How to be a good Christian, by Pastor David Robertson.


Who has knowledge of a god? I mean true and proper knowledge. The answer is no one. This is because everything is dependent on a single book (or rather a library of books) chosen by bishops of the early church and picked for their adherence to what those bishops thought. The question arises, though, are there any words of a god in there. The books in the library were written by men and likely in the OT by priests, as they could write, so ho9w do we know that they wrote what a god wanted rather then what they wanted themselves?

The problem is that the bible has first to be assumed to be true before anyone can have any knowledge about a god. Can this be done? Of course not! There is no way to go back and talk to the writers yet this is the crux of belief. so it is up the Christian to show how they know the bible is true before it is of use in converting people.

As for atheists, I am one and I have an MTheol in OT and NT having studied the texts in the original languages. So I have a pretty good knowledge of the bible and it was that study that showed me that the bible is not really quite what it is generally thought to be. It only contains knowledge that stone age or iron age men would have known. You will recall that bats are birds!

I suppose it is all down to how people think. I like to be sure of what I believe is true. I cannot see how belief in this bibles flawed text is reasonable. Maybe, Daydreamer, you can tell us why you think the bible is true……

  1. Just because you cannot see….does not mean there is nothing to see. The bible does not have to be assumed to be true before anyone can have any knowledge about a god. You say you have a Mtheol in OT and NT – I suggest you go and get your money back – it seems as though it was wasted – if your comments are supposed to show a good knowledge of the Bible…..! Its embarrassingly bad….


And this man really wonders how to convince skeptics about the Bible – with an attitude like his?

Don’t you just love the go get your money back line?

I thought it brilliant and hosed myself laughing.

If ever there was an individual perfectly suited for the  term Nob then our dear Pastor is it.

However, I smile almost every time I read such comments or one of his posts, especially those where he bemoans the state of the Scottish Church,  and lays into almost any sort of modern or liberal form of Christianity, and then rips into commenters who as much as dare to suggest he might be even a tad misguided in his approach.

All praise to Pastor David Robertson. Your willful ignorance, arrogance, intolerance and general all round spitefulness does more for the skeptics cause than you could possibly imagine.

Oh, and he is soon to depart for Australia for some time – some sort of evangelical  ”mission” I understand?

G’day, David. The Aussies are gonna love you … mate!



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  1. How can he make a statement like “The bible does not have to be assumed to be true before anyone can have any knowledge about a god” and then not explain himself and how he knows that anything in the bible is believable? If the Bible doesn’t have to be assumed to be true, how do you know any of it is accurate and how do you believe any of the content contained within? You need to establish that it is true first, before you can say that any of it is true. Otherwise it as all ASSumption.


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    1. Ben:

      Bible is God’s holy word.
      God is infallible.
      Bible is infallible, so The Word is ipso facto God’s absolute Truth.

      God is omniscient.
      God is everywhere at all times.
      Ergo God knew, even before He created Himself, that you (you miserable sinning worm~!) would be challenging His word (damned fink!).

      Which means that your doubts are merely part of His ineffable plan—so rave on as much as you like! As much as we can’t see it, you/we are somehow serving His holy cause … so set aside your silly little mortal doubts and questionings (Satan’s work anyway) and just have Faith. God is GOOD!

      God is omnipotent and kind and sweet and all powerful and all knowing and loving—so if you see any apparent contradictions in what He says and what He does, the fault isn’t and can never be His—the error is yours!

      (I can’t believe I managed to get through all that with a straight face … God does indeed move in mysterious ways~!)

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    2. My favourite question to ask non-believers now is to ask them how they know the Bible is true in the first place. A guy I chatted with recently said something along the lines of ‘it is apparent from observing creation and The Bible confirms a lot of things”. I was just like righto then… Interestingly he had (has???) a lot of the same doubts I had about The Bible which got me leaving Christianity, but he just chooses like many to stick their heads in the sand. But I’ve been there myself before I guess…


      1. Sadly, many of us have been right there with you. Some get out. Some stay in. What most of us realize (both Christian and non-Christian alike) is that the story just doesn’t add up. It is, in fact, BS. Some just get used to the smell and after awhile are adament it doesn’t have any odor at all. It’s the rest of us who have sinful noses.

