When does genuine ignorance become willful ignorance?

    • ColorStorm says:

      I’ve asked the question before and it appears the obvious answer escapes most.

      Can humans walk or sleep on ceilings like insects?

      Can you walk around that globe , I mean basketball, like an ant? So your gravity refuses you the same benefit that it allows them?

      As to ‘you guys,’ I suggest you study your own heroes doctrines, such as HOW railroads can possibly function on a ball.

      Bill Nye probably can’t sleep at night trying to figure that out. Thus do the true laws of physics and true science, along with common sense, prove that butterfly’s are oblivious to ‘gravity.’



”Please God … I mean, Me, they didn’t breed,did they?”



104 thoughts on “When does genuine ignorance become willful ignorance?

    1. Hi Ken-

      The obvious implication no doubt escapes you. If u knew the context of the discussion, you would know it is absolutely relevant.

      I would be more concerned if I were you as to how locomotives traverse a basketball…..

      ……but perhaps you never heard the word ‘plane’ or horizontal…… or sea level.

      The engineers would be scared Sh##^*##. Lol

      Enjoy and have a ball!!!!


        1. Oh ok good, then you must know its not called sea curvature. All it takes is a few leaks in the crack………go ahead and try proving it wrong, reality is kind of hard to ignore.

          It’s all about true science right? Things testable, repeatable, provable. Water never lies.


          1. Nah, you simply cannot be this thick.

            Nobody, and I mean no body , who works as hard as you at being the Consummate Arsehole, can believe the stuff you spew out.

            If you are not pulling everyone’s leg – which in the case of your ”Christian faithful” would be quite cruel I must be honest – then all I can think of by way of an explanation is that you are seriously mentally ill.

            I would have to defer to someone such as Prof on this as he has had professional experience dealing with such illness.

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      1. John, do you have an equal problem believing the science that the rest of the planet’s and the moon’s in our solar system are spheroid? Or is it just Earth that is flat out of them all?


        1. Im also intrigued by the apparent size and distance of the sun–it’s a child’s explanation of why the sun isn’t much larger than the moon and that’s why eclipses; children don’t always understand perspective, so in drawings they tend to make everyone the same size, no matter where in the drawing they are.

          This kind of reasoning also means that the sun, which is apparently only a tad bigger than the moon, is much cooler and dimmer than we once thought. It explains, of course, why it goes dark–it’s hiding behind the moon! When it comes out of hiding it rotates around the earth, making it light here and there, and then at the end of the day it hides behind the moon again.

          Gotta stop. Im scaring myself.

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          1. the sun and the moon are at the same level of the firmament and take turns appearing. and being just 3000miles overhead, it is never as hot as claimed by the wicked scientists


  1. They fail to simply comprehend how large the earth really is. Almost as grand as the ignorance. It is however a case of faith, which cripples the ol noggin. It is ingrained in the neurons and is now a physical ability to overlook the obvious.

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    1. I forgot I had commented on that post…at least I tried to. She is really the epitome of my post today. Maybe she inspired it.


    2. They fail to simply comprehend how large the earth really is.

      In Random Rationality, Fourat Janabi takes this point on and it’s fascinating. Seems the original flat earther’s weren’t dumb at all, they just got their math a bit wrong. Of course I can’t remember the actual figures now, but they were off in their calculations by only a bit, but that little bit was the difference between them concluding a flat earth and not a round earth.

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      1. I saw the ‘spin the round sponge full of water’ demonstration a short time ago. The water flies off. The reality of that trick should be spinning it one revolution over a 24 hour period. In their theory, the earth spinning at 1000mph would just fly the water out into space. But, even when you comprehend how BIG the earth really is, it’s hard to grasp

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      2. Hey john ques-
        Have YOU seen the earth move one inch? Or do you rely on the faith of others? Lol

        And do u agree with Bill Nye the scienceclown when he sez ships disappear over the ‘curve’ at a 3 mile horizon. Tks


          1. thank you zande for all the work you do, the collections of opinions of others to add to your resume that says I am a knucklehead. One would be so honored to have such a reverential place in the archives of netsville.

            You do have a problem though doncha know, to be so aligned with they who you other wise despise. Reminds me of the false confederacy between Herod and Pilate, and how they as mutual misfits, conspired that there was one worse: Christ!

