Incy Wincy: Update.



Photos taken this evening.

Click on either image if you want an even closer view.

She has been eating over the past three days, which is a relief   (she is eating in these photos) and she  looks as if she is on the mend.

Certainly she has filled out a little and lost that emaciated look, but she is still not fully active yet, her right side – the one she shed a severely damaged leg –  is a concern, as you may be able to discern from the top photo, but she is moving a little, which is progress.

I am still hopeful she fully recovers, but this may now take more time than I originally anticipated and may will include one or two more molts – maybe she will even shed another leg?

Besides, the last thing I want to do is see her fatten up, release her, only to encounter a wasp after 5 minutes.

So it looks as if she may remain a guest for a while.

Fine by me.

She is such a well behaved young lady!



10 thoughts on “Incy Wincy: Update.

  1. She’s obviously in safe hands. I’m reminded of my late best friend’s husband Dr Martin Filmer, the spider expert. He had quite the collection dotted around their house, including a rather large Tarantula. I was always a bit nervous when I visited there, especially as he once jokingly informed me that it had escaped and he was still searching for it. 😅

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    1. I’m sure I remember you mentioning him some time ago? Yes, if one is of a nervous disposition, and especially if one has any sort of arachnophobia that would be a waking nightmare!

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  2. She’s lovely. Had to smile at “she is such a well behaved young lady”, it’s impossible to convey polite spider sentiment to those who shriek at the sight of well behaved spiders.:)

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    1. You are absolutely right. Under the circumstances, however, I would feel better ( for her) if she were a lot more sassy.

      Meantime, I enjoy playing the doting doctor.

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