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        1. Whoops my first sentence was supposed to say ‘believers’, not ‘non-believers’ lol. Yeah he said some quite crazy things to me and got a bit upset after I told him I didn’t believe in Christianity anymore. I couldn’t be mad at him though, since I know why and how he feels that way. I’m pretty sure he would have quite a different attitude if it wasn’t for his religious beliefs, but whether he will end up realising his beliefs are BS, I doubt it right now, he’s too immersed in church life. Eventually I told him that while it’s great discussing about these things, neither of us are going to change the others mind, thankfully he agreed and we changed conversation.

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    1. Maybe this is why I failed at being a Christian. I just couldn’t be rude and condescending to anyone and everyone who thought differently than I did. Only the truest of the true believers can be so cold.

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      1. Yes, it seems obvious from reading your blog and the interactions you and I have had that you were a tool of Satan all along.

        I knew it straight away ,of course, but I am a firm believer in the adage: ‘Give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang ’emselves.’

        As they say, It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.


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  2. Primacy. Whoever gets there firstest with the mostest usually wins.
    In our culture, when the monarch/state/church formed their triumvirate (think 3-legged stool) each leg of the stool depended upon the other two; and power was stable.

    If you succeed in bringing down the Christian church there are others, equally as determined and ruthless, frothing in the wings.
    ‘Faith’ is an essential for the unthinking, it seems — so there is indeed “a battle for mens’ souls” … it is constant, remorseless, merciless, and eternal.

    The only real hope is to get to a the ‘virgin slate’ first, no? The first to the mind of the innocent usually wins. First up. first in, best dressed … primacy is very hard to dislodge with mere belated factology.

    I risk being boring here but you (we~!) are pissing in the wind … we need to teach the young how to think, rationally, for themselves.

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  3. Im fair temped to trawl through all my extensive records of his online behaviour and build a case to send to Canberra begging them either to 1) Not let him in ever or 2) If they really feel hey must let him in, keep him forever and cut off any prospect of him ever accessing the internet. One would not believe the mince that man has uttered over the years.

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    1. MARK:

      You would censor? Tut~!

      Words are deeds, and by their deeds thou shalt know them. Perhaps we should take their history seriously and put him to the sword, so that God can know His own and give ’em due rewards in Heaven? (A leaf from their own book?)

      Naaaaahhhh …

      I do like your suggestion of evoking/involving ‘democracy’ though; but be careful with it …

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    2. I can believe it without blinking.

      I doubt much trawling would be necessary,Mark.~Just type both our names in Google search function for his posts and there’s all the evidence you would need!

      I should get cross, but I cannot help laughing at his antics.
      He is a clown.
      He is far more interested in the ”Me” aspect rather than any genuine feeling of empathy and desire to spread the word.
      He is like the clap in a dog collar.

      If he was my Pastor/Vicar when I was a kid and read his crap on the internet ( if it was available back then) I would have ”shopped” him without a second’s hesitation.

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    3. @Mark

      I just read where he asked you what evidence you would accept and in the opening line of your reply you wrote that at the very least it had to pass Occam’s Razor and be falsifiable.

      In his immediate reply he writes:

      Mark – I note that you keep demanding evidence and yet still cannot say what evidence you would accept for proof of God.

      The bloke is off the rails!
      He comes across as dribbling and round the bend.


  4. I notice that he “cut you off”. 😀 So what else is new in the blog world of Christian vs. Atheist?

    Anyway, did you see my comment where I “defended” you to “Martha”? Not that you needed defending, but it just seemed like the thing to do at the moment.

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    1. Yes, I saw it. You do a good job. But as we all know as soon as they are forced to confront evidence that flatly refutes their position they go all doolally.
      They are simply not intellectually equipped to deal with it.
      But who am I telling? You’ve all been there, right?

