”Why I am not an Atheist/ Christian.”

The first debate


The 2nd debate.

If you have the stamina ……

If not, a skip scan will give the gist.


If you have no time at all, these comments underneath the videos on Youtube should give you an idea of what sort of debate was on offer.


Robertson is a smug, condescending, self-righteous and intellectually dishonest person.
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I don’t normally give my opinions on debates that I upload, but I will make an exception here. David Robertson is to me one of the worst Christians on the planet and the worst Christian to listen to. I lost sleep last night, which I needed as I had an exam this morning, because all that ran through my mind was the fallacies presented by David and how I would have responded to his questions. I may even do a response of a sort to this debate, it infuriated me so much. There will be more episodes in coming weeks between these two at unbelievable? podcast.

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Pretty much all the comments tend to agree in one form or another.
Have fun …
Oh, and for some odd reason, David Robertson seems convinced he won these little chats hands down and encouraged them to be shared.  So, as  suggested …. I’m sharing them!
”.. the Dillahunty debate is my favourite debate ever with an atheist – also the most fruitful….only last month I was contacted by a former atheist who was as militant as you but when he heard the Dillahunty debate he thought ‘is that the best we have got’? He is now an agnostic and inquiring about Christianity…. feel free to share that debate widely!”
If you want to tell Robertson that you have listened to this debate and tell him what you think …
And don’t forget to congratulate him on the recent conversion of  the militant atheist!


  1. To me, it’s a bit ridiculous that David R. calls Matt D. a “failed Christian.” It’s obvious that he views Christianity as the only logical conclusion and anyone who doesn’t agree is a failure. As a former Christian myself, I see why he might think that way, but it comes off as extremely arrogant. It’s like saying, “you tried to do the right thing and live your life in the only acceptable way, but you have failed miserably and are now just a hell-bound wretch.”

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  2. Dillahunty is up there with Hitchens, IMO, for his skills in debating christians and their nonsense. Gonna give these a close watch. I like Dillahunty’s style, logic, and composer when talking with these wackos. I’ve learned a lot from him.

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  3. From the second video (~3:41):

    DR: I was speaking at Stirling University and the president of um, an atheist society, I think it was, stood up and said, “OK, you’ve destroyed my atheism. What do you believe?” And I said, “Well I believe in Jesus.” And he said, “Who’s Jesus?”

    Moderator: Did he really say, “you’ve destroyed my atheism”?

    DR: Yeah. Well he was basically saying in terms of the arguments; he said that. He said, you know, “I’ve shifted towards agnosticism” — more or less.

    Right. The (unnamed) president of an atheist society turned agnostic based on DR’s presentation and asked “Who’s Jesus?”

    Sounds totally credible . . . not.


  4. Have to laugh, just clicked the comments button on reader to see what’s being discussed and at the bottom ‘More on WordPress’. Firstly a blog ‘child of god’ how a follower of islam saw the truth about jesus, the second blog pastor Dowell tells it straight. Look out Ark wp is fighting back!

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  5. I understand that the term ‘atheist’ refers to someone who is anti the concepts of theism (belief in God or gods).
    Devout members of some religions assume more—that the words means not only the above but refers to people who are completely anti what many regard as the basic Western values; truth, democracy, freedom, fair deals, Mom’s apple pie etc etc.

    Some go further and use ‘atheist’ as their very most foulest epithet and hint darkly that anyone qualifying does sexual things to cats and rabbits, eats human babies without even cooking them properly and is also a bit unpleasant.

    Ergo before any discussion can be possible the word needs to be properly defined, especially for the smug (but pig ignorant) religiosi.


      • Exactly, and that is how I generally use the term. The ‘a’ meaning to the effect of ‘without’.

        But for me personally my interpretation and usage is ‘anti’. Very.

        I am against religion—sure, in my day-to-day life and dealings with others I tolerate, and mostly simple etiquettes prevent me from diving in boots first. To a degree, Free Speech and all that.

        Everyone is entitled to his/her own beliefs, and when their beliefs are poison I don’t mind watching their suicide … but when they poison the innocent I often intervene.
        I don’t know enough of the Bible or Koran or any other of the myriad ‘holy’ scriptures out there to engage technically—so I engage with the simplest and most basic (and face it, unarguable) of philosophies.

        Does anyone think I’d be stupid enough to declare myself in a redneck bar in the USA bible-belt? Or (say) publicly in Mecca? Brrrrr … walk softly and carry a big stick.
        Let the religious have their martyrs (and the more, the better). I want nothing more than to live in peace with folks—but that ain’t gonna happen while men in dresses make fortunes perverting the minds of the young, vulnerable, and innocent.


  6. “atheist” is one of those words that is both all-encompassing and personal at the same time. We all walk our own personal road, no one tells us what to do or say or believe, Believers spend most of their time telling everyone what to do or say, and cursing you all to hell in the process.

    And isn’t there something in Christianity that says “thou shalt not trespass”? I always took that to mean “mind your own business and don’t let the gate hit you on the way out…”


    • I understand the ‘trespass’ is in the context of ‘sin’ (where sin is defined only by the religious).

      I like more better the old ‘live, and let live’ … but sadly if you are a godless dog your simply living according to your own notions of decency is inadequate: a sin, in fact. If you aren’t strictly under a priest you are trespassing against God’s laws.

      Sometimes I ponder the (possibly unintentional) puns in “… suffer little children, to come unto me”


    • I see where you’re coming from.

      You’re jealous, ‘cos he thought of it first and is making a bundle from it while you’re not. But don’t fret, your conscience is clear (sadly, so is his).


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