How God Answered My Prayer.


I have been a fan of Jimi Hendrix since I was 13 and it was an emotional and traumatic time when I read of his death in the Saturday Mirror during my morning paper round. I was devastated.

I’ve remained a lifelong fan of his music and he was the main reason I took up guitar. I am unashamed to admit I play just as bad today as I ever did!

But this is not what convinced me of God.

Let me tell that tale…

I always wanted a Fender Stratocaster, just like the one Jimi played, but could never afford one as a kid and once I left home in my early twenties the desire, while still there, was put on the back burner to simmer.

Later, after I got married, I took the proverbial pot off the stove. As my wife once remarked: ”I married a hairdresser, not a pop star.”

We move on …

Then, a few years later I decided to make a sort of bucket list of things I wanted to own. Sounds a bit selfish, but as Terry Pratchett wrote, without things we just clever monkeys.

So I wrote my list. It was quite short, as I am not that much of a materialist in the sense of wanting things. But among the items on the list was the Fender guitar.

I wanted an Ice-white Fender Strat with a maple neck. And it must be an American Strat, not one made in Mexico or Japan. A genuine Strat made in the US of A.

Once the list was complete, I closed my eyes, cleared my mind, put my hands together and said a prayer to God that if he was real, he would send me a sign.

In my mind the thing I wanted most was the Fender Stratocaster. As much as I liked the other things on my short list, the Strat was the pearl, the icing on the gateaux, and if God could see His way clear to letting me have this guitar I would never doubt Him again.

The years passed and nothing on the list materialised and certainly not my beloved guitar. Every now and then I would send out a half hearted plea to God that if he was real I would like the guitar … please. But nothing ever appeared.

Then kids came along, mortgage, etc etc and the guitar became just an image, a dream that once was.

Then, one day it was announced on the radio that they were giving away a Fender Stratocaster in celebration of the life of Hendrix. It was sponsored by Jack Daniels. My enthusiasm was rekindled. And so too my faith in God.

But every time the radio announced it was going to be asking a question, I was in the car, or somewhere I could not get to a phone. There were no cell phones at this stage.

This went on for over a week and not once did I make it to a phone. I lost out. God had not answered my prayer. I was beginning to really dislike God and think he was trying to send me a message: ‘‘It’s not to be. Do not tempt the Lord.’’

So the dream was dashed once more.

God had let me down.

Twelve months later the radio station ran the same competition again.

This time I was determined.

I said my prayers fervently and rekindled my faith in God. This time he was going to come through for me!

So I took time off work ( I really did!)

I put a radio in almost every room in the house, and even in the outside office at the far end of the garden. I also carried a small portable with me at all times. There were still no cell phones yet so I had to be within striking distance of the phone when I heard the announcement  to phone in for the Magic Question.

I am deadly serious.

Of course I was praying almost constantly by this stage and my faith was getting stronger and stronger. I could feel it. This time that guitar was mine! God was going to come through for me.

So I heard the DJ announce the time to call in: I called, I answered, and I won!

I was over the first hurdle and I was in the final draw.

I thanked God. He had come through.

The following Friday the names of all the preliminary winners went into a draw and two names would be called out at the end of the show.

I prayed to God that my number (which was 7) would be called. Seven was my lucky number. That I was allocated my favorite lucky number was also surely a sign.

In fact there were two guitars up for grabs. The first prize was a left-handed Tribute Strat to Hendrix. The second prize was an ordinary right-handed Stratocaster.

The winning number was announced. It was 3.

I had not won first prize.

My heart sunk.

The second number was announced.

The DJ called out Number 7.

I kid you not!

I had won second prize. A right-handed Fender Stratocaster!

God has come through for me. In that instant I  was a devout believer all over again.

I mean, of all the hundreds, maybe thousands of people who had called in, I was one of two to win a prize and God saw fit to ensure I won second prize and a right-handed Strat.

But the Good News isn’t over yet.

The following week we went to a night club in a suburb called Mellville to receive our prizes.

The radio station had commandeered the club for an hour or two and it was packed to the rafters.

When the resident band took a break between sets the DJ leapt up onstage and made an announcement, and would the First Prize Winner please come up on stage.

He did and was handed an immaculate left handed Fender Stratocaster. It was truly a work of art. Truth be told he seemed a bit bemused and when asked if he would like to plug it in he declined, said thanks, took his guitar and stepped down. It was a bit of an anti-climax and the DJ looked a little pissed off to tell, the truth.

He called for me to come up. By now I was shaking so much I could hardly stand.

I went up on stage and out the corner of my eye a long-haired roadie emerged from behind the stage with my prize in a black Fender case, which he placed facing me on the stage at my feet.

The catches clicked and he opened the lid.

My legs gave way. I literally sagged to my knees.

