25 thoughts on “In Flight

        1. Husband opened the cellar door late last spring and found a weary bumblebee walking toward him. No idea how he got there or why. I found a few flowers that were large enough to support him, and settled him in the middle. I bee-sat him for quite awhile, while his wings got a bit of strength, and then he took off, wobbles and all. Whew. Another notch in my Rescue Belt.

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          1. I saved a bee trapped in a spider’s web a season or so back.
            Spider was galloping over to finish her off so I did the emergency thing and grabbed her furry little body, and wrenched her out just as spider got there—novel experience, I’d never been stung by a bumble bee before.

            Worth it though …

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  1. Great shot of a bee behind, yes indeed. Are yours territorial? Ours have a shiny black butt, and if you get too close they will dive at you as a warning. Regular bumblebees just move away a bit, but carpenters push back.

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    1. These guys seem peaceable enough, although a female we found on the lawn once, which we thought looked in difficulty, bit me when I tried to pick her up.


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