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  7. Hello Ark. I never read anything she wrote, but they are doing to her memory / family the same thing they do to every famous atheist who dies. They seem to take great joy in pronouncing someone in hell and “knowing the truth” now. Why it pleases them or their god that anyone is suffering I can not figure out, but their whole world view is built around hurt, harm, pain, and having others suffer. I wonder why it is always up to god if a person gets into heaven yet it is up to these people to name those who are going to hell. A lot of authority they are taking on themselves. I wonder if they think they are more worthy if more people are punished? Hugs

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  8. Rachel Held Evans was a lovely young woman; her blog responses will clearly show that. She was respectful to atheists (Neil Carter considered her a friend and had great respect for her) and she effectively challenged evangelicals — I honestly never heard an unkind thing said about her until her untimely death. I was shocked and horrified enough (having three daughter within that age range) but when I read that sickening entry at Pen & Pulpit I was completely appalled. I just can’t imagine anyone doing such a thing under any circumstances.
    What asshats and I wonder if they realize they are contributing to the ‘None’ designation so many people have adopted in recent years. Who would want to identify with Christians after reading that??

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    1. I wonder if the fence sitters would really be influenced by this sort of thing, as I suspect they would react to these nutters much in the same way as so many react to Catholics: Not real Christians.

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      1. I “follow” her, but I never go to her posts. I read it on the email, and only because I’d just seen the dead girls name on Twitter and was wondering what all the fuss was about.


  9. Damn, Christianity is crazy enough on it’s own, but these fundamentalists are assholes on a whole nother level. I don’t know about her, but it sounds like she was a lot more progressive than many Christians, and for that, I salute her. It is sad to hear what happened to her.

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    1. Covert, re: progressive Christians. The ‘vangies think it’s an oxymoron; you can’t be both. Branyan posted on this recently, mocking the very idea of “progressive Christianity.”

      ‘Vangies are like junkies extolling the benefits of addiction. They don’t realize that it’s evangelism that’s making them sick.

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        1. He takes potshots at us often — “nitwits”; “morons” — that sort of thing; anyone who doesn’t fit his lofty evangelical standards is written off, basically. I tend to troll his site from time to time, usually to ask questions of his followers, and mock the extremes of evangelist thinking, especially on gun control issues and abortion.

          I do the same with Robertson, sometimes, but he doesn’t allow most of my — admittedly sarcastic — comments through.

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  10. Agree with everyone even though I had hardly heard of her. This attitude towards any human being regardless of their beliefs just drives home the point that certain groups of Christianity are clearly exclusive cults, they have no tolerance love or respect and condemn even their dead Christian neighbours.

    It is about time we started calling them out as cults because that is what they are, no wonder these random shooters, that go crazy regularly in that most religious country are screwed up in their heads.

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  11. Thanks for the mention, Ark.

    Evans was a delightful, kind person. She really believed she could affect change within Evangelicalism, but in the end, she threw in the towel and became an Episcopalian. That said, she was instrumental in leading countless Evangelicals to a kinder, gentler, more inclusive faith. For that reason alone, she is to be commended. If she is in Hell, I’ll be there with her. Good company, in my eyes. If her vile critics will inhabit Heaven some day, give me Hell. 🙂

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    1. Bruce, I copied one of the responses on your blog post to another blog. (Some Matthew fellow, I think) Since Ark insists he runs a ‘family blog’ I won’t post it here. . . but I laughed out loud. 🙂 His response was a much saltier one than yours, but expressed the same sentiment.
      Here’s another thing that is just so sad. She has two small children who will be reading about their mother someday. They won’t have the benefit of knowing their mother and realizing that negative comments are a reflection on the commenter, not their mother. 😦

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        1. I’m on my ipad and don’t know how to do that (you know me, techno dunderhead) but when I get back home I’ll use my laptop.


          1. Here ’tis –
            ” If Rachel’s in Hell, I want to go too. She seemed like a truly decent person. And if those other motherfuckers are going to Heaven, then God can kiss my ass.”

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          1. And that’s where the problem lies. It’s like reading early christian history where they would torture you to help your soul in the future life.

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  12. This Christian religion as with another religion we are familiar with is based as much on hate, vengeance, discrimination and disgusting morals as it is with love. You only have to read their holly book to see that.

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    1. Shhh… don’t give away the game. You gotta give apologists time to prepare ‘the ground of being’ to counter than deadly atheist ask.


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