For 274 Years The KJV Bible Had Over 45 Books But Now It Only Has 39 Because 2 Men Said So

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Reality Decoded

A list of books in the KJV Bible, read by many for 274 years, were suddenly removed in 1885.

Deuteronomy 4:2 King James Version (KJV)

Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you.

The collective name assigned to the books that were removed is, “Apocrypha”, meaning: those that were hidden. Generally, the term is applied to writings that were not part of the canon because they are not considered genuine.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 King James Version (KJV)

16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Here is the list of what was removed:

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36 thoughts on “For 274 Years The KJV Bible Had Over 45 Books But Now It Only Has 39 Because 2 Men Said So

  1. Brooke Westcott and Fenton Hort. What the post you link to leaves out about these two mega-studs is that they were on the cover of the “Sexiest Hunks of 1885” issue of “People” magazine. “Bible slashers are sexy too” is the title of the article on them in the mag. How anyone can STILL think the Babble is the inerrant word of Yahweh after reading things like this never fails to confound me. Idjits.

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  2. fascinating. I have two very old family bibles here, I may actually check them out and see what those books were. Nothing like a bit of censorship on God’s word, nope.

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    1. What? A good Catholic girl like you has not read her bible …. ALL of it!
      Say three and a half Hail Mary’s, and go on a pilgrimage to somewhere a long way from your house!

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        1. Judy a question if you will. I am talking to consoledreader on my blog. We seem to have hit a roadblock of understanding each other over the idea of the holy books. Consoledreader says people shouldn’t be held responsible to the standards of the holy book they use, I feel differently. I feel if you hold the bible is your holy book , you are then supporting the horrible ideas in it, same with the Quran. If you say no, you support only some parts and disregard the other parts I say you are entitled to do so, but you are creating your own religion not based on the book. So what do you think, are catholics who have a different book than other “christian” faiths creating a different religion? Should all these religions using different books / parts of the same book be required to go by different names so we can tell them apart. Hugs

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          1. oh my such a question. The OT is basically disregarded (or was when I was active) and even though bits of it surface now and then, the Catholic powers that be rely almost exclusively on the New Testament, since the liturgy, after all, encompasses Jesus and his life. The Mass is (or was) drawn from the writing in the NT, for the most part, and the principle players are Jesus and his mum–as well as the saints which were carefully stolen from the Roman gods. Hence, “Roman Catholic”. It was a tidy blending of the two cultures and sort of distanced itself from the Jews even though the primary player WAS Jewish.

            I think what they create is part of the overall religion, and since Catholics started the entire schemozzle in the beginning, they had it pretty much their own way until Martin Luther showed up. No matter what a Protestant or “Christian” tells you, it was Catholic first, Lutherans second, and everyone else tagalong after.

            It does appear that every Christian sect out there feels duty bound to cherry pick the bible (which originally was part of the Jewish history of their people) for what suits them.

            Islam came second to the party, not long after Catholicism. All three of the different faiths start out with the same book, it’s how it’s interpreted that matters eventually.

            I figger, they can call it what they like, Im not going to be arguing about it with them, anyway.

            I will admit that when I was 16 and we had a church ‘graduation’ ceremony for our group, the priest handed out ‘Bibles” and I was so disappointed to find it was just the New Testament. Damn. I had hopes. =)

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          2. Islam came second to the party, not long after Catholicism. All three of the different faiths start out with the same book

            Islam doesn’t actually “start out with” the Bible. Some parts of the Qur’ân are obviously adapted from the Bible (never verbatim), but a lot of it is from other sources and a lot is original with Muhammad. It’s not just a different version of the same book the way the Christian Bible is an expansion of the Jewish one. They do have a lot of the same taboos, though.

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  3. (the Professor puts on his best Sabbath suit and warmest smile for the theater performances that take place every Saturday or Sunday depending on one’s familial birthed persuasion)

    WHAT!!!!!!!????? 😮

    Why wasn’t I told this when in Sunday school!? Why didn’t my ministers/priests or youth directors tell me this when I was a young lad!? And more importantly, even paramount to my “faith” and my family’s faith, WHY weren’t we told about many other stories/testaments that existed during our Lord and Savior’s life and post-life as well as about all the descendant disciples and apostles!?


