On the Wild Side: Liars for Jesus

Yes, Pastor Mel is at it again, his disingenuous nature oozing like malignant treacle with his latest offering.

Probably the most famous bible verse that Christians like …  no, they  positively relish quoting is John 3:16 and even if you have not been brainwashed indoctrinated into the faith you are more than likely aware of this  verse, oh yes indeedy!

John 3:16 New International Version (NIV)

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

And it is quite telling that the delightfully delirious are usually only given this verse by their Self-Appointed and Duly Authorized Yahweh Representative and then, as Pastrami Mel demonstrates, will veer off on a tangent, quote other verses, often as not not even from the same gospel, guilt trip you into believing that Yahweh loved you so much that he let those nasty horrid Jews crucify his one and only kid. And of course you helped nail him to the cross. Guilt by association. There’s a story to tell the kids at bedtime! ( and I’ll bet some kids were told this ”truth”)

But the real point of this verse is the fact you almost never get quoted the rest of John 3 , and especially not the verses that follow 16.

Here’s some more so you can see Yahweh’s ”sacrifice” in context.

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned,but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

I am not interested in the poetic, flowery garbage but it is very important to understand exactly what is being told here. Some of you not-really-ever-were-Christians can add your own take.

17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

Easy this part. The world is already condemned – by Yahweh of course and presumably because of  the actions of humans.

So, Yahweh had condemned the earth, humans, plants, cute bunnies, and thus were  fully deserving of punishment. As everything – according to the religious ( Christian)-minded –  is in the blood, then payment in blood was due. ”Oh, I know! I’ll arrange for them to murder my kid!. That seems the best way to solve all the problems.”

Of course one might reasonably ask, why didn’t Yahweh simply wave his hands, forgive us all and  then we could be on our merry way? Has not there been enough killing, murder, mayhem , genocide? And this is just from Yahweh’s loving hand!

Apparently not. The blood lust has not been quenched at all it seems. This is glaringly evident as we read further …

18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned,but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

This is the crucial verse. The one that is usually mumbled, if it is referenced at all.

So if you don’t believe in Yahweh in his Jesus disguise – his son – then you are condemned already. And Hell bound.

And what does this belief entail? Well, in a nutshell, acknowledging that Jesus is Yahweh and thus you can only be saved ( enter heaven) by acknowledging you are a dirty rotten sinner, a useless human being that has no worth unless it is through the character Jesus of Nazareth/Yahweh. Basically, unconditional belief or  you’re screwed.

This point is emphasized and hammered(sic) home by the next verse.

19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

There it is. The verdict. We are doomed. The Jesus character is this ”Light” and no matter what went before, what you did or who you are, unless you believe in this character you are done for, because what you did was evil and by extension so are you.

As you can see, the rest is more of the same  gag-awful diatribe.

It is also so blatantly antisemitic. And  it doesn’t take an Einstein to recognise verses like this were pounced upon as justification for the slaughters that were to follow.

And they did follow. Blood flowed …

And still does.

Yes, people like Pastor Mel and his ilk are just wonderful, don’t you think?

Makes my skin crawl.




80 thoughts on “On the Wild Side: Liars for Jesus

  1. John’s Gospel, the so-called ‘Gospel of Love’ is recognized by scholars as being antisemitic. The bad guys in the Gospel usually are referred to as ‘the Jews’.

    Two of the ‘great’ figures of church history, John Chrysostom of the late 4th century and Martin Luther of the early 16th century preached at length against the Jews.

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    1. Agreed. The term, ”The Jews” is used 60 times in John.
      It is shameful and quite revolting that someone such as Mel Wild, who must surely know these things, would use this disgusting rag to promote his ideology.

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      1. I may wrong, but by the time this was written, the disciples were probably hot on the idea of convincing Rome about the new religion, and one of the sure ways was to portray Jews as the evil slayers and downplay the Roman aspect.

        Aside from the idea of adopting all the Roman gods and goddesses and turning them into saints and saintesses. Helped the mythology along, it did.


        1. That’s if you even buy into the belief there actually were disciples, of course.
          All the gospels look to absolve Pilate and by extension, Rome for the crucifiction.
          If history is to believed …. that’s proper history … Pilate didn’t sound like the type of bloke who had a humanitarian bone in his body.


  2. Surely I must be getting up someone’s snout when I lump Jews into the same bed as Christians and Islamics? The salad is the same—Abrahamic—only the seasonings are different.

    Lethally different …

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  3. I am no expert on this issue but no wonder Hitler and his cronies thought that killing Jews was a good idea. The Catholics were behind him and I bet many Christian denominations would have thought this was a kind of payback.