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      1. We are at the crossroads. Do we go down the rabbit hole or into the quandary? I think I’ll choose the quagmire in the sticky wicket. I can’t remember how many times I have typed a line on one of their posts and deleted it without sending. Maybe you should remember the advice you gave to me? Hehe

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          1. Don’t engage those impervious to contradiction? Or was that Zande’s gemology? I think it was during the Loy and BottomfeederCoffee debacle you offered some great advice to ignore them. Hey, guess what? They are gone…hoping they’ll return with a story like mine, but I quit praying, and holding my breath.

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          2. Funny, I was just thinking about Loy the other day and wondering what happened to him. Maybe we’ll be surprised and he will, like you said, return with a deconversion story. Not likely, but you never know.

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          3. Don’t know where he’s from, nothing. No site or any real info, same as his story hehe. I narrowed it down to catholic. That should be easy.

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          4. I looked up one of his lauded heroes he had quoted. It was a Jesuit priest that had done some good things. But also famous for turning a blind eye to the priestly abuses. When I called him on that, he got super mad. He quoted several Catholics and Gandhi a lot. He goes by catholic I’m sure, but proof that mere people will do it the way they want in all the churches, picking and choosing the parts that suit them.

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          5. He always quoted Bible verses and talked about Bible characters. When I asked how he knew the Bible was true he’d constantly tell me that the historicity of the Bible doesn’t matter. What mattered was what Jesus said and did. When I pointed out that those stories are only found in the Bible (the same one he said didn’t matter if it was true or not) he’d say that whatever was beneficial to you was what was important. Basically whatever parts you liked, go with those. Whatever you don’t like, ignore. If your views change, you can change your kind over and over again. And then he’d quote the Bible again.
            Frustrating to say the least. That was my experience with Loy.

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    2. Martha is a complete nutter. If you ever get the chance, swim through his post on abortion. It was one of the wildest circus rides I’ve ever experienced in blogville. His readers, especiallyh Martha, went completely crazy.

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      1. Sweaty palms and all. 😉

        As you are probably aware, neurologist Vilayanur Ramachandran showed the first clinical evidence to link the temporal lobes with religious sensations by monitoring how TLE patients responded to sets of words. In the experiment where people were shown either neutral words, erotic words or religious words, the control group was most excited by the sexually loaded words. This was picked up as a sweat response on the skin.

        However, people with temporal lobe epilepsy (hyper-religiosity is a major feature of several mental disorders, including TLE) the TLE subjects did not get sweaty from sexual words, but they did with religious words which generated the greatest reaction.

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  5. WeeFleeFast Robertson is honestly tittering on the borderline of hardcore prejudice, elitism, bigotry, and delusional egoism. And at those extremes there not much difference between him and a full-blown racist like a Nazi or ISIS caliphate! Wow. Talk about a clear cut clinical psychiatric disorder… HE is a prime example. Period.

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    1. I am glad you think so.
      As Mark has noted, his posts are riddled with such attitudes.
      He once stated during an interview he enjoyed grinding atheists faces.
      I wonder if he has Torquemada genes?

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      1. Most likely Ark. That is an excellent question/comparison too based on abundant evidence and behavior, huh? If one keeps feeding that beast of hate, you will certainly turn into one much quicker than you can stop it and reverse it. In that regard, I feel pity for him, sheer shameful pity for a human(?) with so much venom.

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      2. ARK:

        did I miss something? Whose atheist face has he ever ‘ground’?

        (Certainly I never felt nuffink, Guv …) God dammit, I feel deprived~!
        How dare they ignore me!

        Gotta good mind to write to the Pope and Arch B of C and head head-lopperoffer in Mecca, and wotever Jews are using these days to enforce orthodoxy. (Ol’ Abraham got around quite a bit, didn’t he?)(But don’t fret—each/any of those mutually antagonistic franchises is the sole unique word of God.

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          1. Damn. I like coffee … perhaps grinding faeces (oops, faces) into the ground under the jackboot of The Faith? Been done before you know. Often, in fact.

            Last night I watched a doco Dvd on the Japanese soldier in WW2 — boy, was Faith ever put to potent use therein! Brrrrr …


          2. Well in the Olden Days, Papal Poop was collected, dried out , and ground to make Holy Snuff.
            Gram for gram it cost more than gold.