The guitar was ice white with a maple neck.

I could not contain my emotions. I began to thank God right there on the stage.

My wife told me afterwards that the DJ had never seen anyone react like this and he was almost in tears as well.

Maybe he was also moved by God?

Of course, when, I was asked if I would like to plug it in I said yes, much to the roar of approval of everyone jammed in the room.

So without a plectrum or a strap, I squatted on the stage, and even though I was unable to tune the guitar perfectly as my hands were shaking, I managed to play the opening few notes of Voodoo Chile, which got an even bigger roar.

True story. And no doubt you will all agree that I couldn’t have done it without God, right?  Praise the Lord.

That’s why you too should believe in God and pray.

How else can you possibly explain such an amazing stroke of good fortune if not for God?


Seeing is believing.





71 thoughts on “How God Answered My Prayer.

  1. I was waiting for the part when a “true believer” standing nearby said something about wanting an American-made Ice-white Fender Strat with a maple neck …

    BTW, I believed Every. Single. Word. of your story. Even “those” parts. Why would I doubt?

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    1. Why indeed?
      And for the doubting Thomases out there, you see the evidence of my faith before you, right there in the pictures.

      It is a gorgeous instrument.
      Sometimes if the light catches it right you can see the face of Jesus in the polished lacquer.

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  2. Yeah, whatever. 😒

    Guitarists always get all the fame and glory over exceptional drummers. Maybe it’s because too many drummers overdose and kill themselves, sure. Or maybe because unless they’re Phil Collins, they are not versatile enough, sure. Or because with increasing technology drums and percussion can now be easily simulated, yeah… we’re VERY replaceable because we are a penny-a-dozen out there. “Faith” in God and prayer is obviously NOT for drummers, but I guess it works for guitarists who want to be Jimi Hendrix. 🙄

    Now, what would REALLY impress me Ark — along with your chickens and Val doing synchronized dancing together! — is if YOU pray for me to win and have an EXACT replica of Neil Peart’s (Rush) full drum kit with 360 degree rotating stage, and a pair of his Urbann Boards Peart Signature shoes, size 11. Have to also have two (2) small fans blowing onto me from low discreet spots WITHIN the set/kit in order to aid in lessening all the perspiration one goes through TRYING to do everything Neil does… AT ONCE!!! 😲

    Is your faith big enough for that tiny request? 😉 😛

    P.S. As a (former) drummer, I cannot emphasize enough just how incredibly hard and in physical shape a true percussionist must be to do what Neil Peart does… now in his 60’s no less!!!! Holy F*ckin’ drumsticks is it phenomenal what he does!

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        1. Oh shit it was the wrong clip, I really am a dick. Never mind, I like these old guys who I guess are only a bit older than me.

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    1. Get over yourself. He just drinks Red Bull.
      Buddy Rich did it all on coffee and scotch in his day.
      Cobham is still going strong but Ringo prefers to drum Barbera Bach rather than his set of Ludwigs.

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      1. Btw Ark, that is indeed a SWEET once-n-a-lifetime Fender Stratocaster ice-white Maple neck work of art. Gorgeous really and I KNOW you guard it with your life… or “something” because it is so worth it. Hahaha. 😉

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          1. HAH! 😄

            Well then HALLELUJAH to the Fender God! You must really know how to “pray” just right Ark. Good on ya Brotha. 😉

            Can you tell me how to pray perfectly for a 16-piece Pearl or DW drum set (Sonor is my 3rd choice) with Zildjian cymbals? What’s the trick in getting God’s attention???

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    2. Only thing that spoiled it for me, was whoever that was clapping and keeping time and much too near the guy filming, so you can’t tell, once you see it, if it’s hands clapping from the audience or one of the seventy five things he was doing onstage. Once I noticed that, it wasn’t fun anymore.

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    3. Since we are talking about drumming I have to plug Phil Collins. Think what you will about his songs, his profession is drumming and I’d put him up against anybody in this department. He just makes it look so effortless. This is in awesome drum duet on stage with him and Chester Thomson who tours with him so he can drum while Phil sings. Chester is a fantastic as well.

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      1. Hard to argue Swarn. I really enjoy Phil as well. My all-time favorite of his (or Genesis) is Mama. What a driving, intense, edgy song with REAL emotion behind that voice and lyrics, huh!? 🙂

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          1. I’d post the YouTube song, but I’ve already hogged up Ark’s comments with too many bone-head drummers that simply CAN’T compete with those hot, sexy, talented Fender Stratocaster guitarists. 😛


  3. “How else can you possibly explain such an amazing stroke of good fortune if not for God?” There is no other explanation–not one that anyone should bother believing anyway. When I read such stories about the true power of prayer, I literally shake with joy at the proof of God’s existence they demonstrate. Really. I shake. (Could be the hangover, but how realistic is THAT argument?)

