What a Nob!

Amazing isn’t it-

About 29,000 children under the age of five – 21 each minute – die every day, mainly from preventable causes. More than 70 per cent of almost 11 million child deaths every year are attributable to six causes: diarrhoea, malaria, neonatal infection, pneumonia, preterm delivery, or lack of oxygen at birth.



And yet the world is going doolally over one stupid bloody Christian Missionary who thought he’d try to ”Save” (sic)   a tribe of:  No-we-don’t-want-Jesus-bloody-Christ-we’re-perfectly-happy-thank-you-oh-so-very-much islanders and got himself killed for his short-lived and illegal efforts.

Stupid is as stupid does …

Well, phew, at least he is now with Jesus, thank the gods, right?


80 thoughts on “What a Nob!

    1. Apparently there are quite a few twitters that are …. er how can I put this … not too complimentary over his actions . Basically they are saying: ”serves him right” but using more abrupt terms!


  1. His wife stated “My prayer is that somehow someway Jesus will be glorified through my Precious Charles’ death and that God will not let his death have been in vain. He is receiving the Martyrs crown from his Lord,” in a written statement.
    The martyrs crown also includes a go-fund-me account to raise money. Nothing has been heard from the godhead [sick] yet, although a check to support his eight remaining children would be nice.

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      1. Some of the kids were in the car with him. They were in the process of moving to another town. The Christian news is trying to make it sound like an execution, but news agencies reported two shots through the windshield and its unknown whether it came from military or freedom fighters. He wasn’t targeted. He was caught in a crossfire in a known hot zone.


          1. Well, having just read your linked article this bloke was a nob too!
            Mission work?
            Dragging eight kids with?
            Sheesh, maybe someone from the Family Planning clinic should have had a word in his ear.

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        1. JIM:

          But God had it planned all along, right? So even unwittingly he was doing The Lord’s will (and making of himself a marty).

          God works in mysterious ways, but since He had it all planned fourteen thousand million years ago one can only marvel as his accuracy … down to the nanosecond.

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          1. Just too many missionaries to choose from. I tuned late (don’t watch much news) and my news was all full of this other guy. Two more good souls embraced in the arms of our lord by Darwin Award 🥇

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          2. Well, if these indoctrinated half-wits want to go traipsing off to The Lost World to Save the Natives then Genesis To Rev. just ain’t gonna cut it … y’all.


          3. All kidding aside, I consider it a tragedy in both instances. According to their archived mission page, Charles was “saved” at the age of five and his wife Stephanie (a pastor’s daughter) at the age of six.


            Such is the power of childhood indoctrination.

            “With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil – that takes religion.” ― Steven Weinberg

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  2. If he had been a non-Christian who wanted to go to this island illegally after having being shot at by an arrow already on a first trip and knowing the risk of death he would be condemned as an idiot for going again by everyone including the Christians, however anything, no matter how stupid it may be, and if it is done in the name of the Christian God it becomes an act of giving your life to the Lord and becoming a hero and martyr for Christ… crazy stuff huh.

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    1. Some day, what ?
      Instead of issuing thinly veiled threats and ( I presume ) clutching your heaving bosom while alternately wringing your hands and putting them together in prayer over this ginormous christian dickhead, why don’t you get off your bottom and do something about those 29, 000 kids that die every single day because of preventable diseases?


      1. We are … praying for them. Who can possibly do better than that?

        It obviously works too—nice fellow is right now sitteth-ing upon the right hand of God, gobbling manna and other good stuffs. AND I’ll bet he’s already forgiven the heathen, for they know not wot they do. Did. Done …

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  3. What’s amazing about it? A group of men murder a man because they did not like his company? Happens all the time.

    Seems like they did not get the memo to ‘evolve already,’ Yeah, a good reason to kill someone, someone who meant them no harm. Good gravy.

    Maybe they need another 10 million years to wise up………..maybe they would have better off staying porcupines, and saying ‘no’ to humanity……


    1. No, what ls amazing is that so many children die of preventable diseases and you said NOTHING about that rather focusing on one Dickhead who broke the law just so’s he can try to ”Convert the Natives.”
      What did he think was going to happen? ‘Tea and Buns and a jolly sing song?
      The man was a bloody fool.


          1. Unauthorized visits to the island are forbidden to protect those people leaving there.

            He was fired upon on his first attempt to reach the island then later he swam ashore.

            Like I said. He was a bloody fool.


          2. Ah I see, just like ‘unauthorized visits’ are forbidden to the ice barriers of Antarctica at the southern circumference, gee I wonder what there is to protect…………….but I digress.

            Well then, at least he was a fool for Christ’s sake, after all, better than most.

            Still though, what savages they must have been to kill an unarmed man.


          3. Unarmed? He was wearing the Armour of God and carrying a waterproof bible!
            What else could he possibly have needed?
            Don’t you think Jesus would have been happier if Chau had spent his time more productively by helping some of those kids that died while he was pissing about yelling religious garbage at those islanders?.
            I mean, he KNEW what he was doing was illegal, and he KNEW the islanders had no interest in him or Jesus farking Christ. They had already fired a warning shot!

