6 on Saturday.

When the Chips are Down – Grow Spuds.


As part of my quest to grow enough Potatoes for an entire year I wanted to have a go at growing a few in a container.

I probably have enough land … just, but I am game to try all methods. If nothing else it will be a learning experience.

So I hopped on You Tube to get some info from proper gardeners.

One was from Utah and looked like Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) cousin, another was Welsh and that’s almost as bad as a Manchester United supporter, but he had a fabulous greenhouse, and the third was a young bloke who spoke proper English.

I noted all their excellent tips and went out to The Shed this morning and got cracking …

One large container … woof woof!

A couple of minutes to make drainage holes using my trusty solder iron.

Add a few centimeters of loose soil.

Not the best example of  a seed potato but, just you wait,  it has the makings of a champion!


Place on soil with three of its buddies …. or should that be spuddies?


Cover with another layer of soil to a further depth of two or three centimetres.

And finally … give them a light watering.

In a few weeks if all goes well, little green shoots should appear. When they are approx. 4cm I shall ”earth up” ( cover them with another layer of soil and allow the top leaves to poke through).

Continue with this until the plants have grown to the height of the container. ( one hopes).

I shall, of course, keep you posted on the progress.




47 thoughts on “6 on Saturday.

    1. Dump it? Why go to all that bother … dum’ humans … al least it works with bones, but we dig’ em up to chomp on, not chuck …


        1. Well, at least you’ll be prepared for that 9.0 Cascadian earthquake. Even if you’re far enough inland not to be washed away, it most likely will still have an effect on the coastal states.

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    1. Awesome! This is super-inspirational.
      I have a feeling you and your kid will make a serious go of your project.
      We’ll have to trade tips and monitor progress.
      I suspect I will be nagging you for advice sooner rather than later!

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      1. We’re building a 40×60 greenhouse this spring and planning some winter indoor growing as well in half of that, with a passive forced air wood furnace, grow lights and some geothermal applications. I’m hoping to make a showcase out of it if I’m innovative enough. Cold winters only give us about 5 months to grow currently. I think we can do 9. I’m pretty excited to get going. 14°Fahrenheit and snowing today. Ugh


        1. 14 F! Sheeeeut!

          Then you probably won’t want to know what it was like down here?
          But let’s just say the wife moaned at me for not putting the sunscreen back in the bathroom cabinet.
          We get a bit of frost in May/first week in June, and while it does gets cold it is nothing compared to what you lot are having.

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  1. Looking forward to the results and your gourmet-chef flair Ark! Thought of all the ways to prepare, present, and consume the taters? 🙂

    Will there be a batch of Reds taters? Your boys are back on top. Those last 2 goals were pretty. I know it was Bournemouth, but Wijnaldum’s goal/touch was gorgeous, and the combo between Firmino and Salah was exquisite! My goodness Klopp has them clicking on all cylinders!

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    1. Chef skills I leave to others in the crew.
      If I can grow a decent crop I’ll be more than content with my efforts.
      Yes, I’m smiling this evening!
      Tomorrow I will have my dark blue shirt on! For an hour and half at any rate.

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        1. I think it’s his teeth. I heard he sent then out on loan for a while ( including a whitening and a polish) and they have come back better for the spell away. They move almost independently now, have you noticed?


          1. Prof:

            I’ve taken the liberty of trying to copy your chattering teeth thingy … if it works for me I’ll use it with mad abandonment, thanks for dat!


          1. I ran a horticultural therapy program for 20 years for a local social service agency that serves clients with developmental disabilities. We worked out of a huge greenhouse and had small veggie, annual and perennial gardens around it we took care of. Hard, hard work, but fun, too.

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          1. If I’m understanding you correctly?
            From the videos I’ve watched the seed potatoes are planted at the same level. As the plant grows up the potatoes sprout from the roots/rhizome?
            They are ready to harvest once the flowers drop off and the plant wilts and the leaves begin to turn yellow.
            Sounds about the same for growing in the soil, but the yield is usually higher.

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          2. I watched a couple of vids today – the Welshman, Neil, uses tubs ranging from 30 to 100 gallons and, yes, the taters ripen at different depths but all relatively close to each other.
            Perhaps it depends on the amount and density of soil?

            But the harvest time is when the plants keels over and the leaves turn yellowish.
            The potatoes I have dug from the ground vary in size but they are all edible.

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