Watch the birdy – White Stork

A group of around twenty flew over the property this morning, effortlessly riding thermals while making their way north as part of  their annual migration.

It was twenty minutes well spent and worth the slightly stiff neck from looking skyward! In fact they were so high that any decent shots were well nigh impossible for me, even with the camera on full zoom.

But I shall tick it off as another species to grace our spot, and what a treat!



11 thoughts on “Watch the birdy – White Stork

  1. Nothing more magical than migratory flocks of birds: whether it’s robins arriving en masse and suprised at the six inches of snow out there in March, or the countless thousands of starlings feeding in our woods in the fall, or trails of geese, or anythng else that has that need to go, NOW, and does so.

    Well worth the stiff neck and the time spent. Kinda stays with you, doesn’t it.

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    1. Luck indeed! I was up early in my office and the hens were making a racket about something so I wandered out the door and motion above caught my eye. I rushed back inside to fetch the camera.


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