            I suppose stupid is part and parcel of your religion, hey John?

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    2. Perhaps he “meant them no harm,” but it’s been widely discussed that he could have easily spread disease and infection among these people who have had no contact with the outside world for several centuries. This is one of the reason there were laws against ANYONE trying to reach the island.

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      1. Still misses the point nan. What ‘evolution’
        was missing from these people who killed a man pointlessly? Who has rights to claim an island as if it is theirs, apart from humanity?

        I want Kentucky!!! You want Texas. She wants China. He wants Guam. Good luck with that. You don’t kill a man because he walks across your lawn.

        But it appears their isolation has come to an abrupt end due to their own stupidity. Then again, maybe they can’t read: thou shalt not kill…………..


        1. Hey, CS … you got it right! They have NOT read “thou shalt not kill………..” That’s the whole point. They are untouched by the fairy tales so prevalent in your world.

          And BTW, yes, there are people even in the U.S. (a “civilized” country) who would kill a man for walking across their lawn.

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        2. Of course, the settlers to your own fair shores, the good ol’ US of Eh had the right idea — genocide! Wipe out the indigenous and then evangelizing is so much easier.
          Much like Columbus and his ilk did further south.
          Or we can even look within Christianity’s own ranks. Lots and lots of internecine fighting.
          Consider the Cathars who fellow Christians on the orders of the Pope liquidated.
          There are a few extant records.

          Chau didn’t deserve to die because of his beliefs, but his stupidity cost him his life.
          But maybe those who established the religion should certainly be held accountable for the millions who die because of such stupid beliefs.

          You are nothing but an ignorant, hypocritical pig, John.

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          1. So I am a pig because I point out the savagery of a group of people who killed ONE man.

            Try to stay focused. You are speaking about the man who was killed last week. We are not talking about the black plague, the measles, typhoid, herpes, or AIDS.

            And I am pointing out the imbecilic acts of a group who have done wrong, regardless of their visitor.

            His visit only exposed the beasts. Period.


          2. No, you are a pig because of your twisted worldview and arse backward moral values.

            If someone illegally breached the security on any property they would also run the risk of coming to a sticky end if the guards were armed.

            Yes, his visit DID expose the beasts.
            And those beasts are the idiots that promote your imbecilic faith who have no regard for the rights of others.

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          3. oh ok doug I misunderstood you.

            You will be perfectly within your rights to kill a woman or man who walks onto your property asking for a cup of sugar or giving you a cup of sugar, or simply lost or needing directions.

            Gotcha. Tks for clarifying. Oops, then again, you couldn’t kill him………..you have no spear of handgun…. lol

            So tell us again, who is backwards?


          4. Such people regularly come to our gate. Some we help some we don’t.

            Columbus was directly or indirectly responsible for the extermination of whole tribes.
            Your christian ancestors wiped out millions of Native Americans.

            And these were supposed ”civilized Christians”
            This is the 21st century.
            These indigenous people and their home are protected by law.
            Chau flaunted the law.
            He knew the risks and died.
            What a waste of life.
            He was a dickhead.


          5. I will be the first to point out that the senseless killing of anybody is inexcusable, but unlike you, I do not attribute ‘Christians,’ that is, in deed, and not in name only, being responsible for the killing of anybody, so yes I will include the ‘indigenous’ as killers also.

            I am not impressed with priestly attire worn by wolves.

            (you may recall it was Saul of Tarsus, who was responsible for…………..yet Paul the apostle did not hurt a fly, this proving my point.)


          6. Unlike so many of your brothers who can be directly held responsible for the slaughter of millions, or even Calvin who had his best friend burned alive over doctrine, Chau was just another misguided fool.

            If he had stayed away and minded his own damn business he would still be alive.
            He knew the risks, had already been fired upon and yet he didn’t take a hint.
            This is what indoctrination does to some people.
            Maybe his zeal could have been put to better use?
            Helping some of those thousand of kids that die every day from preventable disease, perhaps?

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          7. Some people have trees fall on them and die untimely. Others are killed by deer accidents. Some fall out windows.

            That’s his business, maybe he calculated the risks, maybe he didn’t. Indoctrination has nothing to do with it. Maybe his death opened up a brave new world there. Iphones. Selfies. lol

            Ever read Thoreau’s essay ‘life without principle?’

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          8. Indoctrination has everything to do with it.

            If he really cared for people he would have been helping in some way that made a meaningful difference.
            As the post shows. Millions of children die from preventable disease.
            If he was able to help just one, then surely your god would have deemed this action more commendable than throwing his life away in a ridiculous ego driven venture?

            You simply will not acknowledge this point as it undermines everything you stand for.
            Your hand waving demonstrates perfectly your complete lack of empathy.
            In fact, your replies suggest some sort of sociopathic tendencies.
            Which, mental health issues notwithstanding, is why you are an ignorant hypocritical pig.

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          9. Hmmm. And why don’t you empathize with HIS singular death?

            You mistake by assuming you know his motivations. At least I can I say I don’t know, thus making my ignorance more credible.


          10. I did. I have stated at least twice he was a misguided fool and it was his indoctrination that likely drove him to do what he did, and inadvertently caused his death.

