• I now have to login with every post. sigh…

        I am not having that problem.

        When you login, check the box “keep me logged in”. Actually, it is so long since I last logged in, that I don’t remember if there is such a box.

        Also don’t use a private browsing window, or you will only be logged in for that instance of browsing.


        • Nope, this has happened before. I sail along merrily, and suddenly all my WP stuff goes south, and I have to relogin with a password I haven’t used in ages. Not all the WP places, just some. I think the problem might be that I don’t have a WP blog account, as such. It seems to puzzle them.

          It’s a lot like the bank suddenly sending us, unannounced and unexpected, new passwords for our Debit Cards, because they think someone’s bank account may have been jeopardized. So to avoid panic, they panic and wipe out our old cards.

          It proibably is good for me, forces me to look up which password goes where,


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