30 thoughts on “Birds, Bits n’ Bobs, Odds and Ends

  1. I like the rainbow 🌈. God showing us once again he won’t drown his children. Unless of course, it’s a tsunami or local flooding.

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    1. “The hurricanes, tornadoes, plagues, childhood cancers, forest fires, droughts and religiously motivated homocides and suicides will continue until morale improves”-Heavenly Management

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  2. hey doug, just an observation. You ..blur blabb blab yadder yader…..

    editors note: Thanks so much for continuing to follow and read my blog.
    Much appreciated, John.

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        1. Oh and he doesnt much take to being ignored. Seems hes done a post on me.
          “Hey john, its a book/reading blog. If no one but Christians can refer to bible passages, maybe it’s YOU who need to ‘get a Spine’ transplant.”

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          1. Remember, we are dealing with someone who thinks Moses wrote the Pentateuch and John was a real live witness.- and Jesus loved him to bits. Aw .. shame, eh?


          2. Only difference is that once I was exposed to the evidence against my faith, I investigated for myself and then admitted I was wrong, then changed.
            John has had more that enough exposure and reasons to question, but like others… He’s chosen to not only block his ears, but counter attack evidence with pure and blind Faith alone


          3. Suggests that he knows the Evidence isn’t there, he just doesn’t care. He will continue to Believe regardless, and will continue to try to shut others up by babbling on and on… regardless. There’s no point even trying with John. Its why I blocked him on my blog. He’s demonstrated any comment he makes isn’t going to be dialogue, just more one sided bs.


          4. Agreed. But now and then it’s fun to haul one or two of his comments into the light. Even I need a little light relief from time to time.


    1. Between you doug and spineless …………….it seems …dribble, drool gurgle, gurgle …. Make it a crusty one Mister Baker! That’s the thing to put a bit of backbone in the Troops. Come along, Mildred … Donald is coming for tea!

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          1. Lol agreed. I checked out his blog and he has quite the ego it seems, although it is so for ‘up there’ that I might call it delusional instead.


          2. Many reckon he is hanging on to the edge of the flat earth by his fingernails.
            It is sometimes a point of discussion as to whether he truly is a Giant Nob, indoctrinated to the Nth degree or simply yanking everyone’s chain.
            Personally, I’d like to hear what his nurse thinks.


          3. Some quotes from his blog: “Like most correct thinking believers, I tend to blog as I see fit, speaking of things current and past, considering the future, but always telling the truth.”
            “Being the decent person I am, I pointed out the bloggers hypocrisy in using the scriptures to tell HIS truth, but deny the same scriptures that tell him THE truth.” Haha rough, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had his own nurse though.


  3. But … but … but … CS has soooo much wisdom to impart! I find it extremely distressing that you are editing his comments.

    *SARCASM* 😈

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