Bless his cotton socks —

Now and then, when I am reading a post, I will read several linked posts and this morning  I came across these two comments on Mak’s blog which made me smile.
makagutu says:

There is this blog[can’t recall] where ark was banned where we had this discussion and the author was arguing for minimal facts the same used by I think WLC. My interest is they reconcile the Jesus they are arguing for and that believed by most believers and how they know.


  • archaeopteryx1 says:

    There is this blog [can’t recall] where ark was banned

    Do you have any idea how long it would take, to sort through THAT list?!! There are stars in the sky, grains of sand on the beach, that are outnumbered only by the blogsites from which the Arkster has been banned! And not a moment too soon! And once, he even took me WITH him! Don’t get me started —


Who said dead men tell no tales? Ha!



16 thoughts on “Bless his cotton socks —

  1. consider it a badge of honor to be in the presence of someone who has managed to offend, annoy, or enrage half the population of WordPress…
    I love this: “And not a moment too soon! And once, he even took me WITH him”

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  2. Allowing for the fact that dear old Arch was wont to stretch a point in the name of humour.

    Sad? It tells me that those who lie for jesus simply don’t like having their lies pointed out.

    But aren’t you ever so grateful I haven’t banned you with your asinine comments?
    Why don’t you offer something of substance for a change and show us you are a bit more than a vacuous drive-by ignoramus?


  3. My goodness Ark! 😄 Such accolades you’ve accumulated with your… your…

    …piercing, distressing, villainy you delightful Man you! Archaeopteryx1 had you tagged pretty accurately. 😉


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