Because we all need a good laugh.

Atheists have a tendency to come across as very hateful, intolerant, and bigoted themselves. They’re virtually everything they accuse us as being. I’m convinced that if one of them gained enough power, they’d establish death camps for religious people.

Anyone for roast baby on a spit? First come first served on the crunch toes.

20 thoughts on “Because we all need a good laugh.

  1. It’s true. The first thing Julia Gillard did in Australia (2010) was build the camps and fire-up the ovens.

    And it happened with all these contemporary atheist leaders, too:

    David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel 1948-1954: atheist
    Golda Meir, Prime Minister Israel 1969-1974: atheist
    John Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister of Sweden 2006 to 2014: atheist.
    Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil (2010-2015): atheist.
    John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand: atheist.
    Jacinda Ardern, current Prime Minister of New Zealand: atheist
    José Mujica, President Uruguay 2010 and 2015: atheist.
    Francois Hollande, president of France: atheist
    Jens Stolentberg, Prime Minister Norway, 2005-2013: atheist
    Aleksander Kwasneiwski, President, Poland, 1995-2005: atheist
    Zoran Milanovic, prime minister of Croatia: atheist
    Elio di Rupo, former Prime Minister of Belgium (2011-2014) : atheist
    Milos Zeman, president of the Czech Republic: atheist
    HC Hansen, Prime Minister Denmark, 1955-1960: atheist
    Hans Hedt oft, Prime Minsiter of Denmark 1950-1955: atheist
    Jens Otto Krag, Prime Minister Denmark 1962-1968: atheist
    Thorvald Strauning , Prime Minister Denmark, 1924-1926: atheist
    Vilhem Buhl, Prime Ministrer of Denamrk 1942: atheist
    Sandro Pertini, President Italy, 1978-1985: atheist
    Olof Palme Prime Minister of Sweden, 1969-1976: atheist
    Clement Attlee, Prime Minister, UK, 1945-1951: atheist
    James Callaghan, Prime Minister of UK 1976-1979: atheist

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    1. Naturally! And how blessed we are! It is from these people we got the ever popular recipe: Roast Christian Baby on a Spit.
      Jeff’s Crunchy Baby Toes in Pita became world famous.

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    2. Oh no … the lovely Jacinda, PM of these isolated rocks … is an (SFX: insert a loud HOICK-SPIT~!!!! here, please)atheist? Hell … even Hitler was a Catholic … Christian … so even at Christmas there’s no hope for us.

      Now please excuse me, I’ve gotta check the oven. I think my Christmas dinner is almost done (roast Christian infant, can’t be beat~!) (boom boom!)


        1. Thanks for that. I had no idea … a Godless PM, shouldn’t be allowed (ya gotta have yer God-fearin’ leaders, or there’d be very little history …

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  2. Death camps? Christians literally believe all non Christians deserve to be eternally tortured and burned alive… and they’re worried about death camps?

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    1. But to make the camps more jolly we should erect crosses. It should make them feel more like martyrs.

      ”Line on the left, one cross each.”


  3. then again, they have a long history of loving their fellow man all the way to the dungeons, the crosses, the pyres. Ill see you one crucifixion and raise you a Joan of Arc…

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  4. Unlike Christians, we don’t need to extract worldly penalties. We just enjoy the fact that when they are expecting Heavenly choir music, all they are going to get is . We know they will get their comeuppance in The Afterlife ™, so have no need for death camps, re-education centers, or secular holidays to torment them. We belief this life is all there is so, harming them would be cruel. But if there is an afterlife and they get manna or ecstasy or 40 virgins or whatnot, well then I say fuck ’em.

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    1. Steve … if you don’t want your virgins, can I have ’em?

      Sadly, speaking as a devout here, if we are right and they are wrong—we’ll never get the satisfaction of knowing that they know it. Bummer …

      God can be a bit of a prick at times. I hope his cloud springs a leak.

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