On the Wild Side.

Pastor Mel says:

Beloved of God, don’t buy into the circular arguments of the anti-theist’s philosophical naturalism or give in to their condescending browbeating as they try to shame you and make you look stupid with their pretentious certitudes.Question everything they tell you. Because, oftentimes, it’s nothing more than a straw man caricature of Christianity or scientism dressed up to look like science.

*”Sadly, many are self-identified “deconverts” ….”

*According to some, such people  were  never really Christians.


Does this mean you are also encouraging the very same  ”Beloved of God” (sic) to Question everything they are told by the likes of you?

For example:

Are they entitled to vigorously question why you, as a paid minister, doubt evolution and demand that you provide verified, peer-reviewed evidence for your Creationist Beliefs?

Are they also entitled to question why the bible is such an erroneous hatchet job which is simply myth and historical fiction?

Are they entitled to question why the claims of Christians such as you that your god is the only true god among many thousands and demand that you provide verifiable evidence for these claims?

Are they also entitled to question why they are condemned and damned to eternal torture in Hell for non-belief?

In fact, can you provide a shred of evidence for a single claim to support the tenets of your faith to justify why your beliefs are correct and every other belief that does not toe your line is wrong?




40 thoughts on “On the Wild Side.

  1. When I asked many questions about christianity that the priest or catecism teacher or sunday school teacher did not like ( but in reality did not know the answer or have the evidence to support their claims) they would either say
    1. You are not supposed to ask that type of question
    2. That is a foolish question
    3. That is not an important question

    When christians like Mel say question everything what the actually mean is
    Question everything except what I believe

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    1. Exactly! This is why he is a liar. He does not actually want anyone to honestly question as when they do, many invariably deconvert.
      And of course, when this happens such people are quickly labelled as never having been proper Christians in the first place.
      When one considers the numbers that walk away from Christianity each year this amounts to an awful lot of never-really- were-Christians.
      It gets worse, as it maligns the omnipotent Christian god and those who have been entrusted with the dissemination of their god’s word.
      It is a pretty safe bet that should apostasy in Islam not attract the death penalty there would be tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Muslims openly walking away every year just like their Christian counterparts.

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  2. Had Mel been born in Iran, he would be banging his head on the ground five times each day. That alone should show him how indoctrination works. He is both victim and perpetrator of the same .

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  3. But why seek alternative answers to a question when you know you already have the correct answer to the question? That is how they approach their beliefs. That and of course the pastor types might actually have to earn a living doing something constructive!

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  4. Someone summarized science as two processes: conjecture and criticism. The creationists, theists, Ancient Alien “experts” all are experts in “conjecture,” aka hypothesis formation, but they never … ever … ever criticize their own ideas. The criticism (trying to shoot holes in your own ideas) is absolutely necessary to avoid delusion. The outcomes of just “conjecture” are quite apparent.

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    1. Excellent point. I would trust the man who says, “oh, wait, I was wrong about that…here’s what i’ve learned” than I would the dogmatic guy who insists it’s his way or no way at all…

      When you make mistakes you eventually learn what you did wrong. When you get it right, finally, you progress. Stupid people never learn, and keeping hitting themselves in the face with the hammer, and blame the hammer.

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  5. There is sooo much about that post that I wanted to comment on … but it’s fruitless.

    Every time something “hits home,” he gives a “lol” response and says something like, “this is too ridiculous to respond to so goodbye” (then turns around and responds with additional comments).

    And this comment: “We’ve become relationally dysfunctional, unable to disagree and maintain open and honest communication. ” HA! Pot calls the kettle.

    Even his idol, Hart, makes similar derogatory remarks: ” … their wanton incuriosity, their vague babblings about “religion” in the abstract, and their absurd optimism regarding the future they long for?””

    Perhaps this is the accepted way to counter arguments within certain circles — insult and call people names simply because they don’t believe in your god. (I guess I missed that instruction of Jesus.)

    Methinks that try as he might, Wild Mel will never get away from those who see through his artificial faith.

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    1. What vague babblings? I for one am VERY specific in my views; about the subject and its proponents.
      I take that as a comment from someone who never actually engages with atheists on this topic.
      How much more un-vague can one get than a person such as the late Hitch?
      Or Harris’s sublime 10 minute complete demolition of Craig?

      Hart is a Nob of the first order, and as far as Mel Wild and his thick-as-two-short planks sycophants are concerned, not even a Proper Christian, Hart being a fully ”paid up member” of the Greek Orthodox Church.

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  6. I still marvel at it all.
    Good ol’ Mel, and his buddies—may they never change. (We need our loopies, they keep us amused beyond anything Vaudeville ever came up with.)

    But in the meantime, how does sanity prevent the spread of foul ideas?
    I’d hazard a guess that the irrational can best be fought out in the open using rational tools—in a free open public arena where anything goes except actually biting someone. In other words, rather than try to covert a soggy brick (can’t be done) publicly demonstrate why said brick is worthless, and let the onlooker form his/her own opinions.