            You are no different, so I should thank you doubly, not worthy of accolades mind you but tkx. And oh, btw, nice work avoiding the TRUE science, and cloaking your ignorance behind character assassination, so I’ll ask again:

            Have YOU ever seen the earth move one inch? Does REASON and your SENSES confirm your bias, or expose it? Ever heard of a horizontal railroad datum line, where trains CANNOT traverse a ball?

            Doncha just love science john, and how opinions are a dime a dozen yet useless? Maybe a visit to an ocean would do you good, so you can figure out WHY ships allegedly disappear. Don’t be afraid of results, that is, if honesty is your master. You will lose friends, but gain a sound mind, regardless of the scorn.


          2. SoM would get on my nerves simply because he didn’t think writing people’s names correctly was important, but those responses down there to the Common sense rep are classics.

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          1. Hi mike-

            Soooo, u are of the opinion that K2 and Everest , as well as the immeasurable amounts of water and earth , are MOVING…….. at an insane and incomprehensible orbit if 67,000 mph….. while you have not seen the earth move one inch?

            Hmmm , what great faith u have. Lolol


          2. Ever hear of relative motion? And no, they aren’t moving on Earth, earth as a whole is rotating on axis as well as orbiting the sun… AS WELL AS rotating with the rest of the solar system around the central nucleus of our Galaxy. You’d not deny those all would you? Even though Relatively you see no motion… I’m sure youre not that ignorant john

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          3. Yup ark. You caught me.
            “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”-Michael Corleone
            I just couldn’t stay away 😉

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  2. Not only denies the abundant evidence that our planet is a globe, but also denies gravity? Where do these people come from?


  3. “The best parody of a thing is the thing itself.”

    Dunno who said it– Warhol, maybe– but it sums up just about everything ColorStorm comes out with.

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  4. Ark, left this comment for ColorfulSprinkles on his blog. 🤭 Wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he deletes it. Anyway, here’s my comment for CS…


    I had the honor of reading some paragraphs from a particular blog, a “True Christian” blog specifically, that was critiquing another blog’s content. It went…

    I ran across the other day of discourse in an often social-media discussion with a pleasant gentleman about about various topics. It was the last topic that allowed some firsthand insight on glaring bias, perception, and mental games which people have for one popular reason: the illusion of mental perfection availed to them from an invisible (psychiatric?) force, and its perceived protection from ancient, foreign ideals. It starts out like this…

    Had the privilege the other day of engaging in a rare face-to-face discussion with a thoughtful fellow about this that, and the other. It is the ‘other’ that allowed me some finer thoughts on bias, perception, and strongholds which people have for well, no other reason than the illusion of mental safety, and the protection of long-held ideals.

    A logical, reasonable question often arises when in casual conversation with thousands and thousands of strangers we meet every month, every year — unless one is anti-social with perhaps agoraphobia 😉 — about the nature of Yeshua the Nasorean, or of the Nasi, and his purpose. Why was he thought to be the Messiah or another false Messiah out of many previous claimants. Knowing full well the answer to the trap-question I was rhetorically asking, it took the conversation in my preferred direction. “What was the Artificial Insemination of Mariam/Maryam?” The naive gentleman immediately answered with authority and stated:

    In order for the foretold Lamb of God to be the one and only pure and acceptable sacrifice for Humanity’s fallen state and total depravity, he could NOT be born of impure, tainted blood of Man. Otherwise, the sacrifice on Calvary is null and void.

    It was a very good, exegetical answer, straight from the Synoptic Gospels. However, I told him this was a common misconception by those who do not have the special powers of the Holy Spirit that I have and therefore he was dead wrong along with millions of other (luke warm) “Christians.”

    He gasped, and his eyes popped out of his head, figuratively speaking 😉 as he thought I was certifiable. Which isn’t a bad second assumption either. I simply brought forth an important point about TRUE BELIEF ™ , and how so many cling desperately to vapors, without having examined the wind direction — because being a carnivorous lion as I am, I always sniff up and down-wind and in the groin and rear areas of lionesses — and by not having my special Holy powers and exceptional nose, the ill-informed gentleman has limited vision and sniffers which therefore lead to faulty mating practices.

    Isn’t it ironic that I stumble onto THIS blog-post claiming supreme exegetical authority as well. Odd… very odd. LOL

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    1. And CS has unsuccessfully tried to goad me into useless merry-go-rounds with him, blah, blah, blah, ditto, ditto, yip-a-dee doo-dah… so here’s my last comment to this senseless use of space:

      A quote from CS:

      You should try getting out inthe real world prof, you know, the one with lakes, rivers, oceans, ships, planes, get that?