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  4. Hard Calvinists don’t even accept John 3:16 to mean God loves everyone. Just the elect. Hard Calvinists believe that Jesus didn’t die to pay the penalty for everyone, just the elect. And yet… how many posts has Mel done rebuking his own brothers in Christ? None

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      1. I imagine even the Catholic who resacrifices Jesus in the mass every week is ok with them… compared to me. I’m apostate and vocal about it. They especially don’t like the Vocal part. They’d much prefer our silence.

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          1. Its why John will go wayyy out of his way to attack someone on a books and Reading blog just for using a bible verse

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    1. I had a debate with one of my Christians recently. He seemed to think that God doesn’t actually love everyone, despite what the scriptures plainly say, but also sometimes disagree with, because contradictions yo.


  5. You’re right though. If God made the rules that we are guilty of breaking and as David David “against you only have I sinned” even when I sin against others… then God himself could forgive… no blood sacrifice required, no heavenly Kabuki theater involved at all. Just forgive and welcome ALL in the the family. But i guess His overflowing and inexhaustible Grace isn’t nearly that efficient or available these days.

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        1. Just been quoting this type of stuff on James’s site.

          God is an illusion, based on the infantile need for a powerful father figure; religion, necessary to help us restrain violent impulses earlier in the development of civilization, can now be set aside in favour of reason and science. (Sigmund Freud)

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          1. The thing started regarding subconscious minds and the control on our lives that I think was standing on their Christian free will toes. James quoted a Christian site that quoted Freud psychopathology theory but claimed they knew more about everything about it than Freud did with something called psychotheology. So, I just had to quote exactly what Sigmund Freud thought about their delusions.

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          2. He won’t allow me to comment on his revolting blog, but occasionally I’ll pop over if I need a dose of Very Silly.


          3. Of course, a couple of my comments are still awaiting moderation, but I know only too well what James and sidekick Wally are like and I know that too many facts causes an excess dose of that silliness you mentioned.

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          4. Hilarious! Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber.
            ”No, I was never indoctrinated …. someone showed me a Gospel at work.”
            Anyone did that to me I would have laughed in his / her face and asked them in no uncertain terms to go away, in a vernacular sense.
            One wonders would either of them have seen the light in a similar manner had a Muslim colleague or friend showed them the Qu’ran?

            What a pair of ignorant disingenuous Nobs.
            I wonder if Wally still believes the kids from his first marriage will be going to Hell?
            Maybe even he will, for according to JC he is an adulterer, I’m sure.


          5. I expect there is much more to his story than he has said, I mean if he and Wally can make up their own BS ideas about atheism being a religion contrary to all the dictionaries they will make up BS stories about everything and anything, not that we did not already know this.

            I would bet Wally’s kids would probably try to avoid him, as I could imagine he cannot stop evangelising people, and as you point out the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death according to the God of love. LOL.


      1. ARK:

        Any religion is invented—to secure a sinecure for the clever; in order to harness the fruits of the efforts of others.
        Free status, wealth and free power … no wonder they establish inquisitions and witch-finders (complete with stakes etc) at any opportunity (gotta keep potential competition for the sucke (oops) for the worshipper’s buck to a minimum.

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  6. To try and tell a cohesive narrative of a loving and good God with the Bible causes people to be dishonest, or to believe so strongly on an emotional level that they don’t recognize the contradictions they are forced to adhere to. Neither of those scenarios qualifies the Bible to be considered the “good book”.

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  7. John’s gospel has an agenda, which it pursues with no regard for the other three gospels. That agenda is establishing Jesus’s bona fides as a god. Then, of course, it gets complicated. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son …” Gave? Son? How about brutally sacrificed and “himself” because if Jesus is Yahweh, then there is no “son”. The gospel writer of course is playing on people’s paternal and maternal instincts to get them to think of being asked to sacrifice one of their own children and compare with what their god did. Basically, as John Zande often points out, Yawheh sacrificed himself, to himself, to save us from himself. And how can Yahweh die? He is eternal, undying, etc., etc. So basically Yahweh pretends to sacrifice himself to himself, to save us from himself. Because even if he were to die, all he has to do is resurrect himself.

    But this doesn’t make a catch phrase you could put on a sign at a football game, nor is it very inspiring. (Hey, gang, I have an idea! Let’s put on a play. I will create a new character and we pretend to kill him and that somehow saves everybody from a horrible fate! … WTF?) Will somebody please tell me how a human(?) sacrifice can “save” millions of other people, uh, without appealing to blood magic or really any kind of magic at all. How the heck does a sacrifice accomplish anything?

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  8. Ark, this sums up the Christian persuasion perfectly … (You are) “a useless human being that has no worth.”

    Doesn’t this pronouncement make you feel all warm and tingly inside? It truly shows the love and concern of the Big Guy in the Sky and his desire to bring you into his world. Right? Wrong!

    No matter how much Wild Mel tries to cover it over, the ugliness is there, has been from the beginning, and isn’t going to go away no matter what words, phrases, songs, quotes, videos, etc. he uses to convince people otherwise.

