Liars for Jesus.

“The Discovery Institute is antipathetic to science. However, its promoters have a perverted little problem. Even while they have contempt for legitimate science, they must pretend that intelligent design is itself legitimate science.


Because it has to be treated that way to be taught in science classes in American public schools.

So the Discovery Institute must persuade people that ID is science, even while they privately hold science in contempt and blame it for many of the ills of the world.” (p. 144)

David Madison.


David Madison was a pastor in the Methodist Church for nine years, and has a PhD in Biblical Studies from Boston University.


Read the rest of this excellent post over at Debunking Christianity. 



8 thoughts on “Liars for Jesus.

  1. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”-James
    Apologetics is definitionally dishonest and admittedly manipulative and disingenuous

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  2. “How ironic that the Christian religion shows no evidence whatever of being intelligently designed.” An irony that is completely missed by those who push ID. Ya know, Christians who push ID REALLY piss me off.

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    1. That reminds me of a comment in the movie “Short Time”: Pissed off is good!” I learned over the years that whenever one is reduced to defend whatever one believes IN, that person will become dishonest and gradually more and more dishonest. You can look at Christian apologists, sure, but also to politicians and the banking fraternity and a lot of scientists. Religion, politics and money are all Ponzi schemes so they need defending or they would fade into irrelevance rather quickly. And where would the elites be then? Just as irrelevant.

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      1. “Pissed off” sounds better than being pissed on.
        I think the ID people are pissers … and that trying to rationalise with them is literally pissing in the wind.


    2. The guy has a PhD?

      What does that tell us about the value of the education systems?

      Should we not find some way of legitimising or standardisation that will show us at a glance what can be valued and what came in the Weetbix packet?

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  3. Irony knows no bounds.

    The Discoveroids crave the legitimacy and cachet that science confers, without doing the actual hard yards to earn it; all the while seeking to undermine mainstream scientific consensus where it conflicts with their obvious agendas.

    The article pointed up the telling differences between argumentation — which is what the Discoveroids have — and actual data to be found in genuine scientific papers and research.

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    1. Sadly science isn’t always right—but it constantly improves itself (despite some dogma being religiously held until there’s no alternative)(sometimes).

      I trust science more than the somewhat self-contradictory excreta that has been codified as Abrahamic religions. (Plural, note … but wait, it gets better ‘cos each of them is the sole unique one-and-only path to salvation and all others are false).


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