            Of course, because of its claimed ”Holy therapeutic powers”, demand far outweighed supply, so priests lower down the Papal Pecking Order personally provided lower grade stock and passed it off as the real deal.
            See, when it came to shoveling shit, the church was willing and able to oblige even at a literal level!
            True story, apparently.

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          3. Nothing surprises me. I’d say that collecting Papal weewees for use in holy libations was/is a trick too good to miss?

            Should we suggest it, and ask for a share of the proceedings?

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      3. Well Ark, I’ve made two comments on WeeFleeFast Robertson’s post there, but nothing appears. Maybe he has closed the post and comments down? Censorship is another form of denialism isn’t it? 😉

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      4. I wonder if he has Torquemada genes?

        Well, religionists do often claim that people would be out killing and torturing all the time if it weren’t for the fear of God restraining them — almost as if they themselves have a real struggle with such impulses going on. Maybe they do have an abundance of natural sadists in their ranks.

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        1. Ah,yes of course, all those Yahweh-given morals and ethics, right?
          Which reminds me , as I am an atheist and refuse to acknowledge this god who I really know exists but just want to be free to do as I please, I must nip over the wall and rape my neighbour’s wife and kids, steal his ipod and ransack his veggie patch.
          Gimme 20 mins, and I’ll be back ….

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          1. Have a heart, for goodness sake!
            He has carrots and I’ll need to see in the dark for when I next hop over and rape the dog!
            Or if its not around, eat the yummy food in the dog’s bowl then afterwards spray United Supporters Are Not Real Humans on the glass of his patio doors.

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  6. “Just because you cannot see….does not mean there is nothing to see.” Could NOT agree more. This is PRECISELY why I KNOW the following is true:

    “This Book is not to be doubted…. As for the unbelievers, it is the same whether or not you forewarn them; they will not have faith. God has set a seal upon their hearts and ears; their sight is dimmed and grievous punishment awaits them.”

    Quran 2:1/2:6-2:10

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    1. Insp:

      There ya go, then. God Themself/s “set the seal upon their/our hearts”.

      That, dammit, is an endorsement — and gives us legitimacy in their field. To go against us in any way is ipso facto to go against God … they run the risk of being smited*, or frogly plagued, or visited by the Angel Of Deceasenment if they don’t take better care with their wordings. Trust me … it’s the Bible Truth.

      *Smote? Smitten? Bugger (God, you take it, please …).

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  7. If wheels5894 is engaging with cumbriayawn he’s in for a very long spell of roundy, roundy get nowhere!
    I checked out that pastor’s post, don’t know why curiosity I suppose, and I’m thrilled by the unconditional love shown to ALL those who comment. What a complete and utter bastard and flock!

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      1. HAH! Que the circus song by the Umm-Pah band! 🎪

        (the Ringmaster announces, “And now ladies & gentlemen, we will watch high above as the Christian trapeze zealots fail to “connect” with the real world professionals, FALL hundreds of feet screaming JEBUS while the 7 Lions of the Seal catch them in their mouths and devour the poor, clueless buggers! BEHOLD!!! Watch as their God ignores them and their prayers!)

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        1. C’mon Prof! Your comments on his post are up.
          Now, take a swig of this, put your mouth guard back in, and go out there and keep it sharp and focused – he’s not too good on big words, watch out for the low blows – and rip his arguments to shreds!
          Go get him tiger …. Grrrrrrrowl!

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          1. Go for it. Short and punchy. I can’t read too many words at my age.
            And for all the gods sake and especially his, don’t mention your sex swing, he’s not into that sort of stuff. (He has a bad back).

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          2. Oh the gods … I’m gonna get death threats from the congregation of the Free Church of Scotland or whatever kilt wafting institution Pastor Roberston tortures preaches to.

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          3. Alright, I’ve submitted my VERY lengthy counter-contention to WeeFleeFast Robertson. I hope he admits it AND the one from yesterday he still has not released regarding wheels5894.


