Evidence. What do you believe?

True story.

The very first washing machine we had was great – until the day it stopped working. Then it wasn’t so great.

There was a bloke who lived in the flat above us who we knew in the manner of  hello-neighbour (”Fred”) -as-we-passed-in-the-hall. We also knew he was some sort of technician. Long time ago,  can’t remember what exactly.

Anyhow, that upcoming Saturday we asked him if he’d have a quick look at the washing machine and he agreed.

He came down with his tools and wotnot and preceded to fiddle with this, look at that, undo this and that, and  removed the front fascia and had all but the kitchen sink laid out on the kitchen floor.

Eventually, he declared: ”It’s more than likely  the programmer and it’ll have to go in to Defy.”

Heads drop, long faces from me and The Boss.

He put all the bits back, breaking a couple of snap-ins on the fascia in the process, and after a final cup of coffee, he left.

A short while later the phone rang.

”Hello, Doug,” says my Dad, calling from England. ”How’s tricks with Number One Son?”

I proceed to tell him the Washing Machine Woes. He listens patiently then asks:

”Did you check the plug”?

”Dad! For goodness’ sake, I might not be Mr Fixit but I’m not that dense. Of course I checked the plug.”

”Well, just for piece of mind, check it again. For me, okay?”

(Sigh) ”Hang on ….”

”I’ll call you back in ten,” he says, mindful that he can afford the phone bill easier than I can.

Dad was a Chief Tech in the RAF and is an extremely practical bloke.

Phone rings.

”Plug’s fine, as I said. So it probably is the programmer  like the tech bloke from upstairs said.”

”Maybe. But these things are solid state and sealed. It would have to be something drastic for it to glitch.

Can you see where the cord goes? Where it enters the machine?”

”Yes. There’s a hole surrounded by a rubber thing. It’s by the top.”

”Can you get the top off?”

”Er … there are four Phillips screws.Yes, I guess so.” ( he says, when in actual fact taking anything to bits is a nightmare for me)

”Got a Phillips screwdriver? Okay, okay, just asking. Call you back in twenty.”

Phone rings.

”Got the top off?”

A somewhat muted: ”Yes.”

”What can you see?”

”A charred black power cord and a charred connection point.”

”Ah!” replies a cheerful voice trying not to sound too smug as he knows Number One Son is most definitely not Mr Practical. ”You know what to do now, yes? Undo the cord grip, cut off the burned part, clean the junction box, carefully sand the points, strip the wires and reconnect. Bob’s your uncle and tickedy-boo. Wire cutters, pliers. If you haven’t got sandpaper use steel wool. Call you back in an hour. Oh, and pull the plug out first, just in case. See you!”


That’s my father …

Things are usually more simple than they first appear. And even if they are quite  complicated and convoluted, if one works through it in a methodical fashion the answer often reveals itself.

It is much the same with religion.

If you can’t find any evidence for what you have been brought up to believe, no matter how many believe the same thing, then you will probably find the answer lies  somewhere else.

Sometimes, all you have to do is grit your teeth, swallow your fear, remove a few screws and lift off the lid, and ….

”Bob’s you uncle!”




24 thoughts on “Evidence. What do you believe?

  1. My story is I had spent an hour on my back in the driveway trying to get the car to start and it wouldn’t. I even ran the battery down to the point I had to charge it. I was at loose ends and getting mad at the car until the spouse sticks her head out the window and asks “Did you check the gas?” To which I angrily replied “Of course I did.” When I cooled down I checked the gas and found that the tank was bone dry. This is a manifestation of nature, believe it or not. In studying chemistry I quickly came to the realization that the easiest thing to happen happens first. The easiest things require the least energy and energy almost always starts low and accumulates (all bets are off during explosions)..

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  2. This past month, our dryer was overheating. So we were facing either an expensive repair, or buying a new dryer. But I knew that our vent hose was overdue for cleaning, and it was too old and worn to be worth cleaning out. So I bought a new one on Amazon for cheap, we replaced it in about 10 minutes, and as you say, Bob’s your uncle. The dryer’s fine. Try simple solutions first. Think horses, not zebras.

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  3. Things won’t change in the future either “engineering…did you reconfigure the main power coupling”? Nowadays tech support is often as simple as “unplug it and plug it back in”. Getting religiosos to unplug it for a minute is the trick.

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  4. See, the cord was burnt on the machine because of JESUS! Cords don’t usually burn like that without divine intervention, now do they? Of course not. AND, you only THOUGHT you were speaking to your father on the phone. You were actually speaking to JESUS disguising his voice to sound like your father’s. He was just toying with you and was hoping by displaying his power in such a way, you’d become a loving Christian and drop 10% of your income to one of His churches in your area. So, this is a much more complicated story than it appears to be on the surface. Either that or it was just a burned cord, and everything I just wrote is nonsense, but, really, what are the odds of that?

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  5. When you call up Tech Support for the strange behavior on the computer, the first thing they always ask is, “is it plugged in?” I used to get annoyed, but the girl at the office said you would not believe the number of people who forget to plug the silly thing in…
    Years back we had bought our first (and new) color TV; not very big, but doable. One day the vertical hold stopped holding, and all I could get was a rolling headache. Those were also the days when you could walk in to a TV repair place and leave it to be looked at. I horsed it into the car, went 20 miles to town and took it in to the repair guy. He plugged it in, looked at it and said, ‘nothing wrong here, no charge.” We both figured it was the ride over dirt roads with minimal grading that had either reset the thing or scared it into better behavior…

    And sometimes just turning off the fan that pulls dust INTO the computer (something I have never quite understood) and cleaning out the dust works wonders. Runs better without the fan, actually.

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      1. yep. There are often several fans on a computer, and the one at he front is the one that usually gets the most crap into the computer case. Check online under something like “disconnecting computer fans for…” whatever brand you have.

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  6. With religion? Easy peasey. You want evidence, just step outside and open your eyes, dammit. God’s wonderful Creation and His Marvels-To-Behold are all around you.

    Now get thee along to your fiendly local Father and he will guideth thee through the necessary processes to make suitable contact and contrition; for free, but if you should submit to the need to bequest thine fortune to the Pope/local witchdoctor there’ll be no objections.

    Evidence? The evidence for God’s beneficence is all about you, for Gossake! (All ya godda do is look.)

    Furthermore, SHEESH!


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