Oh, for gods sake!


For my religious friends and especially, David, Mel, Wally, cumbriasmithy, IB, James ”Jesus is coming and so am I” Running the Race, and all you silly god-botherers out there.

Jim Jeffries and Lewis Black – pure comedic genius.


”Whether you like it or not, scientists are primarily atheist.”

– Jim Jeffries –



16 thoughts on “Oh, for gods sake!

  1. Not entirely unrelated, but this was actually one of the Russian troll farms memes targeting US evangelicals through social media. Good to see Yuri has a sense of humour:

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  2. I love the Lewis Black one:

    Was the earth created in seven days? . . . No.

    For those of you who believe it was — for you Christians — let me tell you then, you do not understand the Jewish people. We Jews understand that it did not take place in seven days. And that’s because we know what we’re good at. And what we’re really good at is bullshit. This is a wonderful story that was told to the people in the desert in order to distract them from the fact that they did not have air-conditioning.

    I would love to have the faith to believe that it took place in seven days. But . . . I have thoughts. And that can really fuck up the faith thing. Just ask any Catholic priest.

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  3. These are good, I have also watched quite a few from Ricky Gervais such as “Noah’s Ark” and “the worlds funniest leaflet” that has nothing to do with religion, but it is so funny, especially if you have your sinful mind in the gutter like me.


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