          4. Oh dear Lard and all the fat and gristle in the Universe!!!!! 😠 Why am I getting notices for replies to other people? I have yet to find any replies to me. And what a HORRIBLE setup/format this Ding-bat has for comments!!!! Geeeezzzzzz. This is going to get frustrating. 😣

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          5. I’m not watching the game but listening to my son’s heated commentary to himself in the lounge.
            He plays these internet leagues and is busy informing himself ”Remind me never to buy Hazard!”

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          6. If WeeFleeFast Robertson doesn’t approve my 2nd reply to him, I’m posting it here Ark! Because all this is YOUR FAULT, and I don’t spend 45-mins to 2-hrs drafting my gold-platinum, detailed comments/replies just to be trashed in a psychiatric patient’s Spam or Moderation folder!!! LOL

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      2. A circus is supposed to entertain, I found nothing to entertain me on that blog. I find the pussycat amusing in an odd way, probably because he is completely wacko. This Robertson comes across as a very nasty piece of work. I presume his motto would be “It’s my way or no way”. And his sycophantic followers, well, sad.

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  8. An excellent post, this is why when I started to seriously doubt I asked myself the following questions:
    – Is the Bible internally consistent?
    – Does the Bible correctly record history?
    – Is the morality in the Bible likely from a divine source?
    – Does the Bible represent science correctly?
    – Are the promises in the Bible reliable (i.e. God says do A and B will follow)?
    – Do the predictions in the Bible come to pass?
    – Is the wisdom in the Bible superior to works of humans?

    Basically I could not give the Bible a pass on a single one of these Criteria.

    The sad reality was I was only prepared to test the Bible in this way when I was seriously looking at leaving the faith, prior to that my inquiries were not really genuine, rather I just looking to confirm my faith in a Biblical apologetic manner.

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    1. @ Peter.
      Our other Pastor Friend, Mel Wilde would probably say this is because you are reading it/understanding it incorrectly. You must let the Holy Spirit guide you, or some similar drivel!

      Whatever the terms, it is obvious the fault lies with you.
      All genocidal meglomaniacal despotic deities are not the same.

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      1. And of course those of us who are subject to fear tended to probably stay in the faith longer because we were terrified of “god’s wrath” and Hell. This may of put a person like me off seriously questioning things for so long because I feared it would piss off ‘God’.

        The thing about operating in a state of fear is that it makes it extremely difficult to look at matters logically.

        People who are not prone to fear have difficulty appreciating how paralyzing fear can be.

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      2. Ark if the Holy Spirit is guiding Christians then why would there be so many internal theological arguments about what it means, indeed one of the key theological controversies leading to the 1054 schism between the Catholic and Orthodox church was whether or not the Communion Bread should be ‘Leavened’ or ‘Unleavened’.

        If the Holy Spirit was guiding Christians there would be no split over a matter so trivial.

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    2. There was an interesting BBC doco recently, with Alice Roberts looking at the archeological evidence for the Arthurian myths: basically, the failure of the written stories to match up with what the archeological record presented. Complete discord. And the lack of real evidence for an all-out Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain after the Romans left, between c. 4th and 6th century.

      I mention this by way of the whole OT narrative, especially Exodus and the purported Canaanite invasion: same pattern.The stories say one thing; the archeology contradicts it.

      It’s gonna’ take a while for these BS Bible myths to be dismantled. We just have to keep hammering it to the apologists, if only to let them know that reasonable people no longer take their word –“God’s Word”–at face value.

      Yours, Peter, is a fine way to start dismantling the edifice: when Christians themselves begin to research the history of the Bible; how it was assembled, and canonized; rather than just taking as gospel what the pastors and third-rate apologists like John Kilpatrick at Robertson’s blog spout by rote.

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      1. Interestingly I watched that BBC documentary last night. It was shown on SBS in Australia who then put on ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ as the next programme.

        When I was studying Theology I delved into the Archaeological support for the Bible, it was the lack of Archaeological support that serious scholars admitted to that got me started on questioning whether the Bible really was a divine book.

