56 thoughts on “And we’re back ….

    1. @JZ

      You have no idea how tiring beating the Joo Joo Drums is and people always misunderstand the messages as well.

      And thanks for the emails. Appreciate the concern.
      Next time , however, you can always send money. Small denomination bills are acceptable . (As it goes without saying no one will believe the cable theft story a second time and everyone will be convinced we haven’t paid our bill! )

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    1. You of all people here should know our predicament.
      Seems copper theft is still a highly lucrative business and they just rip the cables out the ground.
      As it turned out the replacement cables for the phone numbers/internet earmarked for our suburb were also nicked!
      Then Telkom decided to do a feasibility study to see if it was worth laying cables for these specific numbers.
      Seems they opted out and Telkom reps were advised to offer consumers in our area alternatives.
      Same thing happened to one of our clients over in Bedfordview ( three suburbs away from us)
      We’ve gone with (above ground) fiber for our internet and are busy sorting out alternatives to a hard line which we need for the business.

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        1. I can well believe that!
          Metal manhole-covers are a favorite with certain ”collectors” over here.
          Going for a jog before the sun is up can be rather precarious if one is unfamiliar with the road/footpath.

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      1. I didn’t realise just how serious it had become. I know one can’t police thousands of kilometres of cable, but I can’t help wondering why the buyers and resellers are not all tracked down and put under such pressure that the commodity no longer has any value.


        1. The very point I have asked out loud on numerous occasions.
          Carte Blanche did an investigation some time ago on several scrap dealers who were rumoured to be accepting copper wire. Can’t remember what became of that, but I’m sure there are plenty of other ”markets” for it.
          Anyway, we’re done with that nonsense – I hope – fiber seems much better and the service was top notch.

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          1. It’s certainly quicker.
            10 up and 10 down. No throttling.
            We’re going to install a wireless phone as well, so after the buy-buy it will be bye- bye to all those perishing cables and wires.

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          2. It’s worse during the day – especially when we have orders in mid bake!
            We were actually connected to the internet last night, and I even had an email ready to send to my folks but as I was about to press send …. the power went for a couple of hours. I kid you not!

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          3. Organized crime/cartels on all continents will ALWAYS be around as long as there exists significant (rising?) economic inequality and widespread social discrimination; religious included. It’s called the Black Market… and copper is only ONE very small sector of it. Human organs are even a thriving, lucrative sector/trade in it, if that tells you how and why severe economic inequality causes the worst in human survival/greed. πŸ˜’

            Nevertheless, great to have you back Ark! And your Reds are doing QUITE well aren’t they!? πŸ˜‰

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          4. Neck and neck to the finish line. Tomorrow’s game: United v City at Old Trafford is going to be crucial.

            It is one we will all be watching on the TV, so, if you are in the neighbourhood ….?

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          5. Bad thunderstorms knocked out our internet WiFi for 2-days, and the satellite TV signal unreliable after every lightening strike and heavy rain… i.e. I didn’t get to watch ANY of the game. 😑 However, I am very glad Man U lost, but I realize that keeps the pressure on your boys, huh? πŸ˜‰

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    1. @ Carmen
      And, Happy Crucifiction Day to you, Carmen.
      We are still without a land line so I’m busy trying to set up a Skype account so’s I can chat to my folks.
      And I’m also looking for a special photo for Nan.

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      1. I’m glad it was quite refreshing! Your post reminded me of when we were volunteering in Mapoch, just North West of you and the cables had all been stolen from the village. The teacher in the pre-school cooked breakfast and lunch for the children on a one ring camping gaz cooker. Ironing was done by heating a flat iron on the gas flames. It was truly another world but the classroom was built and we made some very good friends. πŸ™‚

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  1. oh yay you’re mostly back. And I love that photo up there. That sort of says it all about how the new little guy is doing…
    I am so sorry you’ve had to go through such trauma, it can be exhausting, I know. Just the endless day-after-dayness of it all.

    Be kind to Nan, now. You know how she gets…

    I agree, it’s both amazing and quite disturbing to be that connected to Invisible Humans.

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    1. Well, the break was refreshing, but it was a pain in the derriere as far as business goes. With no internet it was a nuisance – and expensive – having to continually buy air-time for the phones
      We also have to deal with power cuts (”load shedding”) and this regularly buggers up cell phone reception as the towers have a small motor and this is immediately affected when the power goes down.

      However, as they say, ”Worse things happen at sea”.

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      1. Ship hitting a berg and going down is a minor irritation compared to losing the wwweb.

        Welcome back, you skiver … stole your wires indeed …(I’ve heard some excuses in my time but that one takes the cake! Sheesh!)

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  2. We have copper thieves here too. They will rip the wires out of people’s houses and they particularly love to steal heat/ air units.

    Welcome back. Our Easter Ark Miracle! (were there any witnesses to your return?) We need to know for documentary purposes. 😜

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  3. There are plenty of stories of copper thievery. Apparently in India, you might get to your office one day to find that there is no water, because they’ve taken copper plumbing pipes.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re back. I was worried about, what with you being old and full anger for God in your heart. πŸ™‚

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