            He is on record yelling something along the lines of Jesus loves you to the islanders who were on the beach on his first attempt to invade their territory.
            He was shot at, and one of the arrows hit his waterproof bible which he was waving about.
            Based on his actions his intent was to evangelize and he paid the price for his disrespect and his sheer arrogant stupidity.
            Now, do you not think his zeal and enthusiasm would not have been better served by helping just one of the children that have died since you began this stupid sociopathic drivel?
            Why are you afraid to face the truth and answer?

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          11. I do answer. Consistently. Not my fault if you do not like the answers.

            I have told you many people die for various reasons. Heck, the Baptist lost his head at the hands of a dancing girls slithering mother.

            There are homeless people starving in Toronto? Don’t you care about them? Your smokescreens do not move me.

            But death is merely a change of geography to some people.


          12. A man has servants in an estate doug. I have no say regarding the compensation or duties of said personnel.

            They answer for themselves. And neither should complain regarding the others.

            And whether or not he had an ego………some have had misdirected zeal, as we all do on occasion, in his case, I have no idea if this was true or not.


          13. Fair enough.
            So, based on the outcome, do you think he would have been better served by helping at least one of the kids who have died since you began your dialogue?


          14. Moot point. The ‘kid’ we save today could be responsible for mass murder tomorrow.

            I understand your concerns, but maybe his one death serves a greater purpose down the road.


        3. What evolution was missing when all these Europeans killed all those natives from small pox and influenza? I mean clearly if they were more evolved they shouldn’t have been carrying diseases that could hurt innocent people? Or maybe it’s that you don’t understand what evolution actually is? That couldn’t be it could it?

          Also Charles Manson had principles…Hitler had principles too…I guess you just got a respect that. Maybe, just maybe, it kind of matters what the principles are!

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      2. “I didn’t MEAN to wipe out the entire tribe, sir, I had no idea…oh…you mean THAT manual? I never read it, I was too busy praying to Jesus to help me convert…oh…germs? I did ask Jesus to purify me…” Shrugs, walks off. “At least they all went to be with their Maker…”


    3. Perhaps they just weren’t that into him or his plan to “establish the kingdom of Jesus” on the island.

      Speaking of which… have you brought anyone to the Lord yet, CS?

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    4. CS:

      people go around killing people who meant them no harm all the time. Heck, one Matthew Hopkins Esq in England did very well out of it—and all for God, too.

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  4. my wife just asked me, asa. former missionary and minister, would I have brought my wife and kids into that kind of environment ‘trusting god to protect us’ or perhaps being prepared to lose them ‘if god willed’. I told her absolutely not.
    thats not ‘trusting god’ its being stupid and irresponsible with the lives of your family and it’s the height of ‘martyrdom fetish’ psychosis. I would not have done that even when I was a very committed and active servant of christ.
    prob one of the reasons I was still unmarried in my 20s and 30s during my missionary and ministry activities.

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  5. I keep thinking of those nuns who used to be discovered with the stigmata on their feet and hands…no one noticed (or chose not to see) that they were doing it to themselves with penknives and nailfiles. Nowadays we would call these people ‘cutters’ and send them to a shrink.

    However, it was also a good way to get Sister Mary Atrocious to leave them alone…

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  6. You are so correct about indoctrination Ark;

    A recent study that Medical News Today reported on found that religion activates the same reward-processing brain circuits as sex, drugs, and other addictive activities.

    These pleasure and reward-processing brain areas are also active when we engage in sexual activities, listen to music, gamble, and take drugs. The participants also reported feelings of peace and physical warmth.

    These findings echo those of older studies, which found that engaging in spiritual practices raises levels of serotonin, which is the “happiness” neurotransmitter, and endorphins. (medicalnewstoday)

    The ultimate honour for these people is going into battle with Satan for their Lord and with the added danger of death adrenalin will also pump through his system.

    When you add all the effects of the chemicals activating his brain on sex, drugs and rock and roll, in peace and complete happiness and then adding adrenalin to the mix this all adds up to this persons indoctrination emphasising an extreme drunken type of stupidity. I get in this sort of mood after a half a dozen of schooners (pints) and believe I am some sort of hero, I just wonder if like myself “Queens” number “we are the champions” was playing inside his head as he forged towards his fate?

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  7. Damn this is stupid in many ways… For one, how did he think he was going to preach to these natives who don’t speak a language anyone understands? These people clearly wanna be left alone, so no good will ever come out of others trying to contact them. I’m concerned that all the media coverage on this will actually encourage other idiots to try and approach them though.

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    1. So right, this religious idiocy has likely done a lot more damage than first thought. How many thrill seekers and other religious maniacs are now going to want to become hero’s?

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    2. Yes, that is a very real danger.
      Let’s be honest, how many people ( in the west, ) had ever heard of this place until this Dickhead showed up.

      Watch the Indian embassies all over. They are going to be swamped for entry visas.

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  8. If someone swarmed across my field, shouting at me in a strange language and throwing objects at me, waving his arms, all that, I’d take his head off, call the cops, then go inside and lock the door.

    Trespass is trespass, no matter which god is moving you at the moment.

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