    Anyway, my only concern here is that you were praying to the right/ correct god for your dream to become a reality. See, if you were say, praying to the Catholic god, aka the papist/false god, you screwed up, and it was most likely Satan giving you the guitar in order to keep you worshiping him. It’s a tricky line to walk, but you must always be aware of who the real Jesus is and pray only to him. A good way to make certain you are praying to the true Jesus is to pray with a lot of loaded guns around you. See, the real Jesus loves guns, and if he sees you do too, he’ll be even more likely to give you whatever it is you’re praying for. Also, by having guns around when you pray, you’ll KNOW you’re not accidentally praying to Satan because he’s afraid of guns. He’s a liberal pansy, voted for Obama–twice, and simply won’t come anywhere near you if you’re praying around loaded weapons.

    Hope this all makes sense to you. I’m off now to make fun of poor people because they’re lazy. Have a great day, and keep on praying to the one, true Jesus–The one who loves loaded guns. $Amen$

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    1. Jesus–The one who loves loaded guns. $Amen$

      LOL… Met a man yesterday that was SO PROUD of his newly acquired ArmaLite AR-10 A2, his Glock 23, and the topper(?)… his ArmaLite AR-50 sniper rifle. 😬

      Asked him, “You must be a gun collector or buyer/seller?” His answer, “Nah, just an enthusiast.” My (joking?) response? 😳

      Ex-military?” paused a bit… “Do you also have an armored SWAT vehicle or something too?” …

      Just a proud Texan… then American.” My eyes got big, he chuckled. I told him “Note to self: DO NOT PISS THIS MAN OFF or PARTY WITH HIM and gun-buddies!!!”

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    1. When I took up classical guitar in my thirties, I begin to listen to a whole different genre. I became enamoured by the music of Piazolla. A true genius if ever there was.


    2. Well, I tend to look sideways at surveys like that: I grew up with Elvis, Bo Diddley, Buddy Holly and the Everlys. When the 60s came I got into Miles Davis and Joan Baez, Dylan, Pete Seeger, and all the folk stuff. But by the time I was married I was turning off everything but classical music. And thanks to the net, I now have ‘discovered” Pearl Jam, Mark Knopfler, David Gray, and a whole bunch of stuff I blew off when I was in my so called ‘formative’ years.
      Maybe they were doing those studies with an agenda in mind…?

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  4. Nice story Ark. I laughed a bit at the “clever monkeys” comment by Terry Pratchett. I like this quote of his as well:

    “There is a rumour going around that I have found God. I think this is unlikely because I have enough difficulty finding my keys, and there is empirical evidence that they exist.”

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  5. Think I woke up this morning in a parrallel universe. Just read this and my poor brain can’t fathom, read it again, nope still don’t get it….I must be missing something or my teachers were right “Pay attention boy! Are you a thick moron!?”
    But you see prayer works fine. Last Saturday afternoon – 2-1 up, missed penalty and only ten mins to go, oh sh*t they’ve equalised! Two mins later oh sh*t sh*t we’re losing! Entering stoppage time nothing for it, last spin of the dice, hands together “Dear lord I know I’ve been a wrong un but if you could see your way clear to giving us a late equaliser I would be most grateful and won’t beat the wife or sulk”
    BANG 3-3 get in, wait a sec my prayer worked! I wonder?…. “Dear lord etc,etc….” ninety plus seven BANG 4-3!
    And that’s how the fifth best side in Europe are flying high top of the league!
    Praise the lord Amen.

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    1. Here’s a clue (And yes, I did get the Red Letter reference, Mak) …. any sentence with G-d in it, But, sssh … don’t mention it to anyone else, okay?


          1. Indeed! And at one stage JD was my favorite tipple. However, these days , I hardly ever touch alcohol of any description, except maybe a shandy now and then,


          2. So does this mean we should pin a rose on your nose because you’re almost a tee-totaler while the rest of us continue to imbibe?


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          3. Smile.
            Like smokes, I just got fed up with it.
            No big deal.
            Also, I discovered the sulfides in wine had a habit of giving me bad headaches even after only a glass.

            For me, drinking soda water or a shandy just made things easier.


          4. Truth be known — based on healthy living alone — you’ll probably live a lot longer than the rest of us! 😀


          5. And then get run over by a bus!

            Don’t get me wrong, I will – and do – indulge if I feel like it, but it just is not an issue any more – much like the cigarettes.
            Except I won’t ever indulge in tobacco again, that’s for sure!

