Dinosaurs – Creationists biting off more than they can chew or simply schizophrenic?

Having followed a link over at Mak’s spot, and noting that the post had switched off comments, I decided to read a few more articles.

I was drawn to the one featuring an Allosaurus as I have a particular fondness for dinosaurs.  And fondness in a You -stay-there-millions-of-years-ago rather than a gimme a hug type of fondness!

Though imagine how amazing it would be to jump in the Tardis for a quick tour of the Jurassic?

And talking of fantasies …

This article on the Allosaurus cites one Dr Andrew A Snelling, who is a bsc ( Hons) in Geology and holds a PhD from University of  Sydney.

Meaning not least that he is a proper geologist and writes proper papers on geology.

And yet, here he is writing an article on the Allosaurus for AiG.

You can read about this mind-numbing contradiction here.


You can also read  about what is called the Morrison Formation here  


The Morrison Formation is a distinctive sequence of Upper Jurassic sedimentary rock found in the western United States which has been the most fertile source of dinosaur fossils in North America.


On the Allosaurus article for AiG he writes ….

The full-grown Allosaurus now on exhibit at the Creation Museum was another phenomenal find. A creationist, Dana Forbes, discovered this fossil in 2000 on his land near Massadonna, in the far northwest corner of Colorado. Over the next two years teams of excavators recovered 139 bones out of a possible 250, making this specimen about 56% complete.

Those excavators saw this huge Allosaurus as yet another reminder of God’s Flood judgment of the world because of man’s sin and how He preserved mankind and animal kinds despite that global cataclysm.

And this ….

The possibilities are endless. When understood within the framework of the Bible, these discoveries will add to our knowledge of the Creator and His work in history. That’s why some of the people involved in excavating this dinosaur named it “Ebenezer.” first Samuel records how God rescued the prophet Samuel and the Israelite army from the terror of the Philistine army.

And this …

Creationists should be very much at home with a biblical explanation for the dinosaurs’ demise. As a result of Adam’s rebellion against his Creator, about 1,650 years later the world had become full of violence ( God decided to judge the earth by sending a global cataclysmic Flood to destroy it and all the land-dwelling, air-breathing creatures, except for those preserved on the Ark with Noah and his family . So all those creatures outside the Ark, including dinosaurs, were swept away by the Flood waters and buried in many thick sand and mud layers all around the globe, where they became fossilized as the layers hardened to rocks, about 4,350 years ago.


This is Snelling’s conclusion on what happened to the Allosaurus .

So Ebenezer met a violent death as he was swept away by the rising Flood waters moving swiftly up and across the continent’s surface. Before his carcass could rot while floating in the Flood waters and his skeleton be scattered, his body was caught in a massive debris flow full of sand and volcanic materials. Dumped with the rapidly-accumulating sediments, his neck was broken as his body was buried on its left side. Entombed, his bones were rapidly fossilized by the chemical-rich waters in the sediments.

The dinosaur Ebenezer—like all other dinosaurs—is a testament to the global Flood and the Bible’s accuracy. It is very much at home in a creationist museum, and a good friend to our cause. Once they are properly understood, dinosaurs should make evolutionists, not creationists, feel awkward.


And these people have access to kids?



67 thoughts on “Dinosaurs – Creationists biting off more than they can chew or simply schizophrenic?

  1. Truly, this shit infuriates the f**k out of me! The guy’s an effing scientist, an effing GEOLOGIST and spouts this TRIPE!!! I have a second BA in physical geography, geology, and there is NO EFFING WAY a sane person could study that field and even REMOTELY buy creationist bullshit! Jesus, these people are fucking IDIOTS!!

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      1. Good point. He obviously knows FAR more than I about the geological age of the planet. Wonder what his dissertation was about: “How Creationism Is True And This Whole Field I’ve Been Studying For Over A Decade Is Fucking Wrong.” Now, gimme my Doctorate Degree, you scurvy bitches!

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  2. I think in this case it’s safe to say we have both. A schizophrenic that has bitten off more than they can chew. Maybe someday the creation museum will be in a museum. Sooner than later, I hope.

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  3. And these people have access to kids?

    And these people have access to dinosaurs? What a waste of a valuable skeleton which could have been used for proper scientific study.

    Good thing that allosaurus never realized that one day its remains would be dug up and abused by even tinier-brained creatures to shore up their tedious fantasies.

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  4. O dear o dear. He had me at the beginning, talking about the dinosaur and his attributes, mentioned carefully what “creationists” believed, and I thought, okay, he really is talking about Other people. But somewhere near the end he pulled out all the stops on the Great Flood Organ and took off his scientitst mask.

    It’s a wonder he doesn’t use a fork to eat his cheerios.

    Then again I wonder how he explains Glaciers. Carbon dating. Those really old rocks (the ones God put down to ‘fool us’)…

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    1. The point is, he is an accredited geologist and has published papers in proper scientific journals!
      He is quoted and consulted on his work regarding uranium ore deposits in Oz.

      And then there is this ….
      One of the links actually begins by asking are there two Dr Andrew Snellings’.

      It would be as weird after all this time of you opening up my blog and reading a post seriously defending the biblical character Jesus as being divine.

