A Photo a Week Challenge: The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a standard photographers use to frame their images. You divide the frame into a grid of three across and three down, and then don’t put your subject in the middle square.


Thanks to Nancy over at ….

Nancy Merrill Photography



12 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: The Rule of Thirds

  1. You follow rules? Good heavens … how very conventional of you~!

    (Me too, but purely by coincidence).

    So here’s Argie’s Rule:

    “If it looks good to you—snap it!”

    And damn the torpedoes. Boom boom!

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    1. I came across the Rule of Thirds on Cee Neuner’s blog soon after I started blogging.
      Never heard of it before then so most of my shots would have centred the subject.


      1. It’s a good rule, a classic.
        Sadly Photoshop throws a lot of old rules out with the baby (oops, bathwater)—and although I have ‘Elements’ thereof I very rarely use it, a simple cropping is enough. But I do visit the histogram to see what I had before and what I’ve done, sometimes.

        Argie’s Final Rule:

        get the damn’ shot~

        ~and then you can crop to reposition or wotever after. Boom boom!

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        1. Absolutely. I think the ”rule”, such as it is, applies more to the presentation/final composition rather than fiddling about while taking the shot.
          Good grief, can you imagine hanging about waiting till a bird was in the ”correct” third of the screen?

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  2. I was taught that the rule encouraged you to put the central focus of the shot on one of the intersections of the four lines (the corners of the central box) not in one of the outer boxes. Using the rule as you describe seems to place items of interest “crowding the margins.”

    Now that we are almost all using electronic cameras and these cameras supply us with enough pixels I am back to the axiom of “shoot large,” that is with extra space around the edges to allow for creative cropping.

    I guess I should spend more time with my camera and less with my keyboard. You inspire!

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    1. The rule I quoted was from Nancy’s post and she did also include the part regarding the intersections.

      Rules are there to break – and when broken enough another rule is established.

      I use the electronic gadgets to create a picture that I like.

      I am very flattered my shots inspire. Who would have thought?


  3. Do you do a lot of cropping, Ark? I was only ever strictly amateur when it came to taking photos, but managed to sometimes salvage some poorly framed snaps, later on, after they’d been developed, simply by knowing where to crop. Studied painting back when, so that prob’ly helped in terms of an eye for composition, but couldn’t always apply those skills — for some reason — in the moment of clicking the camera.


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