        Prior to this I had always accepted at face value apologists claims that Archaeology supported the Bible, at that time I did not know that apologists were liars, I naively assumed that Christians would not lie because ‘God’ would punish them. The fallacy in my thinking was that if there was no ‘God’ then they could say what they like, and I think with many of them the lies are not a deliberate decision, but rather a product of extreme confirmation bias.

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    3. Interesting you asked “Does the Bible correctly record history?”

      I am blogging some guy on Quora who reckoned that archaeology had found thousands of artefacts proving the word of the Bible. Of course it is an absolute lie as even the theist archaeologists have admitted.

      In the May/June 2017 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, eminent archaeologist William G. Dever explores the difficult subject, giving BAR readers a sneak-peak of his upcoming book.

      “It is fair to acknowledge that Biblical archaeology had failed to deliver the evidence that the founding fathers of the discipline William F. Albright and George E. Wright thought it would in support of the Bible as history. But as much as Biblical archaeology fell short of the quest to “prove the Bible,” it helped to show just how misguided those initial expectations from Biblical archaeology were. As a result, many scholars have grown suspicious of the Biblical text, rejecting even the most central narratives of early Bible history, such as the Exodus, the military conquest of Canaan, the existence of the United Monarchy and, most recently, the very historicity of figures such as Saul, David or Solomon.”

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      1. What’s interesting about these myths is how they become so embedded into a people’s sense of self-identity. How does a story like Exodus become so foundational to Jewish identity and sense of exclusivity when there’s no reliable historical basis for them ever being enslaved under Pharaoh, and supposedly led out of Egypt?

        The Israelites couldn’t have have “taken back” Canaan, because they were probably still living there, anyway. What: committing genocide on themselves? It’s crazy, and clearly some kind of Hebrew fantasy of themselves as warriors for YHWH. Most (secular) Jews I know don’t buy it, yet the ‘vangie Christians carry on as if this is all historical fact.

        As soon as they drum this guff about “the Bible is God’s Word” into the kids, the rot’s already set in. Until the kids, like Peter did, start questioning the whole thing.

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  9. My aunt Hattie created the universe. Don’t believe me? Then you don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear so I can’t convince you.

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  10. He still won’t post the wheels5894 comment I submitted. And Wow. What a super, hyper-sensitive chap he is with much broader history of Second Temple Judaism/Messianism. It’s always funny how the Pot always calls the kettle black, while denying being a human from Earth! Hahahaha! Ummm, how does that work again? 😉 😛

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    1. Be patient, PT. There are quite a few people commenting and since he moderates everything …

      Also, my first comment on his blog was sent mid-afternoon but it wasn’t until the next morning that it was posted so different timezones may be playing a role.

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      1. Nan, you are absolutely correct when the subject is SO IN-DEPTH, complex, controversial, misunderstood due to ignorance and/or personal biases, historically inaccurate, cloaked, wrong, or distorted/maligned by the common haters/bullies everywhere on the internet. Timely moderation is definitely wise in certain cases.

        But in his case and blog-subjects it might be smarter & much more efficient to give Carte Blanche in the beginning to newcomers until a user abuses the privilege… say with 3-strikes and you’re out, like several of us do. He’s just unnecessarily making WAY TOO MUCH work for himself! Which might also be his way of passive antagonism for those who disagree or oppose him or do not wish to be panders for his preferred Echo-Chamber. The latter group is all too popular and a penny-a-dozen on social-media.

        I’m not going to have much patience with his non-sense, nor his hyper-sensitive feelings when he is challenged by legitimate historicity, science, and academia. He’s beginning to remind me of a childish Pastor Mel or worse, BrainYawn. 🙄 My goodness Ark sure knows how to find these bizarre characters. LOL

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        1. And get ’em all stirred up, too. That’s the beauty of it. You’d think he was the Anti-Christ himself, the way Robertson’s minions have been wailing and crying foul.

