Just for laughs!

  • Gary says:

    Why are you so evasive about answering a simple question: What evidence do you have that Jesus of Nazareth is the Creator?

  • Mel Wild says:

    Because I don’t entertain absurdity. You have framed the question so it cannot be answered.


Say what?


  1. The question is straight forward. Of course he can’t provide such evidence because it doesn’t exist, like his deity. So, he tries to make the person asking the question seem as if he is the unreasonable one. Ha! This dude is not the brightest candle burning on the birthday cake of life.

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    • Good thing Gary didn’t ask him why Jesus created. That would create a hypertensive crisis worthy of sloppy hugs with Branyan. Tears of joy, of course…cause they just know what they know. Wink!

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    • INSP:

      I think he could well ask you what evidence do you have that his deity does not exist?

      I think it boils down to choice either way—and that based almost entirely on geography. Numbers game based on opinion and salesmanship backed up by bonfires.

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      • Ah, yes! The ole, “Since you can’t show Jeebus, the way I envision him, does NOT exist, obviously he does.” In other words, all things that are un-falsifiable MUST, by definition, be true. Truer words have never been spoken. Thus, I believe that small, invisible, pixies live in my apartment and come out at night to fart on me when I’m asleep. Well, it might be the dog doing this, but, since I can’t disprove it’s the pixies, I’m gonna run with that belief. Not sure if ole Mel has ever used this tried and try argument for proof Jesus exists, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has.

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        • That right.
          Go on.
          Always blame the dog …

          Flatulent fairies, farting pixies … now there’s a novelty. Hey, there may even be a market for little wooden things to put on the wall over the bed to keep ’em away, if you play your cards right? (Been done before, oodles of similar precedents.)

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  2. I am amazed at how little it takes to set Pastor Mel off. Just because you cannot answer a question doesn’t mean you should get rude with someone. There are a lot of questions I can not answer, if I got rude with everyone who stumped me I would only be talking with my cats. Most of the time Mel is talking how faith is what makes his religion real, remember he basically said he would stick to his faith even if it was proven to be false. So what is his evidence Jesus is the creator, he believes it is so. Not good evidence but it could be his. Hugs

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    • His entire worldview is based upon evidence-less presupposition.
      He infers .
      And of course, he will almost always insist that ”you” are making irrelevant points or do not understand the ”argument”.

      He has never written a straightforward post or even a comment in answer to the question Gary asked.

      As Gary has previously pointed out, he is quite prepared to accept a Creator, and even , for arguments sake, a corpse was ”reanimated” (resurrected), but there is simply no grounds whatsoever for Mel and others of his ilk to insist that Jesus is this Creator Deity.

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      • Wouldn’t you say that if he writes a post and then has a dialogue with someone on the post and they don’t understand it, he is the one who did not convey the message clearly. He would be at fault if he can not get his message across wouldn’t he? He does this for a living, he should be better at it. Hugs

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        • No Scottie—no need. He’s not selling, he has no need—the product has already been sold and bought (literally over thousands of uncritical years).

          All he’s doing is resupply. Last year’s model too, tut~!

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          • Argus, you often see things I don’t. However let me bounce this off ya. As you say the product has already been on the market and sold over and over…but can sales be kept up with out a new and improved sticker on it? Why buy the old model when someone else has an updated or claims their version is better? Mel is putting himself out there repeatedly as the expert in all this God /Jesus / redemption stuff. Heck he keeps inventing physics no physicist agrees with just to show he is correct about his deity, which is the same old deity that has been around for thousands of years. Heck even my dishwashing soap keeps telling me it is new and improved. So if Mel can not come up with anything to answer the question asked except fake insult rage, he has no other card to play. Hugs

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      • I don’t think they enjoy being “Christians.” It’s the club they were enrolled in, and members are all around them in their little towns, but defending the silliness of the club drives them nuts. Mel and Branyan would be far, far, far happier if they just declared themselves deists (or even pantheists).

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        • But admitting this would not solve the problem of their guilt ridden angst and death anxiety that is allayed by knowing they will, one day soon, be with Jesus in Heaven .


    • More than once, I’ve called him on his snide remarks … but like everything else, he sidesteps or turns it around so YOU are the guilty party.

      In fact, he’s honed it down to quite an art (witness the response to Gary in Ark’s post).

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      • I have lost all respect for him. I do not consider him a respectable person and I sure the heck wouldn’t take spiritual advice from him. Anyone who agrees with brainyawn instead of insisting he get medical treatment is not someone to take moral or ethical advice from much less should we pretend to have invisible friends. . Hugs

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      • We can regard this tactic as Classic Mel, as he indulges in this level of churlish behavior at some point on almost every post.

        It must have been fun at the Council of Nicaea to the point of exasperation.
        I wonder how long Pastrami Mel would have lasted at the Court of Constantine?

        ”Oh, for God’s sake, Constantine, just flip a denarius and pick one. We can execute the others as heretics. Seriously, who cares?”
        ”Yes, Mum.”

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  3. Face it … nice man has a point there. A good one.

    By the same token, he frames his point so it cannot be questioned (not without asbestos boots).

    However, he has his arse against the wall (and you know his kind are dangerous there).


    • Gary has been upfront with Mel since the beginning – conceding there might well be a Creator, but when confronted with the reality that to get (back) from this Creator to it being the biblical character Jesus of Nazareth is simply one step too far. The bridge simply does not and never will cross this yawning chasm.
      This is where the Apologetic Gymnastics simply become convoluted nonsense, and, quite frankly, outright lies.

      Mel knows this full well, but insists that the implied evidence is enough to span the chasm and with no bridge in sight, still allow him to walk across.


  4. Mel’s answer that he cannot say outside his own mind is…
    “I have no evidence of Jesus being the creator of the universe. Neither that the biblical God is. Not do I have direct evidence that the universe had to have been created by an intelligent agent. But my Christian faith requires me to both believe and propagate these assertions. As does my lively Hood demands it.”

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  5. With due respect to all (where due) … I still cannot get past that “First Cause” concept. I’ve tried until all my fleas left home but cannot envisage a giant Nothing making a Creator out of itself and then creating the First Cause … the only resolution to this conundrum is, as stated before, an infinite number of First Causes going back beyond the first of those.


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