    Unless there is/was something(s) truly to hide, something(s) that utterly dismantle and collapse our faith/religion? Was/Is that it??? How has this lie and deception been kept a secret for 2,000 and 274 years!!!?

    (the long misguided man, his family, and all of his congregation friends…their world has been turned upside down, never to be the same again! Unavoidable.)


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    1. I cannot see why it should have stopped here, either. Now that scholars are much more savvy isn’t it about time we removed all known fraudulent passages, verses, and epistles?
      I mean, if we are after the unadulterated word of Yahweh?
      We can start with at least 7 Pauline epistles, the Johannine comma, and the long ending of Mark.
      Cut them out. Period.

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      1. Completely and utterly agree Ark! To do nothing, to try to give excuse after excuse after excuse to leave everything alone (as the “Almighty” commands via diverse Scriptures!), turn a blind eye (the other cheek?) and bury your ostrich head into the ground… well, is to lie to yourself and everyone else in your faith/religion. To continue the blatant deception certainly demonstrates a cowardly lack of any integrity, dignity, or honor. In a word, HYPOCRISY! No other way to accurately define their behavior.

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        1. On the other hand … perhaps this is a test from God?
          You know, to see how strong one’s faith is?
          Eventually we may have a bible that says:

          In the beginning, God …
          Oh, bugger it! Write what ever you want , I’ve had enough. Mrs Yahweh! Where’s that cold beer you promised?

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          1. Hahaha! “Better yet Mrs. Yahweh, make it a double of our best Kentucky bourbon-whiskey. I owe those suffering deluded Ken Ham Hillbillies several apologies for creating such another mega Sales & Marketing Con-man.:/

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      2. Oh my dear Ark. You just don’t understand. This is GOD’S WORD we’re talking about!

        It simply doesn’t matter whether the stories are true or not, whether things really happened or not, whether it contains stories that strongly resemble fairy tales, whether someone(s) removed a book or two!

        It’s the B.I.B.L.E. for “God’s” sake! And anyone who denies that is headed for a very unpleasant place at some future point in time. Sheesh!

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        1. And anyone who denies that is headed for a very unpleasant place at some future point in time.

          Oh the gods! You don’t mean a non stop world cruise with Donald Trump?

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          1. A Branyan gig?! SIGN ME UP!!!! That dude’s comedy is artistic brilliance on display! Oh, oh my lord! I’m dyin’ laughin’ just thinkin’ about how effin’ FUNNY he is! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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  4. It is not funny but I have watched videos of dumb apologists on YouTube insisting that the King James version was the first bible, some say the bible has never changed, others say it has never been mistranslated. I remember the young man who came here to your blog Ark who claimed because the bible had the largest sales in history it was therefore true and written by god. I find it weird to have such devotion and faith in a set of books clearly written by humans and is full of errors. I would rather have faith in Discworld. Hugs

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    1. There is more truth in Pratchett’s wry humour and sharp observations of human nature than the average apologist would recognise, even if they were hit over the head with one of his novels!

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      1. Discworld is probably closer to the truth of things than anything else. I suspect a lot of flat earthers think he didn’t invent Discworld, he’s a flat earther himself…

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  5. Simple, basic, fundaments of marksmanship. You set your sites to compensate for all factors and when some change you reset accordingly.

    You may expect a few more such changes … and what took them so long?

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    1. Awww … c’mon~! If you were no matter how devout … would you pay for two covers?

      Oh. Of course — ‘ticket to Heaven’ stuff, right? (It’s having the book that’s important … I’ve often wondered how many ever actually read it, qua read?)


      1. I’ll quote from a prior post. “This book you are holding is the last thing on earth I would impart to any decent man. The promise of signs following them than believe are only for the untested fool”.


        1. I’d be tempted to offer that very book to any questioning decent man looking for answers. In so much as Contradictions cannot exist, he will either throw the book away with a shriek of disgust or cease being decent.

          (Actually, the interval between him starting to read and that shriek could well be an objective measure of his decency …)

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      1. Aesop had the same for his stories. Proof too, you can teach morals with fiction, and let it be known it’s fiction. Christian “truth” is unnecessary premise.

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  6. As a previously good Catholic, I knew these books didn’t appear in the Protestant bibles( what are they protesting these days), what I didn’t know is that they were excluded just yesterday

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