33 thoughts on “”Ground control to Major Tom…”

        1. I’ve found the problem … bull terriers can’t squint.

          Damn! Now there’s something else I have to accept on faith. ‘Twas ever thus …


          1. Be warned: when Bull Terriers lick /em back, they stay licked.

            (Soggy for ages, in fact …)

            We had a kitten once that learnt this the hard way—would you believe a few ounces of kitten, trespassed into a feed-bowl and tried to hold off a 70 pound BT with one paw? Paid the price—

            —yep. Soggy for ages …

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  1. Do these flat Earthers also believe all the other planets are flat, because the moon and the sun do look to be round or are they sitting up on their edge like a coin?

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    1. I really rather like the idea of the earth bobbing along like a huge rubber ducky play toy in the tub…seems much more resftul than whipping through space and rotating and spinning and turning and tilting all at the same–
      oh dear. excuse me. I’ll be right back. Must be something I ate…

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      1. Lol, it is the tentacles of conspiracies and delusion that are everywhere these days that will enter all your orifices and suffocate you from the inside out.

        Psst….Did you know the truth about evolution being a fallacy invented by a network of radicalised Darwinian preachers 150 years ago to take over Christianity?


  2. Hey, I see a bacterium on that landing craft. If you look closely you can just make it out about two inches to the left of the antenna. The Chinese need to improve their decontamination procedures.

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