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    1. Under the section: Terms and Conditions, I feel confident that if these were properly explained from the beginning, most people would reject them and walk away with not even a backward glance.

      However, having just re-read that sentence I realise that, while most are unaware of the bible other than what they are told, most are threatened in one form or another, all the same.
      ”Turn or Burn … because God loves you.”

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  9. The most scary part is that all these people warble happily over the whole ‘narrative’ (to use the current in-word) and don’t immediately see the ridiculous inconsistency and absurd contradictions.

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    1. Despite the obvious … it’s the contradictions that should (will) hang them.

      I say ‘should’ for obvious reasons … a desperate cornered panicking wishful dreamer can always invent a way out of the trap known as Reality.

      But Reality always wins in the end—on a one-to-one basis; any respite is illusory.

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  10. The tone and tenor of Mel’s writing seems to have changed in the last year and half. His way of responding to commenters who disagree with him are very clearly much more antagonistic than they were when I was commenting on his blog. My question is why? Anyone have any ideas why he has changed and responds angrily when it is not needed. Why does he assume everyone and anyone who disagrees with his view is somehow an enemy he must put down at any cost. He seems darker and really less engaging to me now. Am I wrong? Hugs

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    1. I haven’t been following him all that long, but he is most definitely antagonistic towards anyone that disagrees with him. He simply does NOT like being corrected … because, by his god, he’s RIGHT!!! And you better believe it!

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      1. What I found genuinely disturbing was his way in pretending he’d not been shown to be obviously mistaken. That’s the kind of mindset ( incapable of redressing a position) that can lead to really, really bad things.

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        1. But this is what he MUST do or show himself to be a fraud to his followers/readers/church members. Pretty sick way to live, if you ask me. But then, no one did. 😉

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          1. I did get him to finally admit he couldn’t explain why his Creator would “invent” evolution, but he then tried to dismiss the whole thing as irrelevant. Irrelevant? It’s fucking reality. It impacts EVERYTHING. If you can’t explain that then you can’t explain anything.

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    2. The one time I had a conversation with him he was nice to me when I said I disagreed, but he didn’t really address any of my points either, soooo there’s that. But I haven’t followed him for a while, perhaps we are getting on his nerves now? haha. I don’t know.

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      1. Yes I think you are correct. At first he was decent with me. The more I commented and disagree with his view the less polite and much more aggressive and disagreeable he got. Then one day he and Brainyawn got down right nasty. Last I have been to his blog. Hugs

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    3. SCOTTIE:

      basic human nature. Some folks when things go horribly wrong run to a ‘safe room’, shut the door and put their radio on very loudly.
      The behaviours you mention above are the same only different.
      You are a threat, then—a visible active threat challenging his peace of mind, threatening the bulwarks of a lifetime that he’s erected against Reality … and he don’t like it.

      So of course he lashes out (you should feel flattered~!).

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    4. Classic ‘cornered rat’ syndrome … “when in doubt, lash out~!”

      If you read him correctly one could suspect that he is hanging in there out of sheer cussedness—what else can you do when there’s nowhere to hide and nowhere left to run?

      Perhaps soon he may just face himself. Full on. (Not a fate I’d wish on anybody …)

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          1. I remember back to when I first met him on your blog Nan. He seemed so reasonable and willing to talk. I had some good discussions with him there. Something changed. Hugs


        1. It’s horrible sometimes to take the candy from babies. But we duz what we duz to prevent the spread of terrible diseases.

          Next target: Islam. (Same god so same arguments apply, but those guys are tougher nuts.)

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          1. Argus. I have a question. I had a 15 year old girl come to my blog, she was from pakistan. She had a really different mild view of Islam that she admitted even most of her fellow Muslims did not agree with. My question is how to explain the problems with religion and Islam without causing her to go to the hard Islam in defence of her religion? Hugs


          2. A problem. The two of you live in different worlds—but need a common ground if you are to communicate. I doubt very much that she holds many of the same values as you.

            Sure, she may be perfect in English as a language, but alone a common language won’t bridge the gap. Needs more.

            If it were me I’d either slide away backwards wishing her the best of luck … or I’d gently lay on her the Basic Laws of Thought.
            Explain that contradictions can NOT exist; there’s no such thing as contradictions, only false premises—wherever there’s an apparent ‘contradiction’ one (or more) of the premises is flagged up as being faulty.

            Islam was invented by a very VERY clever man and cemented in place by other clever men, military conquest, and suicidal tolerance by the foolish.
            Hopefully not in my lifetime, the world will one day be Islamic … (either that or Islam will be exterminated completely a la Hitler). No half-ways I’m afraid. Tolerance is suicide in this instance.