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    1. Even if I take God out of the equation it still makes me shake my head in some sort of wonder that it all came together for me.
      And I forgot to mention the look on the faces of everyone in the kitchen at the time when the DJ announced the winners.
      Oh for a camera at that moment!
      But of course, it was obvious God was the guiding force behind it all, right?
      Bless his heavenly cotton socks.

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      1. Haha. Although I know you are being facetious, this is a large part of why people believe in God, or how they continue to confirm their beliefs in God. Our inability to really calculate the probabilities, or the fact that as you look at your win, you fail to realize how many people lost.

        There is a great bit about this in Dawkins’ book Unweaving the Rainbow. He talks about a personal experience where he and his wife bought an antique pocket watch for his mother-in-law. There was a sticker on the back when they gave it to her, and when they removed the sticker there were initials engraved there. The same initials, by coincidence, of his mother inlaw. He goes on to try to calculate the odds and it turns out it’s only a 1 in 20,000…which while still amazing…is far less than most people would guess in their heads. Similarly asking students to guess how many people you’d have to have in a room to have a better than 50/50 chance of having the same birthdate, most people would say 183…when the real answer is actually 22.

        Dawkins then goes on to define what he calls a “petwhac” Population of Events That Would Have Appeared Coincidental. And he talks about all the ways that we add significance to events that are purely coincidental and how in our minds we sometimes increase the probabilities to actual just so we can be amazed at the significance of an event. This is how psychics are successful. So for instance if I predicted that your watch was going to stop when you are reading this and it didn’t you would of course say my prediction was wrong…but if it stopped tomorrow you might say “well he was off by a day, but wow that was some amazing predictive powers”.

        I know a guy who was in a down period of his life, but and was praying for things to get better. The next day he received a check in the mail that was the result of some class action suit at a job in Wal Mart he worked many years ago. He attributed this to God, because you know what are the odds? Nevermind the fact that he was praying every day, and so anything good might just happen to him on any day, but when you are really conscious of your need for something good, anything good that does happen you can attach significance to it. Our brains are amazingly bad at dealing with all this stuff.

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        1. I reckon we could all fill a few pages of god like interventions, some ordinary, some quite bizarre.
          I have several stories. One in particular that would probably make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
          My mother, who is a Christian and quite devout swore the incident was a message from Yahweh.


          1. I’m certain most of us have a few… Even one in a billion probabilities happen 8 about 8 times a day. They must happen to someone. Hell just calculating the probabilities of all the things that had to happen down the line of your lives and your ancestor’s loves for you and your wife to meet would make the entire project seem unfathomable.

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        2. Swarn, I’m pretty sure you won’t, but considering the most recent post of Wild Mel, I’d love for you to add this comment for him to ponder over. Of course, we all know his “considered” response, but nevertheless, the message is there for all to see.


          1. I’ll ponder your proposal… But the bigger part of me would rather stay out of that pool of non thinking. Lol. You are free however to paste my comment over to Mel yourself… You can even take credit for it…I don’t care. Lol. His response will be “Just because some things are coincidences it doesn’t mean they all are. “

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          2. @Swarn

            Amazing! I was thinking almost exactly the same thought, verbatim and word for word,
            The christian god really does communicate, even with god-hating atheists,

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          3. Oh, I agree with your prediction of his response!

            I appreciate your “generosity” in allowing me to offer your thoughts as my own, but like you, I try to stay out of the cesspool. Occasionally (like recently), I threw out a thought but of course it went right over his head.

            In any case, I like what you said … and totally agree with it.


  6. Yup ark. God seems to only care about parking spaces, key locations, football games and ice white American strats.
    Screw the little kids with cancer and spina bifida.
    F*ck the ones in Africa dying of malnutrition and aids.
    Sorry kid… God is too busy arranging a successful promotional radio station giveaway to stop your dad from molesting you or your drug addicted, prostitute mom from selling you to the nearest John for another ‘hit’ of the good stuff.
    But if you ever need to find your car keys or need to have a rugby match fixed… He’ll be all over it, eventually.

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      1. I believed this too. “God uses us as sometimes even unknowing representatives of His words and will for those around us.”
        Could not a God speak directly to a person? Even if that person was somehow able to resist a supposedly ‘irresistable’ god?

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          1. How does one determine truth between two Christians saying God “told” them two contradictory things?
            Answer: the bible, but every Christian and every Christian “flavor” of denoms have their own traditional interpretation of biblical passages to “back up” and measure (for that is what the ‘cannon’ of scripture is, a measuring rod) whether what God is telling them matches what God “said” previously… ie in the bible.
            “For God is not the author of confusion”.
            Christianity is like a desk without a writer, a pen without a hand, an echo without the original voice.

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      2. If one person calmly and confidently tells you they are hearing voices in their head or ‘spirit’, we would call them delusional and send for the guys with the white jackets.
        If 800,000 say the same, we just call them christians.

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