Incy Wincy – Bert Diaries

Taking Young Bert out for a bit of fresh air.

Recovery is a slow process it seems, and feeding him is becoming an issue. We offered two small crickets but he declined. Well, we know one escaped and the other was not in the container when we went to look later. It may have escaped too. We’re not sure as the lid wasn’t firmly secured.

Later, Ems found a roach. Bert initially bared his fangs and made the move. However, it seemed a bit too much to ”get his teeth into” so, after an hour or two, I let the roach go.

We will call at the Pet Shop tomorrow and see if my main man Dave, has any more crickets.

Meanwhile … Bert enjoyed his walk around the garden – nothing like a bit of sunshine to perk up the spirits – and is now back in the box.



5 thoughts on “Incy Wincy – Bert Diaries

  1. Sorry Ark, on a different note… I FINALLY get to see a great Premier League game today on one of our regular national TV channels!!! Gunners vs. The Reds. I hope it’s a close, great offensive, entertaining game. 🙂

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    1. My nerves are shot already. You should pop in and have a squizz at my son’s online commentary with his mate on his Youtube channel.


  2. Very cool that you are taking care of this spider. So many people are too afraid to even get near one…if they can help it. I personally love spiders.

    I know you are in a totally different part of the world, but spiders are very similar no matter where you are. I just posted some photos of spiders I found living under my house. I can’t positively ID the species. Maybe it looks similar to spiders you’ve come across. I was hoping you could take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks.


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