Tiger, tiger shining bright.


Used to enjoy a wander around the zoo, but my perspective on them has changed somewhat and I’m no longer inclined.

This was taken a number of years ago. The tiger has passed away since, according to my neighbour, who works at the Jo’burg zoo.



Water is the theme.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: #21 Splash!





19 thoughts on “Tiger, tiger shining bright.

    1. It depends on the situation I think. At some of the zoos I visit, the animals are often given quite a bit of space to roam in, and you don’t see cages as often now. It’s probably not as good for them as the real thing, but if it prevents an endangered animal from being wiped out from asshole poachers then it’s the lesser of two evils to me.

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  1. Ron and I believe in places that create habitats for the animals. Making it as comfortable and natural for them as can be. If we do not do that we will lose many species. My first zoo experience was as an 18 year old country boy sent to San Diego in the Navy. As a person who had never seen that much concrete and pavement in my life I really was having trouble adjusting. I found Balboa Park where I felt more comfortable and from there the Zoo. I spent all most every off day at the zoo. I loved it and learned so much while there. https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/

    Here in Florida Ron and I love to go to Busch Gardens ( we boycott SeaWorld because of the killer whales, which I understand they do not have anymore. ) we use to go several times a year. Busch Gardens has a wonderful tiger area. Both regular and white tigers. It was Ron’s favorite and we would spend an hour or two watching them. They introduced an feature where you could stick your head up into a protected bubble in the tigers enclosure and it is so wonderful. The tigers know you are there and they play and act around it. Put there face up to it, they lay near it or rub it. I was there one day in the large view area , and a little girl about four years old was walking back and forth in front of the glass. The tiger follower her all the way and then back again. Then she turned and fell down on her butt. The tiger instantly sat down and lowered it’s head to touch the glass near the girl. She put her hands on the glass at the tigers head. It was surreal. I guess the tigers get bored and want to play and interact.

    The gorilla or ape area should be rated R or higher. They don’t mind showing the visitors why they think they are called great. Those guys and gals tend to enjoy themselves regardless of viewers or time of day. 😸😺😃👍 Hugs

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  2. I cannot abide zoos, petting zoos, circus elephants, horse races, so called “open enviroments’ and frankly, anyone who lifts their three year old child to pat the muzzle of a wild animal, be it a camel or a cougar, should be arrested for child endangerment.
    I think the world would be a better place if we could all learn that animals in the wild are wild, people, and we have no business trying to cohabit with them.

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  3. Tut~! How often do I have to tell you aficionados … Tygers don’t shine, they burn. Sheesh!

    And for those not in the know, the British Raj used to use bull terriers to hunt tigers. (But they had to give it up, they kept running out—

    —of bull terriers.)

    Sheesh …

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  4. An interesting thread of comments following your beautiful photo. I, too, cannot abide zoos and their entrapment of wild creatures but I am told that they are much ‘improved’! I haven’t visited one since I was old enough to know better.
    I can’t abide circuses either though human circuses are great fun, Cirque du Soleil for instance is amazing! 🙂

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  5. I don’t even like Aquariums. Confined is confined, I don’t care what you call it. Would love, however, to go on one of those glass bottom boats, or on a whale watch…

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  6. I too have mixed zoo feelings. If not for them, many people would never see or therefore develop a live of the beautiful creatures with whom we share our planet. But having seen most animals in the wild my heart hurts for those in zoos. At least they are improving conditions in most. Beautiful image

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  7. I share the same mixed feelings about zoos. You and I have seen the last remnants of wildlife. In the wild. (Or in your garden). And zoos, no matter what are cages. But. But… They ultimately will be the last places on earth to see a rhino. Or a leopard. Or a glossy starling?


    1. A sad reflection on humanity …
      However, I try to hold on to the belief that although species go extinct all the time, we will preserve some sanity and thus preserve more animals than we destroy.
      There are also the advances in clone technology, and maybe there will come a time when we can reintroduce species?

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