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          1. You are right ChrisS. It should not be made or taken personal for the simple obvious reason that the convoluted subject is not only over 2,000+ years in the past, or that it involves an area (the Fertile Crescent, Anatolia, Syro-Palestine) of over some 3.4M kilometers, and at least 5-8 cultures/civilizations that influenced the region’s entire history, one of which modern Christians know very, VERY little about: Hellenistic Rome!!! Duh!!! But as you and all of us have seen over there, WeeFleeFast Robertson gets his feelings hurt when challenged about the veracity of the Greco-Roman New Testament and the Jewish Old Testament, much of which was impacted and written by the Jewish Diaspora.

            And need I mention that he moderates everything? That censorship right there speaks volumes. I think I’m already pseudo-banned… and BEFORE Ark has gotten thrown-out, or like he and I are familiar with… RED CARDED!!! Hahaha!

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          2. Did you read Cumbriasmithy’s last comment to me on Robertson’s post.
            He said ”… you people.”
            Seriously! …you people!!!
            He might just as well have said wogs, frogs, fags, niggas, ragheads or Manchester United supporters.

            I think my suggestion that he procreate with himself will probably get me banned … for life.
            S’okay, Jesus still loves me, right?

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          3. Jebus H. Christmas Ark!!! If the failed Messiah-claimant doesn’t, I’ll get you an English bulldog puppy named Churchill and a Grey Parrot named Einstein. They’ll keep you entertained and AWAY FROM escaped psych-patients on WordPress! 😉

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          4. Brilliant indeed. And I should say…

            Sorry Granny Arkesatan. Your delightful son-in-law or grandson has warned me several times that you snoop around here keeping tabs on him. Please forgive me… again. 😛

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          5. Granny said that was a very posh tea set, and she’s got one similar. She also thought that was a clever parrot, but asks who’s Jonathan?
            She couldn’t understand the rest.
            I didn’t enlighten her.

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          6. Ahh, I think your Granny is a smooth operator Ark! I believe she wants to meet Jonathan! Who can blame her… or revive her? 🤩 Grab your pom-poms Ark! Give me a “J”! (excited crowd screams J!) Give me an “O”! (the still excited crowd screams O!) Give me… you get the cheer, right? Look out, Granny is dancing! 💃

            I don’t think you have to enlighten her Ark. I know a geriatric Vixen when I see her. Well… not literally… in this case. But I think I do know her Arkesatan — you are bloooooooooood, and the acorn (or coconuts, whichever) doesn’t fall from the nursing home!


          7. …and way, way, WAY down the meadow… into the Channel.

            Or would that be False Bay near the Cape… where “delicious scrumptious” seals get thrown outta the sea into the air and disappear in kinda reddish water? 😈

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          8. Sorry again Granny. Did that take a turn for the dark and exhilarating all at the same time? Life is both ya know… with death, and everything in between. It’s the thrill of victory, and the agony of delicious fur seals and big mouthed parrots… Do you snow-ski Ark?

            …all wonderfully mixed-in together!

            P.S. Alright, I’ll stop now Ark. Thank you for indulging my warpedness. 😉

            Liked by 1 person

        2. I had to laugh, Prof T, at Robertson’s attempt to duck your observations on declining religiosity by steering the conversation down the dead end of “racism.” And his faux-outrage at the very idea.

          There were so many rabbits to chase in that thread, but one can so easily get off topic trying to follow up all of them. Still, the man generated a lot of traffic for his post, and even if he had trouble keeping control, and lived up to the title of “WeeFleeFast’, he should at least be partly grateful that people are reading him, and feel impelled enough to respond.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes, diverting is a common tactic (obvious too) and then had the desperate audacity to immediately make it offensively personal by falsely accusing me of being racist. It was quite laughable. LOL

            Many rabbits? Hah! Indeed. All part of the diversionary tactics as well. It was a virtual rabbit orgy that would overtake even Easter Sunday! 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇😈 And increased traffic is an important point for us to keep in mind as well. Glad you brought it up!