      Hahaha… if you had halfway tried to get to know and understand who I am, where I’ve come from, where I’ve been, what I’ve been through, what my successes and (opportunistic) failures have been — exactly like anyone else’s on the planet — you’d realize what an utterly IGNORANT statement (above) that is with no justification whatsoever, much less holding zero accuracy. But then, I can excuse your folly because in reading your stuff, personal opinions, and your style of interacting with other bloggers, like-minded OR otherwise, and what little about yourself you freely disclose here on your blog, your true nature and agenda is glaring, self-aggrandizing, and frequently if not always… wrong and distorted. But please don’t take my word or several other words from others — accredited or well-read, well-educated about your game — get honest with yourself and by default with others, and test everything you write and believe by many INDEPENDENT experts. Yet, I know you’ll refuse that as well… because it scares you to be shamefully and embarrassingly wrong. 😉

      Have a good day (life) in your theme park CS.

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    2. Ark, I suspect at some point ColorfulSprinkles will not allow continued comments from us over on his blog and this post you linked to so in that case I’m making sure you get my reply to you here. Plus, CS is a grande waste of time. Those that follow him regularly are just indicative of the serious need for Natural Selection to pick it up and kick into HIGH GEAR!!! Anyway, here’s my reply to your reply. 😉

      He alluded to Tesla, but as with all his posts/comments the flowery rhetoric ends up being strangled in a bed of weeds.
      He is a demented delusional liar of the first order, and he knows it, which is why Citizen Tom steered clear after one comment.

      Oh my, even Citizen Tom? Wait, I thought Citizen Tom was a bonafide “True Christian ™ .” Which is which and who is who if all of ’em are pointing the finger at each other!?


      1. Ark I think you nailed it in a comment way back. This pussycat character is definitely winding people up. Seriously nobody in this day and age can hold his beliefs, can they? Please say it’s all a big joke! 🙂

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        1. Well … look at the body of the post.
          Diana believes Dinosaurs and humans co – existed, so you tell me?
          Are these people on the level or are we all being jerked around by make-believe Bots?

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          1. No, it’s a scary thought that people have these beliefs. That cat is in a different class though, way off the scale, so far off that it really does seem like one big wind-up at times. Then again I can imagine some crazy, wide eyed, red neck way out in back of beyonds sitting behind a computer, drooling over his bybul and trying to put together a comment that makes sense! Wish more people had used contraception.

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          2. It is also telling that there seems to be a reluctance in the part of ” normal” Christians to
            call out these headcases.
            I believe one major reason they seem to prefer to keep quiet is because once they start pointing fingers at Nobs like Colorstorm and Diana there is the very real possibility that their own position will be challenged.
            And how does one defend/explain the resurrection of a corpse and a place of eternal torture in this day and age?

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          3. George le Maitre may have been the one responsible for what became known as The Big Bang Theory ( not the TV show, that was Chuck Lorre) but as a Catholic he still considered contraception a sin, and believed an itinerant Jewish preacher was raised from the dead.
            Isn’t compartmentalism wonderful?

            Especially the ”mental” part

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  5. I seriously thought the whole thing about a flat earth was irony. Then I paid a visit, and it seems for real? I would have considered that impossible in this day and age, particularly if the individual was technologically more advanced than the stone age.

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    1. maybe cs can anwer some other questions, that might lighten him up a bit:

      Find out how many billions of planets are in our milkyway, That is our Galaxy.
      Find out how many billions of Galaxies do exist

      Calculate the number of planets existing in all Galaxies

      Find out how many Billions of years our Earth exists

      Find out how many billions of years our Universe exists

      Now tell me, how many different kinds of aliens did exist /do exist in the whole universe.–
      And don’t. come up with the totally unlogical and stupid anwer: just one – mankind – only as the only one god existing of three gods

      Please CS, just give me numbers only.

      The “inspite of god – Empathy – should ‘rule the world” — and not any kind of nonexisting god should r u i n the world.

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      1. Judging by what I have seen so far, the answer would be on the lines that there are no other planets but our disks that come and go, and that the stars are simply part of a theatrical backdrop created as a setting for the home of man-unkind.


