The love of Christianity ….

One of my very favorite examples of  True Christian Love™.

For every Christian I have ever dialogued with ….



From the video

”Richard Dawkins, I genuinely hope something bad happens to you; like you get cancer.”


34 thoughts on “The love of Christianity ….

    1. Our loving gentle caring god has a special torture chamber just for people who don’t believe in him. and his admirers consign anyone who refuses to believe as they do, to the fiery depths of whatever. What a strange strange mindset these people have.

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      1. I’ve got good news… You don’t have to go down into my basement. I sent my son to be tortured in your place and now everything is good. All you need to do is move in with me… In my attic… Forever…
        (Passerby continues on… Running)

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  1. Well it sure makes my rebukes seem rather mild. I use to get my share back in the days when I was open to search engines.

    I have removed the evangelist’s name and share his comment as I received it. He admonished me twice.

    “leaving God is like leaving life behind you, and by doing this awful thing, you life will be awful, you dont only leave God , but you also leave joy, and peace behind, and take on fear and sorrow, for by leaving the almighty God of love, God is quoted as being love, and that is what your are leaving,love out of your life, and to replace it with hate, and remorse, rev ******* ******* kentucky evanglist”

    “final note from kentucky from preacher, some day every word you have said about leaving God will be brought out at the judgement seat of christ, then you will answer for all the words and vile thoughts you have had toward your creator, God is not moked (what a man sowes he shall surely reap), you have sown your trust and faith in God to the wind, and my suggestion is for a confession to christ for this thing of leaving God. evanglist ******* ******* kentucky”

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    1. That reads like an indignant rebuke from a peeved Being.

      But didn’t God know you were leaving, looooooooong before you were born, while the Earth was void and darkness lay upon the deep? How can someone with such foreknowledge be peeved when His inevitable occurs? (Oh. Yes. Small mind …)

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  2. I’m weeping over this show of love! The tears are flowing uncontrollably! Oh, how my heart is warmed by this! Ya know, I wasn’t a Christian before reading this post and watching this video, but, by Jesus, I am now! Oh, the LOVE!!! I can’t fucking STAND it!!!! There aren’t enough Kleenex to wipe away all my tears!!!! Help me Jesus! Help me!!! I’m liable to cause a second flood with them! Why, oh, why, must you be SOOOO full of love and peace as to make me weep this way??!! WHY??!! sniff, sniff, sniff

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  3. “Your famed intelligence is nothing more than the fart of God.”

    Now that’s funny. I had no idea that God farted before hearing that comment. I actually learned something here today.

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        1. That’s supposed to be”God”, not “good”. Stupid autocorrect. It’s God, not good. Or you could take the comma out and just have it say “God not good.” Another religious comma controversy. “God not good” is better. It’s much more accurate.


  4. On the flip side, I was on a thread a while back and the christiot said Dawkins is a liar. He got no letters. He never showed the letters and verified they were from Christians. LIE …..ER

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  5. I don’t comment often, but thank you for sharing this. I really enjoy the pain from spitting out my hot coffee that came out of my nose as well. I can’t stop laughing. I have to share the love with my siblings and sit with Jim to chuckle.

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  6. We have to be really thankful to the people throughout our history who prevented Christianity from having the Biblical laws take hold of societies and countries or we would end up a backwater just like the Islamic Muslim countries that are living in the past.

    We would still have slaves, stone homosexuals, science would be non-existent, witches would still be burnt at the stake etc.

    Can you just imagine all those loving Christians looking after you?

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    1. That’s what it was actually like from about the fifth through fifteenth centuries. We owe a lot to the people who managed to launch the Renaissance and begin slowly dragging Europe out of the thousand years of darkness.

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  7. I think these should be read out in all churches. The vid made compulsory viewing in all semenaries.

    Errrr … weren’t them Disciple things always kissing each other—do they have to go to Hell too? Or is the distinction in the temporal context? (A fashion thing … o tempora, o mores …)


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