27 thoughts on “Life’s too short … Eat Cake!

    1. They were a mission to make! Not for me , of course, I just stood and watched.
      Each dragon scale was individually cut and affixed to the egg. Took an age.
      It was fun listening to the radio hearing the people phone in when they had found each egg.

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  1. My fav if you care to know.

    The swan of course on the still but softly rippling yet always demure water………..

    I can see the obvious talent and pride in tasking those creations. I agree: let them eat cake! Only if its vanilla though.

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  2. Does it bother Emily at all when asked to do religious cakes? Obviously, she doesn’t refuse the order, but was just curious if she perhaps mumbled to herself as she was decorating. Or is she “less atheistic” than you?

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    1. Doesn’t bother her in the least. Me neither, for that matter.
      I just appreciate the art and the talent.

      Or is she “less atheistic” than you?

      Although never very religious, she is probably somewhere where you are – not atheist but not a believer.

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    1. She generally works to order, but always adds her own input. which she will communicate with the client before commencing work, making suggestions, showing similar examples etc.
      This is usually covered during face to face consultation or over emails.

      We have a few regular clients that usually tell her that it is: ”Judy’s birthday, and she mentioned she’d like a cat cake. Use your own imagination.”

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  3. Been trying to eat healthier for the last 6 months or so (no cake or any sweets), but if these were in front of me I don’t think I could resist. We’ll see how well I do next week when my son has his birthday. 🙂

    Very impressive work as always.

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    1. Ben is torn. On each shoulder stands a tiny angel’s (food) cake and a devil’s (food) cake:

      “Eat me, Ben! You know you want to!” cries one in a pleading, high-pitched voice.

      “No, Ben!” cries the other, sternly. “Don’t do it!”

      An epic battle between the forces of light and darkness takes place, with poor Ben at the centre of it.

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        1. I can’t decide whether carrot or banana cake should be considered satanic or not. Or whether they even qualify as cake, to begin with. It’s a vexing theological/gastronomic issue, almost along the same good vs evil lines as pineapple on pizza.

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