18 thoughts on “Villa fly

  1. A bee that looks like a fly. I shot a fly that looks like a bee. Okaaaaayyy … is Mother Nature so stuck for originality? (Too late, she’s already done dinosaurs. But how about a spider wig flappety wings?)(There’s a thought—you take it, I’m too busy fighting this b—–! cold summer.)

    And I’ve seen my second cabbage white—this, after last year’s absolute plague. Sheesh!)


    1. Shame. One cabbage white. That’s not good.

      Down here the annual Meadow White migration has begun.They fly up from down south, through the Karoo up through Gauteng, including Jo’burg. Then they head further north before turning right and make for Mozambique.
      Today the garden was awash with butterflies.
      It is quite something and it will continue for a week or so.

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        1. I took a few today. I will post tomorrow. Maybe get some better ones.
          It’s funny to see the hens belting across the garden after the butterflies.
          I’ve got a few lavender plants at the front of the property and the butterflies park off for a pit stop. I noticed four Preying Mantis lying in wait!

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