            Sometimes (Often?) just by arguing with a Whack-a-Mole Rabbit Farmer gives some degree of credit/acknowledgement to the Farmer’s offense or defense, no matter how outlandish it might be. Our renown self-absorbed micro-manage “I can do everything myself” NFL owner here in Dallas constantly brags about how “Any media coverage, whether positive or in poor taste, is better than no coverage (acknowledgement) at all.” He’s one prime example of egotistical megalomaniacs. (sigh) 🤦‍♂️😞


  11. My last comment over there (below) likely will not get approved by Mr. WeeFlee either:


    I won’t be surprised if you censor (again) this comment as well WeeFlee, but to be totally fair in the debate of religion and the 4th-century CE Hellenic canonical New Testament, all legitimate examinations and context of the historical period and cultures in question DESERVE to be available for whomever wishes to find the most plausible, legitimate truth. Let your readers decide and stop censoring non-Christian comments.

    Just as Christian theologians/historians are a dime-a-dozen with their personal biases, it shouldn’t be news for anyone here that they are a plethora of outstanding prize-winning scholars from around the world that scrutinize and dismantle many of Christendom’s myths and inaccuracies, not only in the theology, but ESPECIALLY the historical veracity of the Christian canon/New Testament, especially in light of all non-canonical testaments and the Dead Sea Scrolls. They offer compelling and convincing textual, source, form, and literary criticisms along with the historicity of the entire time-period that MUST include the Roman Empire and Hellenistic culture too. Scholars/authors and biblical historians like Dr. Bart Ehrman, Dr. James L. Kugel, Dr. Bruce Metzger, Dr. Robert Eisenman, Dr. David Marcus, Dr. Jonathan Sarna, Dr. James Tabor, Dr. Bruce Zuckerman, Dr. Paul Stephenson, Dr. Mary Beard, Dr. Ann Wroe, and Dr. Jaroslav Pelikan to name just a handfull.

    This acclaimed list should also include at least the well-known scholars of Dr. Richard Carrier, Dr. Sam Harris, Dr. John Loftus, Dr. David Madison, Dr. Robert Price, and most notably Dr. Rudolf Bultman and Dr. E.P. Sanders… again, only a small handful of legitmate experts of biblical veracity or beguiling stories.

    I sincerely hope you allow this comment Roberston for the simple reason of civil discourse and freedom of information and individual choice — not your personal bias. Thank you.


    I need to find better ways of spending my VALUABLE weekend hours! LOL

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I agree Nan. My two initial comments, one of them for wheels5894, were completely civil and quoted 3-4 New Testament passages regarding conduct behavior of Christians toward non-believers, and had nothing warranting censorship. If a religious zealot shows courtesy and respect toward me — and I’m honestly quite lenient (to a point) when it comes to heated emotions — I am very happy and pleased to return it. Calm, stoic, composed has its advantages, right? That’s the way it should be on topics like this. But I guess my bible passages really, REALLY hit a button on him. LOL “Hey! Put that mirror away!” 😉

        Not that it matters, but I’m always happy to give lots of credit to the great minds and scholars I have learned from and ride upon their shoulders. With certain groups/people, that just happens to be so many that make mince-meat of their world-view/belief-system. What’s that proverb?

        Don’t kill or hate on the messenger“? 😛

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Bravo!
      I hope it makes it through. However, based on past experience, in such head to head – Mel Wild anyone? – the likely response will be another hand-wave and a theological two step.
      But good for you for stepping up to the plate.
      If it gets through, and nothing else, at least it will be there for those to read and follow up on the scholars you have listed.
      I applaud you for that.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well, if he has any sense of a level playing field or clue about what freedom, liberty, democracy for one and all, it SHOULD go right through! Or like Nan says… I may just be bumping into the Great Wall of China… soon to be Mexico? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Woo Wee Professor, you sure do have pretty words. I bets you dress up really pretty too! My heart is all a twitter now. 🤣😂😁😃😻😻👍 You rock at writing, I love it. Hugs

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hahaha! I think you already know how fragrantly efflorescent my tongue can be and how dashing my Bohemian attire makes knees jello and thighs fall open… so I don’t need to say any of this, right? 😏😎 And kind thanks to you Scottie.

        (whispers to him “I’ll slip you your Benjamin with your dirty martini… two olives, slowly stirred) 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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