18 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. what an elegant big fluffy chicken-y bird that is…love the white tail feathers, they look so delicate. She also has the same expression I have when the new year whiizzes in the door…


    1. I realise my brilliant photography can sometimes fool the unwary viewer, and if the chicken was 7 metres tall I would consider your statement highly likely!
      However ….


        1. Yes. Is the term he uses Internal Settlement Period or Internal Settlement Pattern?

          I’m having to explain to someone on another thread why Kitchen is not The Man.

          It is exhausting.


          1. I imagine.

            Can’t recall. I always just say Period. Here are the two vids which are always handy: “When Did the Jewish People Begin?” & “Patriarchs, Exodus, Conquest: Fact or Fiction?”


          2. Just watching this again and in this lecture he places the first settlers a little earlier, starting in the 12th century. The date I cite came from an archaeologist in one of his documentaries (Bible Unearthed I think). She’s working on a coastal city taken by the Philistines. Of course, trying to find that now and can’t.


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