    2. All I can say is…
      Ken Ham and the (Noah’s) Ark experience.
      Where T-Rex happily munch on baby sinners all the live long day.
      And for a paltry $5.00 extra you can hear the soundtrack – ( baby screams and crunching bones!) directly on your phone.

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  6. When does genuine ignorance become willful ignorance?

    When you hold fast to the belief that people who hadn’t yet discovered the making of soap were the smartest people on Earth.

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  7. Cranks, kooks, and crazies. It is a shame the education system fails these people. Or it it that the people fail the education? They all seem to have some syndrome where they “KNOW” the truth! All them pesky facts be damned…

    Engaging, is only hopping on the merry go round of wackaloonery. I quit doing that wherever I can. I value my sanity, and my desk is notably harder than my head.

    Love that gif of Sylvester, perfect.

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  8. I think I have the answer to your question. Wilful ignorance comes in when perfectly valid examples are given to show why there is erroneous thinking on a topic, and the ignorant person simply returns to repeating the same utterly discredited claptrap as before. It is the equivalent of yelling, ‘Nah! Nah! Nah! Nah! Nah!’ to block out any words of common sense.

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      1. I still find it really hard to believe ANYONE can be quite that dim. I have this suspicion that he is sitting there sniggering at the fun of winding people up.


  9. OT @ john zande. How do you do those screen captures? I use the snipping tool in windows but it only can get so much and yours seem better. Thanks. Hugs


  10. Ark I know I asked you earlier today but for the others who may have a few ideas. How did a mammal as weak, slow, with underdeveloped fangs and claws, unimpressive sense of smell and hearing compared with other predators, manage to survive and thrive with all the predatory dinosaurs? Think of it, in the Jurassic Park movies these meat eaters of all sizes put a butt hurt on the best modern humans can throw at them. Yet our ancestors who did not have even metal tools somehow lived with them and became the dominant species? That takes a special kind of brain fuck to accept. Hugs


    1. Hey Scottie, as modern humans we have lost a lot of the scenses our ancestors had for survival. Obviously they didn’t have dinos to contend with nonetheless there was some pretty serious predators hanging about. Think of Africa you still have people living among lions, leopards, hyenas and the like and they manage to survive. Put a city type in that environment how long would you give them?
      As an experiment let’s nominate a pain-in-the-arse religious blogger to try the survival game! Could make great reality tv, better than the Kardwhatsichans.

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      1. I agree but from my understanding our ancestors did not have the speed , power , nor as good at hearing and smelling as the predators were. I thought that was one reason we developed the flight mode of handling fear. As for the predators in Africa and humans of today, I do not see that being near the same as humans having to fight off Tranasours and the different packs of raptors for example. There are less predators today and the humans have weapons not available to our ancestors.
        As for big cats hunting in cities Earth Planet 2 has a whole section on leopards that do hunt and thrive in cities. I think they filmed in India. The cats prowled near people and the people did not even know that they were there. They had whole systems worked out. Hugs

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          1. Ya, figured that out. I thought you had sent me the link to the Ted Talk, but it was Jim. I think should wake up before I start with the keyboard. 😂🤣😃
            But that was amazing to see the humans walking around in the dark not realizing the big cats were right beside them and they did not know. I would piss my pants if one roared. Hugs

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          2. Sorry Ark, I was wrong again. It was Jim that sent me the link to a ted talk. I guess I need more coffee. Off to watch the video. Hugs


        1. Yeah but Scottie our ancestors in dino times (at least 65 million years ago) were not humanoid, only cs and his nutty comrades think they were! The mammals were rather small, rodent like, and pretty damn good at hiding!

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          1. Hello Blh. That’s my point. I was talking the Ken Ham types that believe the meat eating dinos got off the ark with the rest. These people do not put the thought into it. If the humans of 6000 years ago were put in the same area as the dinos it would be the Jurassic Park slaughters all over the place until we were extinct. I have it on good authority that humans are tasty, especially the baby ones. Hugs


          2. Sorry mate I didn’t understand where you were coming from. For one moment I thought you seriously thought human ancestors lived with dinos! 🙂 On another point you said earlier there are less predators today than in jurassic times, I’m not so sure. Granted man has done his worst in killing many off but it’s all about balance, the predator to prey ratio.
            As for tasty babies, don’t believe everything Inspired by the Divine 1 says, some are down right disgusting!

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