    Sadly a good Charismatic speaker can beat any amount of Rationality in open forum, short term — but the seeds of doubt will grow as the user matures. (I dare say that many of the readers of your blog, Ark, will identify with this.)

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  7. Double-standards and Whack-a-Mole points that are magnetically polarized, never coming to any productive result — “Can’t catch me… can’t catch me, nope still can’t touch me, whoop gone again“… ad infinitum. 😣

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      1. Lol yep. One of my Christian friends game me the most unusual response when I told him I wasn’t Christian anymore. After we discussed various things, he was like “it is good you are thinking about these things now, maybe something good will come about this and you will ultimately come to Christ”. I was like, “what?” lol.

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        1. they really don’t hear us do they? I think a lot of proselytizers view atheists and non believers as open territory, and ripe for the taking. My real estate agent turned out to be a Mormon, and when he discovered I was an atheist his face lit up and he gave me a good half hour of preaching.
          He at least had the decency to apologize for getting carried away, and I said, that’s okay, we all have different beliefs… and he never pushed again.

          It is, i must say, a bit unsettling, to have your real estate agent preaching at you so fervently, Damn he nearly glowed…

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  8. Like it or not, preacher/apologists like Mel are going to have to contend with the alternatives in “the marketplace of ideas”, whether it’s atheism — “new” or old — or anything else, as they live to see their power-base dwindling, and being out-competed by shifting cultural changes.

    I don’t say this out of empty triumphalism, but simply as an observation of demographics and trends, backed up by polls, stats and census figures. The likes of Wild or Branyan can hunker down, in the hopes of riding out what they see as just a passing storm, but they’re not like the Amish: almost completely cut off from contemporary life; they’re still going to have to deal with increasing secularism, and the rise of “nones”, and so forth.

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    1. I agree. But like practically everything he blogs and believes he has nailed, he really doesn’t take the time to think such things through, which is why he always comes out looking like a bloody idiot.

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  9. He’s got to fight back.

    For him not to do so is a sin and if he should die before he wakes without repentance (for not fighting back, (i.e.) giving the hope (Christ) that resides in him), though saved, he may loose a crown or two. I’m not trying to be sarcastic. :/

    As for the “many” deconverts, one day he himself may witness what it is like to have someone wave away your very truth and experience. A wave of a hand, a few dismissive words and voila, you never existed.

    I wonder sometimes, if a Muslim convert/believer deconverted to convert to Christianity . . . would Mel be so bold as to suggest the Muslim was never a Muslim in the first place?

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      1. Ah, I see.

        I know I’ve probably said this a million times . . . okay, maybe 100 times, there are Christians who would likely consider Mel a false Christian. Round and round we go.

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          1. Behind the scenes, many church people and especially pastor’s are prone to diverge. Then one day, the entire congregation goes along with the divergence not having realized it was a rather slow and often calculated evolution in teachings.

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    1. It’s a bit like John Travolta or Tom Cruise: raised as Catholics, now Scientologists. Does that mean they were never really Catholics in the first place? Or is it simply that people who start off believing one irrational ideology can just as easily switch to another, equally irrational one?

      It certainly gives the lie to any of this stuff being so deeply held, so much a part of the theist’s identity, that you can’t possibly dare to question any of it. Islam, it seems, is especially adept at playing this injured/offended card when it comes to the issue not just of faith, but notions of cultural identity.

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      1. I think it is probably easy to switch to another.

        I can’t confirm this but read somewhere that Leah Remini who left Scientology herself may have turned to Christianity. As well I think she is now working to help former Jehovah’s Witnesses give voice to their former abusive cult.

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          1. You’d be surprised (or not) at how dressed up Fundamentalist Christianity can be. Nice? You bet. After coming out of Scientology and still “believing” in a God of some sort and needing to believe (whatever the reasons) . . . the first thing that dresses it up is the rhetoric. Born-again. Evangelical. Check out the pastor’s suit in the pulpit. Ever see how T.D. Jakes dresses up, nice? He is one person she has openly appreciated on her Instagram account. And at first I can tell you that when it comes to people leaving “cults” there is nothing nicer than that welcoming evangelical hungry to love you into “the church.” I could go on. 🙂

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  10. When I used to occasionally engage Jehovah’s Witnesses in conversation, the first question they invariably asked was: what church do you belong to?

    As soon as they learned you didn’t, you could see them quickly lose interest in discussing anything further. It must be they feel it’s easier and more fruitful to “de-convert” an existing believer, of any stripe, and re-program them. In fact, some of them admitted they were former Catholics. For them, it was a big deal, going from one to the other. I got the impression they accepted Catholicism as only nominally Christian.

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    1. It’s a whole lot easier to de-convert an existing believer . They wouldn’t have to go through the process of convincing the believer that a god exists or the bible is the word of god
      Their discussion assumes you accept these two premises

      But if you don’t, the will be on uncharted territory


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