Spider Therapy


We haven’t given up on our Rescued Arachnid.

What’s happening here is a bit of Incy Wincy physiotherapy. Ems is gently massaging the damaged limbs with a soft paint brush to encourage movement. The spider reacts by raising its legs , sometimes in a gesture that can only imply it is somewhat fed up with all the attention.

But he is not moving as freely as we’d hoped. Well, not yet at any rate , so he will just have to get over his Attitude Issue and suffer the indignation of Medical Attention a la Ark’s Spot and jolly well be grateful!

Yesterday I took a turn with the brush and he showed exactly how he felt about my ministering by biting me on my second finger just below the knuckle. Broke skin too!  Bloody ungrateful little sod.

Still no success feeding him yet, but his lack of mobility may have something to do with this.

Oh, well, we can but try.


12 thoughts on “Spider Therapy

  1. I respect and admire kindness, especially to animals. Have long lost count of how many spiders, even flies, caught in matchboxes and released outside.

    The only no-mercy targets are mosquitos and wasps … but if killing wasps use a spray or similar, or if breaking the ‘skin’ (SQUELCH!) get the hell out of Dodge before his buddies arrive …

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    1. Small crickets. We got a couple from the pet shop – one hopped it and one disappeared. I’m hoping he ate it, but Ems thinks it might have escaped when she went to see how he was getting on.

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  2. You are a far better human and stewart of earth than I am. Not only wouldn’t I be helping it, I sure as heck wouldn’t have been close enough to get bit, and I doubt it would have survived doing it either. On the other hand you might like to know you have inspired Ron and I to not only reduce our meat intake but we have actually bought and tried a couple meat alternatives. The veggie chicken patties were not bad, needed seasoning and sauce but OK. Hugs


    1. Meat is an acquired taste that can be dis-acquired if required or desired.
      Without being religious about it (trust me, been here, done that) just stop eating meat and meaty things. No big deal—unless you (masochistically) make it a big deal. No fuss, no feathers, just don’t do it no more …

      Actually easy peasey, done it myself on several occasions and just as easily started wolfing dead animals again. It’s no big deal either way.

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      1. Well, yes and no really Argus. See we have for several years been slowly eating less meat simply because Ron is not suppose to have red meat and I just don’t eat it every meal like I sue to. We switched a lot to chicken and pork, now trying to wean off that aslo. But our problem is finding alternatives that can work for us. I love pastas and starches, and eat only like four vegetables and hate fruit. Ron eats a lot of veggies. But pasta and starches are not good for us either as we are diabetic. Our blood sugars are under control but the doctors always wants me to cut back more and more on things that increase blood sugar, carbs and starches. The other thing is there is not really a good selection of any kind of meat substitute products in our local stores. We will have to travel to one of the fancy whole foods type stores and not only is it a lot farther away, but those stores are more expensive.

        So determined to eat better we did scrounge around the local grocery store for some stuff. Ron picked up some things to try. As I said the veggie chicken patties were not bad at all. But so far that is all I have tried. We want to find a good veggie burger as we do eat a lot of hamburgers and hamburger in stuff in general. It will take time and learning and an effort to change a lifetime of thought and taste. Hugs


        1. Without wanting to seem pretentiously ‘Zen’ here … we changed our own habits by simply not ‘giving it up’ but by not having it any more.

          I was a gobbler of steaks and such par excellence. Then after an attack of belief-driven horrors I stopped eating meat.
          Didn’t give it up, which would have taken a dedication I was incapable of, I simply stopped doing it (unsubtle differences there, trust me). Spouse always knew what she liked and was effectively semi-vegetarian anyway.

          On occasion we have sausages (Brit style, quite different from American or German) and I love eggs. Now this to confute the medics: my every day breakfast for the last many many years, with very little variation ever, has been two fried eggs on cheese on toast.

          The weight fell away and life improved.
          There’s no effort required, Scottie; to have to ‘give it up’ takes effort and dedication and stuff. So don’t give it up, just stop doing it—no big deal.

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    2. Not to nit-pick, but the word is ”steward.”
      However …. Stewart is just fine, as it’s my middle name!

      Am very pleased you have taken a few tentative steps to reducing meat intake.
      That really is seriously cool.
      Made my day.

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      1. You just triggered a thought—is God a cannibal?

        Don’t laugh … He was always gobbling the smoke of ‘sacrificed’ animals (the priests gobbled the meaty bits, lest they be defiled by contact with profane people scavenging the leftovers) … so whilst being quite capable of preventing it, He allowed the incinerators of places like Auschwitz and things to continue operating full blast … do you think He ‘got off’ on the smokes thereof?

        Belsen, Buchenwald, Birkenau, Auschwitz and dozens of others … were they all to assuage an unacknowledged voracious appetite? (Mel?)

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