19 thoughts on “Mother and Babies.

      1. @ Ark. Wait, wait, wait … She ( it, them, terrorizing demons ) was in your home! She escaped means she is lose running around unseen in your home? You are saying you don’t know where this beast is. You did not have the home fumigated? It could be in your bedding, or your couch, or hidden in your pantry in the cooking stuff! I do not have a strong enough heart for any of those and many more possible returns of Bert ( the stalking predator of death ) Imagine reaching your hand in the cupboard to get a pot or dish and she struts into your hand. ( having chills simply writing that ) Death right there for both of us! I am going to suffer a huge heart failure and will do my best to return the favor. I wont even describe what a mess the bed would be in if that thing crawled up on my pillow instead of my cat. There is not enough laundry detergent in Florida to clean that up. I think your family are really brave to have let you bring it inside in the first place, but how they are not sweeping the house with desperate attention to detail I have no idea. They must really love you. 😃😁😂😜😻😻 Hugs

        Oh by any chance do you have an idea of how many of those … babies … will survive to adult hood. Also do they immigrate? Just asking. Hugs

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        1. Mrs. Bert moved on of her own volition – and I am more than happy is she is ”lurking” somewhere in the house.

          The arachnid in the post here is a Crowned Nursery Web spider and they are not that big at all and are completely harmless.
          I am not exactly sure how many spiderlings usually survive but I seem to recall reading/watching(?) that only a very few will make it to adulthood.

          The usual method of dispersal is via wind. When it’s time to leave the nest they will climb to an exposed part of the plant and let the breeze do the rest.

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          1. @ Ark. They spread by the wind. It occurs to me the wind moves around the entire globe. So a strong enough wind would keep one of those aloft … Crap I am going to have a freak out every time the breeze blows my hair. 😜😃 Hugs

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          2. Uhm … Thanks … I was wondering how I could stay up all night with out sleep to get a few more blogs read. No chance of sleep after reading that. Those Orb spiders are big, and well rather nasty in eating habits. And who would have thought spiders could water ski!
            Oh well, I guess I have to learn to share the world even with nightmares. Be well. Hugs


    1. Speaking of which, we had one just last night in the bedroom. By the time I got back with the ‘spider box’ it had scarpered. She-who-must-be-obeyed was adamant that I spray not, so I didn’t … just lucky for that spider it has fiends in high places~!

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  1. We are afflicted with what I call porch spiders (but are actually wolf spiders) and when the pods open up the air–and the porch– is alive with teeny spiderlets riding their first silk, when the wind blows. I will have to do away with what I can this year, since most of the spiders and ‘lets are clustered around the door. I can usually sweep the larger spiders off with a careful broom, but I need to paint the ceiling and I so do not want to find I’ve painted over a large spider…


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