14 thoughts on “Watch the birdy

    1. Yes. Every year!
      I am not sure of the species – maybe Queen of the Night?
      The bees love it.

      Since the arrival of the hens the rockery is beginning to look a bit tatty in parts where there are no cacti. I am thinking I must plant a few more to discourage them from scratching!


    1. Fair enough. No, definitely not this species.
      I have some monsters along the driveway and also in the lower part of the property that I thought were also Q of t N, but also apparently not.
      However, many of these species are considered invasive and are not allowed to be planted.
      My huge (tall) cacti are one such species, though nobody has come to order their removal. They have lethal spikes and I am not up to removing them! They weigh a ton.
      I’ll risk a fine if I am ever confronted.
      So I wonder what this species is?
      Hmmm …. I shall do some sleuth work!
      If you find something before me, give me a shout?


        1. I’m pretty sure the one you posted is not the same as the one on my rockery.
          The San Pedro has ridges – is looks similar to the huge ones that grow up and down my driveway and on the lower half of the property.
          Not as easy as I thought!


  1. Love the cacti Ark, used to have lots in the conservatory ’till Mrs H demanded they go (sob). Looked on google and is the tall white flowering one Echinopsis spachiana?


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