Because it’s Sunday …. David Silverman

I’d never heard of the bloke before, and if you have not heard him speak then I recommend you grab a coffee and give this video a whirl. His delivery is brilliant.

I get the impression he is debating Frank Turek ( though you never see him) and he takes his argument to pieces.



”No atheistic argument has ever been proved wrong by a theistic argument. Again … never happened.”


35 thoughts on “Because it’s Sunday …. David Silverman

  1. Interesting. One magic moment in one magic moment and poof there we are. The hardest part to accept is that we are only special to ourselves, no god created us because he wanted US to be here.

    I did notice that at one point the camera swerves to the left and shows a man, sitting, looking
    amused. I suspect that’s the Other Person.

    Now I want to see what Frank Turek said at such a rapid pace…=)

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      1. FT: One of the speculations — and again this is speculation — as to why Jesus came at the time he did: you had virtually universal language across the Mediterranean world, and you had a Roman road system that could get the Gospel out through free creatures. (~1:38:43)

        Imagine that!. Almighty God was unable to implement his plan to save mankind until mankind reached a certain level of technological development.

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      2. The difference between science and religion is, to me, religion claims that it’s god’s will and wasn’t meant to be understood” and science says, “we don’t know, but we’ll keep looking…”

        Science admits mistakes, miscalls, and not knowing but willing to dig a bit deeper. . Religion keeps saying “It’s god’s will.”

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  2. It’s profoundly depressing to realize that your entire existence is due to one lucky conception, and that if either one of your parents had conceived with someone else, you wouldn’t be here. Sounds like the very definition of (causal) “chance.”

    On the other hand, since you are here, and you don’t owe your existence to a punitive, incompetent despot, and there’s no ultimate cosmic purpose or design — what an enormous, wonderful sense of liberation that can offer!

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    1. I imagine most Christians pulling a face trying to imagine their parents having sex, especially if it was in the back seat of an old car, or behind the church hall after a dance!


  3. If you spent 1/1000 of the amount of time finding people who support the great nothingness, vs looking into the scriptures which answer your questions, you would have become a believer a dozen years ago,

    Your latest hero’s fail miserably within 3 seconds of his intended argument when he speaks of his PARENTS…………………..

    ””””””’yeah, like his parents, and his parents etc etc etc never had a beginning. Just like bees, whales, owls, mice, which just so happened to have an accidental existence. What an idiot.

    One more Dopey pseudo intellect, with apologies to the little dwarf.


    1. looking into the scriptures which answer your questions

      IF … emphasis IF … there were any validity to those “scriptures” (and they weren’t written several thousand years ago when humans knew next-to-nothing about the operation of the world), you might have a point. As it is …

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  4. Maybe so, but I know WHO knows and is responsible for all blueprints, engineering, and design.

    He created, made, and spoke, and the creature will never know more than the Creator, but we have enough information in the scriptures to exhaust ten thousand lifetimes if we pay attention, and actually admit that it is impossible for the human brain to erase its Designer.

    People try though, and in the process, reveal the utmost foolishness. And btw, from the very first sentence of scripture…………..we have the answer that all men seek, and the rest that follows is proof that God’s word can be trusted in every regard. And all other attempts to supplant scripture are an utter waste of time.

    Love this too: He made the stars also. No five English words have such depth in demurity and truth.


    1. So, you acknowledge that, though Ron has suggested it was eloyim – which denotes a plural- more than one god – ( and Google suggests there is discussion over interpretation of this word and its root) we are still dealing with the same Judeo/christian god YaHWeH.

      At least we have cleared this up and are now on the same page.

      So, as it was the same god that was involved with Solomon’s temple as it was involved with the construction of the Ark, we are obviously dealing with fiction as there is no evidence for either and we KNOW the global flood is nonsense.

      Next ….

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      1. You are boxing with yourself and losing.

        I have told you countless times God is far larger than your brain, mine too.

        A judge on the bench may be father, cousin, brother, uncle, nephew, grandfather, in law, etc, but still be the same person.

        ONE God. Period. No insult, but you are not in a good position to understand the names of God, in their various and correct context.

        For God’s sake, if you do not even give the Creator the small courtesy of existing……………….


          1. I’m sorry if you cannot tolerate a believer whose answers are far better than the poster boys arguments.

            God’s word is resolute. Always. And I stand behind every word, which when applied in the correct setting, has never lost a single argument.

            God’s word is that good. Next up will be a vid you found that says Bethlehem (the house of Bread) never existed, or that John was never exiled to Patmos, and that Pontius Pilate was never governor………

            Are you beginning to see your pattern, as you cite me delusional for believing the testimony of life?


          2. All righty then, but maybe your readers would like you to point out ONE lie I am guilty of.

            Try not to break your arm turning through reams of things you confuse with not LIKING, as opposed to a lie.


        1. CS:

          you said—

          “For God’s sake, if you do not even give the Creator the small courtesy of existing……………….””

          —does God exist without our granting such courtesies?
          Are you now invoking Kris Kristofferson’s line from “A Star Is Born” which goes—

          “Are you a figment of my imagination
          Or am I one of yours?”

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    2. You know what? Once upon a time I was in the same boat as you. I believed that a God created everything and that the Bible was infallible truth. But then I opened my mind a bit more and asked questions about everything, questions which your Bible failed to answer, and nor was your God there when I sought him. Now I’m an atheist; there are many other atheists who looked for God but never found him either. Why would a loving God ignore them? Your Bible says ‘knock and the door will be opened’, does it not?

      Whatever you believe, I don’t want to take that away from you, nor could I change your mind anyways. But just realise that your belief in your God and the Bible is just a belief, and that to many ex-Christians such as myself, it is all smoke and mirrors. Offering everything yet delivering nothing.

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  5. Good stuff for a Sunday morning. Welp, I’m off to fight the war on Christmas. Gonna go to a few Christmas office parties, eat a ton of deviled eggs, and fart out long stinky farts in hopes of ruining the holiday in question for all involved. The war on Christmas! The bestest, bigly-est, war EVER!!! Merry Christmas, BTW, in case I forget to say so later on.

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  6. Good find Ark! Yes indeed, Silverman does an outstanding job breaking down all the key points to the delusions and fallacy of Theism while offering sound reason to evolution and the ACTUAL operations of the Cosmos. Loved his part about Relativism; so true! Thanks for sharing Sir. 🙂

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