Incy Wincy: And then there were four …

Female Brown Button with her egg sacs.

There were originally three sacs, but this morning I noticed a fourth -the one she is next to. Inspecting, protecting?

I saw movement and so that I could get a closer look, I gently blew on her and she quickly scurried back to her nest in the corner.

And when I bent down and squinted I was able to identify the source of the movement.

Meet the kids!


Hardly larger than tiny bread crumbs – two Brown Button Spiderlings.



20 thoughts on “Incy Wincy: And then there were four …

    1. Yes, this concern has been expressed so I am keeping an eye on developments.

      She is in residence close to the door so I am hoping when things are ripe the kids will sail away on the wind, as I saw them do from a nest underneath the plug socket of the borehole motor outside.
      If they all seem keen on staying they will be politely but firmly ushered outside.

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  1. Inspecting, protecting?

    Well YEAH! If I looked up and saw you nosying around being intrusive with that face, blowing on my family… I’d be cocked-n-loaded protecting myself and youngin’s too!!!! 🀨

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    1. Actually, they are very timid spiders until they feel actively threatened – meaning they will only usually bite if accidentally squashed. Normally they run for the hills or curl into a ball and drop from their nest and play dead.
      On saying this, I am not so brave to allow one to walk over my hand – though I have seen videos of a few brave souls do this.
      I am not feeling that lucky.

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          1. Hahahahaha! Well my Friend, you are as strong and stoic as a Giant Sequoia in the face of the footballing storms and demons! I humbly nod my approval and admiration for such composure. πŸ˜„

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  2. Your brown buttons look a lot like our brown recluse spiders. It’s important to know the location/habits of flesh dissolving spiders who bite when surprised. Fortunately battalions of new born baby spiders usually disperse within hours of egg sack liberation. Keep us posted. πŸ™‚

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    1. we have them here, in NH. I met one accidentally and ended up in the hospital with a virulently pink leg and three days of IVs…and as the doctor so carefully put it, “we don’t want to lose that leg, now do we…”


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