Rainy Day, Dream Away …

According to NASA Cyclone Kenneth has just been upgraded to a category 4 hurricane and will hit landfall (Eastern Africa) later today (25th).

We’ve just had a heavy downpour with hail battering everything for around ten minutes.

And to think that it was bright and sunny when I went for my morning constitutional.

Oh well … time to break out the Wellies.

Meantime …

Crab Spider and Fly

Brown Button and prey.

Paper Wasp.

Baby Button.

A second Citrus Swallowtail caterpiller I found and brought inside.

Rescuing a trapped dove.

Benji giving me the eye




14 thoughts on “Rainy Day, Dream Away …

  1. Trapped dove is exquisite. As for Kenneth – never have I heard a less appropriate cyclone name. Granted “K’s” turn offers few worthy candidates, but Kenneth? Karl or Klaus, heck Kane or Kiefer – anything but Kenneth! I digress, stay safe and dry. 🙂


    1. Such storms used to be named exclusively for women. Then some equalitists or other objected and a nominal balance was established—men can be every bit as awesome as women. Vive la difference~!

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  2. Benji is going to be a large cat. You know that. I was looking at him stretched out alongside Bobbi, and hey, at the age he is, that is a LOT of kitten there. He has to grow into those ears, after all.

    Love the ‘scary” markings on that caterpillar, Seen from the right angle, I suspect they might resemble some kind of nasty poisonous snake or even frog.

    They’ve started naming tornadoes here, and snow storms. It gets a bit silly, I think. “The big snow last winter” suits me just fine, and after awhile the names lose their significance, if every storm and it’s brother gets a name…

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    1. It might be nice to have a really big cat once more.
      We had one years ago, named Gonzo, a rescued feral. Turned out to be huge. One of his parents must have been a lion!


    2. At the pace that snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, etc. are happening, maybe “naming” them isn’t such a bad idea. For example, when you reference that “big snow last winter,” the way the weather is changing, someone is bound to ask you “which one?” 🙃


        1. For the record: It is a species of Bromeliad.
          I never noticed the phallic symbolism until I had … and I use this term advisedly … blown up the image


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