For my blogpal, Argus: The real motivation behind Christianity.

There are probably any number of Floyd titles that fit the bill, Comfortably Numb, Great Gig in the Sky, Us and Them, Round and Around, Goodbye Cruel World, Is anybody out there? and no doubt you can think of a few yourselves.

However, I reckon this classic takes the wafer …






Off to watch the soccer …. t’ra.





  1. C’mon guys, Ark was using music to make a point and you go and ruin the moment with cartoons… So anyway, in this next cartoon from Netflix’s show “Disenchantment”, we get a better understanding of religion…

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  2. “Sheep”, from the ’77 “Animals” sprang to mind. I can’t remember whether the lyrics were Orwellian or anti-clerical, or both, but the title alone fits the bill.

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  3. At last, a chance to hear it through. Brings the tingles and gives the shivers … the sort of gig you have to be there to appreciate, boom boom!

    Thanks for that!

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