      You would naturally think I had a mental illness.

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    1. I referred your excellent Gaza post yesterday to someone who is convinced Moses was a true blue walked out of Egypt historical person.
      I’d like to hope it made him think , at least.

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        1. The bloke seems more reasonable than the usual lot.
          He popped up on Robertson’s (weeflea) blog and he(Robertson) asserts the gospels are eyewitness testimony! Can you imagine someone remembering the entire Sermon on the Mount 40-50 years after the words were spoken and then writing them down verbatim?
          BTW, Robertson has accepted a 2 year Evangelical Post in your old stomping ground, apparently.
          I wonder how the Aussies will take to him?

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          1. *Smile* I doubt this is the case.
            I don’t know the full circumstances – he mentions it in a post – but I suspect he accepted the post after praying fervently for guidance.
            And maybe the pay is better, likely free location, free accommodation, good weather, and Kangaroos.
            I mean, who could say no to that?

            Based on the way Christianity is beginning to nosedive in Oz he will probably have his work cut out for him.

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          2. My mum says the evangelicals are growing in numbers and noise, at least from her perspective, but there probably is a ceiling (much like the UK) to just how much growth is possible.

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  5. According to Wikipedia all of his papers were published prior to the advent of modern Internet. Perhaps his intent was to collect a paycheck from secular and religious sources banking on the fact that neither side would discover he was writing for the other.

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  6. Sometimes having a degree doesn’t stop someone being an idiot. (At best he becomes an educated idiot.)

    Without bothering to look it up I believe that ‘credentials’ stems from the same roots as ‘credence’ … something to do with credibility, I believe. It’s incredible what folks will credit if delivered with (a) authority and (b) confidence.

    If confidence comes from certainty then the good scientist guy must be at least a wee bit confident … so what does he know that we don’t?

    Brrrrr … don’t forget he’s a doctorate so he MUST be reliable.

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      1. I’m told that God can do anything (He’s kinda clever like that). All a believer can do is believe, and juggle things to fit. No problem …

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  7. I think the idea that a trained geologist can defend a world wide biblical flood when all the evidence of his profession denies the possibility of this is about the same as the deplorable tRump supporters who buy into and agree with tRump’s every lie and exaggeration while at the same time knowing they are all false. They want so desperately for it to be true they cannot afford to examine the truth of it. Hugs

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    1. But don’t you wonder why on earth he went to all the trouble of getting his phd in the first place and still work and publish within the bounds of mainstream science and geology when he is a YEC?

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      1. Maybe he did not intend to end up a shill for a religious institution but they paid him more so he went to the dark side? What I want to know is why it is so important for these people to deny easily proven science data when if they would simply say the book is a message that has a separate meaning from history. There now they can have what we know to be provably true and their holy fable at the same time. To me it is getting more and more silly as we learn new scientific techniques and gain more knowledge of reality for them to try to balance such a nonsense idea on a unsustainable foundation. The point is they don’t have to. They are trying to have their cake and eat it too. If you keep the supernatural out of the natural they do not conflict. Instead the YEC are trying to shoe horn an incorrect supernatural in to the natural world. They simply can not exist in the same spot at the same time. Plus it just makes them look foolish. Hugs

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        1. And they DO have to, Scottie.

          So they do it—they’ll fight like rabid rats to hold/retain their positions of power (and unearned wealth).

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        2. I think there’s a massive cognitive dissonance going on with this guy. When you look at the dates of his publications (both creationist and actual science ones), they both overlap. It would appear that he didn’t switch sides, but rather he kept one foot in each side. But yes it’s crazy and yes he looks like a dishonest fool.

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      2. I think Phds are paid better than the average oik. So if you want to serve The Lord and fill his coff (oops) make better donations then it behooves you to earn more, no?

        And contradictory beliefs can be resolved easily enough, by the educated.


      3. …it wouldn’t be the first time a true believer suffered through all of the horror (facts,) to acquire a PHD, only so they could apply for a cushy job with the IDgits.


    2. To folks with no electronics I guess a big (!) flood could appear to be world-wide.

      And when the ice-age melted, it flooded huge regions (raised sea levels by hundreds of feet, we’re told). Hence my recent offering somewhere (comments?) about the ancient guys tending their fields in what is now the Dogger Bank region.

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      1. Way back then yes. But not today. Not only does the evidence not show the flood, it disproves any world wide flood. So unless you are willing to say you do not care what is true, you have to admit there simply was not year long world wide biblical flood. Hugs

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        1. People found it hard to believe that their are submerged ‘cities’ under the Mediterranean. Yet findings keep popping up (oops) and proving that yes, there are submerged towns and stuff under the Med.

