6 thoughts on “Statuesque

  1. love the picture. However, the words “transient” and ‘regular visitor” really cancel each other out, don’t they.

    Years ago we had a black cat whom I mistakenly thought lived with us. I found out years later he was a regular visitor to every house on the road, cheerfully wolfing down any food they put out for the poor starving kitty.

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    1. Indeed they do cancel each other out … Probably why I wrote non-resident.

      This one never eats here, merely visits to give the others a hard time. We suspect he lives at the house two door away.

      The non-resident that does eat, and occasionally sleeps here, we have called Number 7. He always looks grubby, and a bit rough and ready as if he spends most of his time outdoors, ”living off the street”.

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      1. I like what you do with the animals you have, or almost have. A lot of live and let live, there.

        And that’s not something you learn, it’s kinda built in. Agreed, we are all attached, wing and hand, to everything. The secret is to live it.

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        1. It sometimes baffles me that all the animals here seem to get on pretty much okay with each other.
          In contrast, one of the hens managed to find her way next door yesterday afternoon and one of their dogs set about her almost at once!
          We rescued her – relatively unharmed – bit of shock and a few tail feathers missing and a grazed backside.
          But as soon as she was on safe ground our dogs were all over her, and especially the boxer, Bobbi who fussed like it was one of her pups!

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