Creationists are science deniers – some are even liars. The brilliant PZ Myers.

If you are prepared to take the time to watch this it will blow you away. It is  especially relevant for people such as Wally, Mel and Branyan etc.

I really hope that at least one of them will watch this video.


8 thoughts on “Creationists are science deniers – some are even liars. The brilliant PZ Myers.

  1. Great video
    Creationists just like flat earthers will just deny the science, that is if the even bother to take a look at the science


      1. Sat through the whole thing, which for me is amazing–but how sad, all those discoveries and gigantic learning curves and all those ignorant dunces can do is shout “fake science”.

        Ignorance can be wilful, (closing your eyes when the plane flies overhead and saying, “what plane? I don’t see no plane”), it can be from fear of being thought wrong or not wanting to face reality.

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  2. Ah, PZ Myers! One year, I wrote a blog post on how, since I’m an atheist, I was going to eat ham for Christmas–Ken Ham. Well, PZ, who I’d never heard of at the time, read the post, re-posted on some blog he had, and bashed the hell outta me for being so mean to Kenny. So, I re-wrote the piece and said, that instead of eating Ken Ham for Christmas, I was going to eat him, PZ Myers. He didn’t like that either. Also, since that was, like, my first blog post and about 1 person had ever visited my blog before PZ bashed me, I thanked him for drawing attention to me and my blog because he got me a few thousand unsolicited views. I also said something like, “You shoulda just ignored me and no one would have ever read my post you re-posted or subscribed to my blog. You’re kind of an egotistical ass, aren’t ya?” He didn’t like that either and got all pissy with me. It was a fun time. Ken Ham actually read that post and condemned me, too. Ah, the good ole days!

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  3. Around the 18′ minute mark, I thought Myers was referring to a “Mel-functioning sphincter”

    Cheap gag at Mel’s expense, I know. Mel may have a degree in theology, but some of us have degrees in Scatology.

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