          Without going into it, I understand that the Med was once a low-lying region blocked from the Atlantic by the straits at Gibraltar. Apparently something gave way and the Atlantic rushed in, filled the basin a fair bit …

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          1. Argus we also have to admit there is a difference in lay people with an advanced education in a field of study talking out their butt, and those with the advanced degrees who have spend their lives working in the discipline. I recently read that a basket ball player said in an interview that we never went to the moon. Why listen to him, he is an idiot. Why listen to Ken ham when he has no clue what he is talking about, but instead listen to the people who have the training and experience. Now if like this guy Ark is posting about, he started out with real science peer reviewed papers, then stopped doing those and instead suddenly switched to claiming something the vast majority of his fellows in that field of study say is wrong, then you have to say he is not worth listening too any more. He either sold out, or lost his marbles. Maybe he got sick and was afraid to die. Hugs


        2. Oops … all we have is theories, and yesterday’s best scientific fact is often today’s big giggle.

          But: as a boy I lived in Waiouru (military town, central North Island, New Zealand). In those days the whole region was a desert—not of sand but of tussocks. (Today it’s lush green, got trees even.)

          But I used to go alone out into the void and explore, climb hills and stuff—and atop one of the hills very close to the Army Hospital was a big scarred area, bare, with dark bands. I wanted to check (the climb was the challenge) and I discovered that the dark bands were actually zillions of seashells set in concrete-like stone.

          No-one believed me when I got home, so at a later date I went back up with some tools and managed to collect a sample—which is still on my desk. I can post a photo, if you’d like … (think I already have some time ago).

          Does this prove a world-wide flood? I doubt it. But it does prove something. Perhaps the Maoris were right when they said that Maui fished the North Island out one day when catching breakfast …

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          1. True. But if your whole world is local and you have a flood … no TV, no WWWeb, no modern communications—sure, some ancients travelled (a lot) but many didn’t. If your valley was your whole world you tend to accept what your (equivalent of) Phds tell you).
            And why not? So your valley flooding is indeed a major …

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          2. Argus, are we talking past each other? I already agree a people 2000 to 6000 years ago who seen the entire area they knew to flood might think that was the whole world. But we are not talking that far in the past. We are talking today. The idea is that a person with advanced degrees today in geology can not fail to understand that a world wide flood not only did not happen, it is not possible to have happened. To then say it did you are basically denying your own education in favor of a comforting fable that gives you an out over dying. Hugs

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          3. People are people, Scottie. Education doesn’t change the basics of human nature—just gives our credences bigger words to use. I sometimes use the expression “educated idiot” and to date no-one has queried my usage.

            I think that sea levels rising some six hundred feet could qualify to a degree as a world-wide flood. But certainly to submerge the entire world would have taken a fair bit more water that God has currently supplied us with~? (How high is Everest, and some of those other buggers in South America?) (If we do the sums it comes out at quite a few gallons, I tells ya!)

            Perhaps someone should run it by the ‘educated idiot’; he if anybody should be able to tell us.


          4. Hey Argus, you want a good debate /argument, I have a new person on my blog who thinks the Koran is 100% historical fact with no errors. He has just left me a comment about how Mohammed rose up to heaven on a mule like being made of electrical energy. He seems nice enough, but I have a feeling I am going to have to find a bunch of errors with the Koran and then argue them out with him. He just told me he believes in Jinns and angels yet he has no evidence because our science is not advanced enough to detect them. https://scottiestoybox.com/2018/09/30/creating-islam/#comment-73628




  8. What the??? His Wikipedia page has a bunch of legitimate journals which he’s worked on, certainly in favor of an old aged earth. Yet, he also wrote Creationist shit. Did he get struck by lightning? I have so many questions.

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        1. People never see the contradictions inherent in the origin of the popular “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition” … we are wot we is.

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        2. Oops … ‘Why would he?’

          People like to believe in stuff, and I think it reinforces their own self image if they can convince others. (This is why the Man who can think for himself stands alone so often.)

          Start a new church (Destiny Church in NZ springs to mind) and do it right you’ll have a mint on four legs ripe for the milking.

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          1. Yeah, I just find it baffling that’s all. It’s like spending much of your life studying the moon and then later convincing yourself it isn’t real. But I guess for a lot of people faith trumps everything? He must’ve grown up Christian but with an interest in geology, and then one day came to realise that an old aged earth just doesn’t meld well with his faith. But instead of dropping his faith, he embraces YEC so he can keep it, whilst still being a geologist at the same time. It’s like the biggest cognitive dissonance ever, but it does happen to more people than we think.

            Either that, or he died in a car crash and was replaced by a lookalike.

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          1. That’s definitely a possibility too! Kinda reminds me of Dr Oz, who got a legitimate medical degree, then starts a TV show spouting pseudo-scientific nonsense. Money talks.

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      1. An interesting read. Yeah if he had acquired legitimate degrees in geology, why on earth would he join a creationist institute otherwise? At the bottom of the article, it says another geologist wanted to debate with him on the flood yet he declined. That speaks for itself really lol.

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  9. I would say you can’t make this shit up but obviously you can. So if this dino snuffed it in a flood 4,350 years ago how old does that make Stonehenge, the Pyramids and those cities discovered in Sth America? Perhaps they were cobbled together just before the industrial revolution. My ghast has never been so flabbered.

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    1. Lol well there are a lot of people who don’t trust radiometric dating for some reason, so the next thing they will say is that the pyramids weren’t REALLY a few thousand years old, and that they were guided by aliens. Heck, why stop there?


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