            As for her religion, if she’s happy, I’d simply wish her well and hope that her version overtakes the rest.
            But always there’s someone wanting to cleanse ‘modernisms’ and go back to the roots; and the roots of Islam are a bit unpleasant.

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    5. I had the same experience as Covert Atheist. I think when he started he was playing the role of the person who wanted to appear compromising to bring you into the fold. But far too many people he was trying with could see through his arguments and when called out on his bullshit I think he’s decided there’s nothing for it but to be blunt. He never responded to any argument that I made to him. Victoria spotted him right away as a phony and was suspicious of his initial play nice attitude.

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      1. The term ”phony” in this instance is interesting, Swarn.
        Are you suggesting he is not really a Christian and is simply ”playing at it”?


        1. No…I meant that he was phony in his appearance as a person who wanted to actually listen to other points of view than his own. That he was a loving Christian who embraced people who did not share views similar to his own.

          The real Mel has revealed himself. Now he may also be a conman as well as I suspect most televangelists are. He certainly fits the profile.

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          1. Aaah .. yes. Sorry. Half asleep down here today.

            ”Of course I am worthy of trust. Jesus and the wholly spirit came inside me, now I’m a reborn Christian.”

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          2. I think you’ve just explained more than you know. Christianity is all about jealousy of men at their inability to create life. For a women if something came inside them, there is a good chance they’d be pregnant and then something could be born. lol

            Immaculate conception is just some guys wet dream about a girl who rejected him over Joseph and didn’t like being in the “friend zone”. 🙂

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          3. If we define a conman as someone selling a product he knows doesn’t work, or is defective, or relies on false advertising, then yes, he’s a conman.

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          4. Conman or not, I think we can agree that his motivations seem largely self-serving over the example that Jesus tried to be in the Bible. When Mel starts fighting back against actual oppression or tending to the poor I’ll give him a big “kudos”. lol

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          5. @Swarn — I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this blog: endsandbeginningsblog.wordpress.com, but this guy is unique. He is the Christian the bible talks about.

            On his “Who I Am” page, he has this quote by John Lennon: “I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.”

            And this pretty much sums up his outlook on the world as well.

            He’s VERY active in helping the less fortunate. In fact, he just went to work for a non-profit organization that addresses homelessness.

            He’s a “hard-ass” in many ways (HATES tRumpsky!), but there’s little doubt his heart is in the right place. Far, far different from the several “Christians” that have been discussed on this blog.

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  11. Nice analysis. The verses are like a lethally toxic plant that produces beautiful flowers. If you don’t know anything about said plant, and only look at it at the surface, it seems nice (“good news”). But when you dig deeper, it’s the nastiest threat ever. Especially verse 18, that sounds like something a modern day dictator might say to their people.

    I’ve said this many times before, but how on earth can you convince yourself to believe in this Jesus? Everything in Christianity seems to depend on this, but is belief really a choice? I’m not so sure. So if you’re not convinced, you’re screwed basically.


    1. Once you have seen the man behind the curtain, and lost your belief in the reality of the fantasy, going back to a belief in Santa, or God, or any deity, is an effort is nuttiness. I suspect that people who have regained their ‘faith’ never lost it, in the first place, and are now pretending that God has spoken to them again,.

      Extra milk and cookies for the redeemed believer, yep.

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      1. I think it depends on ones reasons for gaining or losing their faith in the first place. Many people lose their faith for emotional reasons, sh*t gets hard and they find their God and church was never there for them. For those people, they may end up regaining their faith again. But if it’s for intellectual reasons? then yes what you said definitely applies, as it did in my case.


  12. A question I have for anyone who believes John 3:16 is uplifting is: How is it love when people are condemned by default?

    As you’ve noted, the person doing the saving is also responsible for the danger. Nobody these days could start a house fire and be hailed a hero for rescuing the family inside. It would be even more outrageous to require that family to thank the arsonist.

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    1. I wonder if you would be able t convince Mel Wild of this?
      Or at the very least, get him to look at this passage from a different perspective?

      If I were a betting man I would expect extremely long odds.
      BTW, nice to see you, SB,

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      1. Thanks, Ark. It’s always nice to pop by.

        Based off my previous encounters with Mel, I doubt I’d be able to convince him of anything he wouldn’t want to believe. Even worse, I always got the feeling that he was doing his stuff to help himself reinforce his beliefs. I felt like trying to discuss anything with him was just pushing him further into the weeds.

        As for other Christians, if they’re recognizing that eternal torture is overkill, then they already have a foot out the door.

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  13. I went to a convent school and had religion shoved down my throat at every opportunity. The day I left school I never went to church again. I believe in God or at least in the the existence of a God but not the way he is portrayed. I’d rather hug a tree and be at one than join a load of hypocrites who’d rather spit in your eye than show any form of Christian charity. I witnessed this firsthand as I was growing up.


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