”Got to keep the loonies off the grass”. An Xmas Dedication to Pastor David Robertson.

Ok Ark – have a good Christmas but this is your last post for a while….

And yes we have plenty evidence that Paul wrote these words – but you of course won’t accept such evidence because its not by ‘proper’ scholars (ie. those who agree with you and you are able to Google!)..

Jesus is the eternal Son of God, He is God. We are not.

God gave his Son to be executed, because he so loved the world that he wanted to save us…Happy Christmas!


Are you a miserable disgusting sinner destined for Hell? Have you been washed in the Blood of Jesus?

(see image below)


”The Hills are alive … with the sound of screaming”


Are you genuinely concerned for the welfare of your children?

Are sleepless nights worrying about your little ones burning in Hell for eternity ruining  your Christmas Holidays?

Then fret no more! No need to feel threatened by atheists, evidence, truth and reality.

It’s so easy!

1.Simply confess how useless and vile you truly are, how you cannot have a decent life and be moral without  Jesus of Nazareth, and come and sign up right now to beat the Easter Rush.

2.*No sign up fee

3.Family discounts available.

4.Recycling depot for all used Hustlers, Playboys, Naughty flashdrives

5.35,000 plus sects to choose from; some with interesting hats.

*donations optional. ETF facilities available. All major credit cards accepted. 


Christianity: The 2000 year old Cult of Human Sacrifice.

See your duly authorized earthly representative for further details.


Beware of imitations.




31 thoughts on “”Got to keep the loonies off the grass”. An Xmas Dedication to Pastor David Robertson.

  1. Re “Jesus is the eternal Son of God, He is God.” Cognitive dissonance on hold, I presume. If Jesus is god, he is immortal and cannot die, so the “news” of his “death” and resurrection are not only not “good news” but are fake news!

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    1. “Jesus is the eternal Son of God, He is God.”
      That is logically impossible: He can’t be god and his son altogether: If that were true, he the god-father hadn’t existed 6000 years ago, cause he had to be born to Virgin Maria just on time on X-mas.
      The rible-biters (biblewriters) made some logical mistakes: BS. Father and son had to be born by virgin Maria, sol the father and the son were Identical twins? Holy Ghost what did you he to Maria?
      And of course, before Golgotha; the hill could not be identified by scientists until now, the two gods of the one god had to seperate, how else could god sacrifice god to die to be crucified by the Romans?
      Help! This all mixes me up — and holy ghost is looking down clapping his in joy what kind of mix up he had created.
      The gods, the one god a club of fraudsters?


  2. The whole idea of God needed to sacrifice his son who is part of himself to himself to forgive the faults of the beings he created and placed in a situation he controlled where they had no idea that what they were doing was wrong when they upset him. Forget the lack of evidence the plot premise is so stupid it doesn’t even make a decent post it note. That the all knowing all powerful creator of everything couldn’t figure out something better than a blood sacrifice that really was not what it was claimed to be makes it seem that God could only think up solutions that seemed good to the humans of the time. Hugs

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    1. You can just imagine Jesus lying on a cold slab inside Arimethea’s tomb thinking:

      ”Hmmm … well, that didn’t work – but I knew it wouldn’t so why did I allow it? Let me bugger off before some people think I might be off my rocker. Thank Me the boulder is on castors!”

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    2. “Forget the lack of evidence the plot premise is so stupid it doesn’t even make a decent post it note.”

      Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for the Winner of the Sentence of the Year, 2018!

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    3. I don’t visit this guy’s blog at all, but from what Ark has written about it, I think you should post this comment there, Scottie. Now whether or not he would allow it is a different matter entirely … but it does sum things up quite nicely. 🙂

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    4. Hah! The plot reduces to simply a tool for separating producers from their products. Religion is simply a tool used by the propheteers to do just that—ever wondered why there are so many different religions, and sub religions within those?

      Fine-tuning, that’s why … tune to suit location, education/sophistication levels and meet the exigencies of the time and place.

      And when threatened, invoke the superstitious to burn away the threats (burn ’em works, it’s permanent—logic is suicide). Behind religions you’ll find a threat and force.

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  3. And if one wants to view all of this sturm und drang objectively, doesn’t the idea of being a humble and unworthy sinner in the eyes of God come across as incredibly arrogant? Uriah Heep has got nothing on the good believers among us…

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